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  1. One of the most beautiful examples, that you can script EVERYTHING in MTA. This is how racing would look from Top Down View perspective. Map and script made by [uDka]lukum and it's available on the uDka Racing Server!
  2. Hello All I want to introduce you to my server i been working on, its based on Destruction Derby (DD) gamemode which is another gamemode from Race gamemode, i have united all elements into 1 place which allows you to train you DD skills in 3 different ways. It also has features like anti-spam, anti-afk and stats system which keeps track of your stats (maps played, kills, wins, deaths, points and rank) Custom Wheels mods. Custom Win music. Toggleable car wheels and spoiler. Weekly map updates. 1. Standard DD [DD] Goal here is to be last player alive, you have to kill rest of the players and be last one surviving. 2. Training DD [TRAINING] Unlike the last one you can die as many times you want here, goal here is to be able to learn from your mistakes, when you die you will respawn, each map that has [TRAINING] in it will have this respawn feature and will be played for 5 minutes unless map is changed, there are no winners here rather than yourself. 3. Race DD [RACE] Goal here is simple, you finish the map as fast as you can, your time will be recorded and you can compete with other players or with yourself. Unlike the other servers which require there to be some amount of players to have fun or game, here you can play or train alone, when you are alone in server you can use command /redo to restart maps as you like/want. There are no much players left playing this amazing gamemode, mostly everyone play's CW's and there are no much ways how new players can discover this mode, so this is my attempt to create friendly/welcoming server for new players which also gives you all the tools you need to become master in this gamemode. Server Name: [DDS] Destruction Derby Stars Cross DD/Training/Race Server IP: mtasa:// Discord: https://discord.gg/BvE4SYZ8gv Game State: https://www.game-state.com/ Thank you and have good day!
  3. uDka Racing Clan has been established in 2012 by lukum and abinesh. It's a Classic Race (non DM / DD) clan that's still running and need new members. Since there has been low activity of our clan members and the previous recruiter lately - I got a green light to recruit new people. If you meet the following criteria below, we might accept you: - You have played at least once, or twice on Race gamemode (DM/DD is optional, however if you want transition from DM/DD - go ahead, we also sometimes do DD / DM events and have those maps on our server, but we don't play them too often and they're mostly easy DM maps) - You will be active on MTA:SA (could play on the server that we have / or other servers - you can play once a week, twice a week - as long as you'll be active it will be great) - You are willing to participate in Clan events / matches (a.k.a funwars, clanwars) - You are willing to contribute to the future ideas of the server (if you know scripting for example - you can also help us do something with scripts that will be used for events etc.:) There are no criteria for countries - if you can play in EU timezone on evenings or afternoon then it will be great! You can join as a casual player - If you don't want to play clanwars or matches with other teams I can also consider your application. However, please be active on Discord or on Team / Server events. I'm doing a recruitement event, which will happen this Sunday (26th February) on 6PM EU CET (18:00) on uDka Racing Server (ip: mtasa:// We'll play uDka test maps, kind of like a "funwar" i'll use script for matches to do that, and whoever will get the best ammount of points (SCORE on scoreboard, activated by TAB) and show his skill, will be invited to clan, as a trial member (you'll be prompted to add a uDka-T prefix before your nickname). Trial usually ends after 1 week, and then you can fully join the clan without [-T] in your tag prefix. However, if you'll not get a chance to be selected I can provide you training if you're willing to train and you can re-apply whenever you feel you'll be ready. In these training courses, i'll show you tips & tricks, share videos how to be better at racing and you'll have to beat some tops or get close to some toptimes made by professional racers. I'll launch a special private server, that you'll be able to join and do toptimes on. When you'll be accepted, you will get access to: - Our Discord server - Our special "Team" chat on Discord, which you will be able to communicate with members, play with them if they would want to etc.: - If you'll behave and be active you might even get a chance to have Moderator rights on our server, which will allow you to: upload maps straight from our server by (by Pressing F6 and heading into "uploader" - you'll need to follow desired instructions there, provided by admins to operate the uploader), moderate the server by kicking and banning the players, controling CW scripts & more. When recruiting I will look at: - How well will you handle the vehicles - What lines will you use on certain maps types - If you'll use common tricks (like tapping, or wheelie-tapping to gain speed on a motorbike) - If you'll avoid obstacles and take very good shortcuts, even if you don't know the map (it's a very important skill to have) You can decide to leave at anytime, but I hope that you'll also still play on our servers, and maybe even in the other teams (we made some great players that are now in the other TOP racing teams). You'll always be welcomed. Alternatively, if you can't join the recrutations but you're still interested - let me know about yourself by adding me on Discord: Jacob #9425 or writing a private message here. You'll be guided to record a toptime made on our server, and upload it somewhere (Streamable, YouTube) etc. I will rate your driving. You can train the maps as long as you want. Hopes and dreams that I want to achieve in the future, in terms of this / or other clan: - Make a business, so for the first time ever on Racing - members of the clan would be paid if they'll attend matches / performances - Making connections, so we can pull of the first LAN Pro Racing event sometime with a prize pool! You can catch up with our Clan members (or me) in these servers: - MrGreen Gaming (RACE, not mix) - FFS Gaming - uDka Racing Server - SKC Vanilla Race (whenever there will be a match, there will be alot of traffic - you might spot me and talk to me anytime) - 5 Versatile and ARG/PL Racing Server - [SiK] Speed is King Private Server - -[alw]- Any Last Words Server (similar to the other ones written upward, traffic might be there if match will be ongoing so you'll be able to spot me) If you don't know about Pro Racing - here are some videos made by me, or other recorders - you can see how much skill it takes to play in these sort of games: I'm hoping to see you there, this Sunday! Thanks! -Jacob
  4. Hey everybody! Today I want to share map packs that i've uploaded to my website, for download. These maps are never-ever seen before racing maps that were never published to any forums (but mostly they're on popular racing servers - such as FFS, etc) - it's a pack consisting of around 100+ maps from various popular authors - some of them are long, some of them are circuits, grand prix & much, much more. Here's my website: https://sites.google.com/view/mtasa-race-maps-resources/homepage (these are not DM / DD maps!!!!) I also recommend to download RACE Script Pack from there, because few maps have only 1 spawn, and there's a script for that called onespawn. You put everything to the resources folder of your server. If any map doesn't work, just remove it because some might be just too old. And of course - 99% of the maps aren't even from MTA Community website Cheers
  5. I'm releasing some circuit maps made by me for the RACE Game Mode FOR FREE! This pack contains 14 highly detailed, fully decorated, ready to play maps that covers a wide variety of themes. Each race course is composed of a circuit which needs to be completed twice (you must pass through a succession of checkpoints). Should the player move outside the race tracks, the racer's acceleration will decreases noticeably. Also in some circuits the race track's sidelines have obstacles that will stop the players if they crash into them. You all can freely use them in your server, but no re-releasing or claiming as your own. Anyways I hope you like them, and enjoy playing as well. Comments are aswell welcome. VIDEO: MAP LIST: 1 - Giza Circuit: It is dry, sandy and rocky. Across the map, there are large sand dunes and pyramids in the background. The track has two caves, the first one is longer than another one, both decorated with some hieroglyphics. Drivers are on full throttle for most of the lap due to its long straights and fast corners. Additionally the sky is orange. 2 - Highland Circuit: The track takes you through a long road through the mountains with noticeable elevation changes, and a long straight with a blue sky overcasting it. The map itself has four cliffs, rocks and moderate tree clumps. The circuit is considered difficult to drive because it cross so many different types of obstacles. 3 - Arctic Circuit: The track is set in a frozen area in an urban environment at night, with many curves and changes in height, to allow for a challenge in skill to the competitors. 4 - Nippon Circuit: A circuit based on Japan, complete with Japanese-themed buildings. The track is essentially flat with numerous mid- to slow-speed corners with plenty of room for overtaking. 5 - Waterpark Circuit: It is a circuit filled with water canals, with some land parts around it and decorated with buildings and aquatic structures. In the middle of the track, the players will enter an aquarium. The circuit is generally flat, but has a gradual gradient. 6 - Casino Night Circuit: The map takes place at nighttime in a huge city decorated with buildings (especially casinos) filled with neon colored light. The circuit starts out with a simple straightaway before going into a variety of winding roads and sharp turns. The circuit is considered difficult to drive. 7 - Hotring Deluxe Circuit: The circuit is situated on flat lands surrounded by large grandstands. The course is rather long, having multiple twists and turns. The roads often has crash barriers, making the course extremely hard. While many of the corners have barriers, there are zones that players can driving off the track. 8 - Metropolis Circuit: This circuit takes place at day time, it features multiple skyscrapers in various designs, a tunnel, a bridge and barriers. 9 - Scandinavia Circuit: The circuit takes place during the sunset in an urban environment. Noticeable elevation changes and a bridge are some of this track defining features. 10 - Archipelago Circuit: The circuit is filled with bridges connected to grassy islands with a few rocks on them, industrial structures and ships. Also, forests and mountains can be seen in the background. The circuit starts out with a simple straightaway before going into a variety of winding roads and sharp turns without guard rail. 11 - Steppe Circuit: Like its name replies, it takes place in a large area of flat unforested grassland with a large bridge above the track. The road is just plain grey pavement. There are not many details to this track, unlike most other tracks. Good braking stability are crucial to win at this circuit because there are a lot of long straight lines ending with heavy braking. 12 - Firenze Circuit: It is a large night time city with bridges and a large amount of houses with red roofs. 13 - Black Forest Circuit: This race is lined with crash barriers. The track takes place in a dense forest and the course is rather long, having multiple twists and turns. 14 - Twinkle Circuit: The track takes place during the sunset. It is a grassy plain with a view of lush vegetation, trees and and some buildings. In the background, there are hills which have green plants on top. The course is considered to be quite fast and relatively easy to drive. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD MORE MAPS FOR FREE: [RACE] Reiko's Map-Pack [RACE] RG's Map-Pack [MAP] Custom City Island
  6. !!! EVENT !!! DATE: Saturday 29th, October Time: 18:00 EU Time (CEST) Number of maps: 7 Map Types: Stunt Race Maps Points System: Carbon Server: uDka Racing (mtasa:// (Running since: 2012) Event Name: Stunties & Funnies ______________________________________________________ What is "Carbon Points System" ? - It's a system, that gives you points depending on your position in a race. For example - if you would collect Checkpoint 1 from 1st place, you would get 15 points to your score, if you would do it from 2nd place however - you would get 13 points. Tournament results will be posted as soon, as event will end. You will be able to see the scores by pressing "Tab" button and checking your desired score under your nickname, and other's score as well. Keep also in mind, that maps that will be presented on the event, aren't from MTA Community Website (community.multitheftauto.com/), there will be user-made maps that were NEVER posted on MTA Community Keep in mind, that this is not a "DM Race" event, this is a Classic Race event with a "Stunt maps" vibe. Last map is worth the most points - because it's the longest (9 min) and you can get alot of points there. See ya soon!
  7. I found this video today from my mediafire account, I remember I joined this server between 2010 and 2012 (may not be exact), then the server closed down and I switched to DDC and finally stop at FFS Does anyone know the people named in this video, how are they now and are they still playing MTA From a player SEA with 350 ping :))
  8. Hello everybody! For about few months I thought about doing some cool MTA:SA Racing Event - for racing enthusiasts and here I'm coming with the brilliant idea, that was actually taken very positively in one of my community Discord Channels - Speedrunning Classic MTA:SA Race Maps. What are MTA:SA Classic Race Maps? - These are maps, that were introduced in the early launch of MTA:SA. Of course, some of them aren't playable, or broken - and I'm skipping DD (Destruction Derby) maps (in these speedruns we're focusing on maps with checkpoints). Is there a map pool? - Yes, map pool is present but it's slightly modified. Some problematic maps, and nonesense maps (such as Hot Route, or Island - were removed), also mx_sky which is crashing the "gamemode" was also removed - other maps on the other hand are playable & ready to play & do toptimes on Is there a video, from me showing how to play this speedrun? - Yes, here it is: I've did this run in 2h:16m:55s - I counted it without stopwatch, or anything else - I just started counting time in my editing program from the very first frame when the "racing map title" shows up (0:01) to the end (when the text "You've won a race" shows up) - it's easy to count that way. I would prefer these cool speedrunning essentials that speedruners use (these Time Split programs like Live Split) Why don't you post this on speedrun.com - but you're posting it here instead? - Is it because speedrun.com doesn't give a f* about this - i've submitted a request there, they denied it and they forwarded me to contact the administration so I did, and I opened a ticket and never got a response since - even the category admins aren't responding to this idea, but one mod responded by stating that "MTA Should have it's own leaderboard if so" - so here I made it: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ocaLTZWdsMa2SP1o-lR0eULCHkwu88AerTtPHQn8LEU How do you submit the run? - I've made a google form to this: https://forms.gle/y1t4EKfBwNEjtp8B8 What are the rules? - Here you go, i've written them couple of months ago (somewhere in May) Rules: - Players play on 60fps server - No splicing allowed - you record / stream the run from the beginning of the first map - to the end of the last map (like on the video) - Wheelie-tapping, motorbike tapping (with UP Arrow, and Down+UP Arrow) (to boost your speed) is allowed - Players play on the same local server with resource files. Download them here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/zuhfnhiltek4yew/Speedrun_Server_Package_with_Resources.zip/file - Players are allowed before the recorded / streamed run, to examine / play maps randomly in order to train the best map lines - Maps while speedrunning are played in order - from very first one to last one (just like in the first submitted run) - In the server resource file, all up-to date fixes are installed (map fixes, some object collision fixes) and updated Anti Cheat settings - Time is counted after you start the first map (in your recording) and ends after you complete the last map in the list - You are not allowed to change server settings in any way (in the server resource package to download, already everything is set up, so you need to only launch the Local server and join it) (i can make some exceptions: if you want to turn off scripts like Delay Indicator, Race Ghost or some other scripts that bother you - you can for example, but only if they aren't affecting the car speed, etc in any way) - You are not allowed to cheat, use trainers. This will result in disqualification. How to set up the server? - Download server files along with installed resources - Unpack the server anywhere - Click and open MTA Server - Join MTA:SA and head over to Server Browser / Local - Join "Speedrun Server" on local - Login with /login Speedrun 1234 (if there's no account - type /register Speedrun 1234 , and then login with the same credentials) - Press "P" to open Admin Panel and head over to maps. There are speedrun maps, you can play them by pressing double click on the name. - NEW RULE (added now): If you have a script that will boot up every single map in the order (from the first one - to the last one > it is allowed) Allowed commands / binds on the server: - To enable carhide, press C, to enable Carfade press X (these things up your FPS count a little) - To select nitro variation type /nos (nfs, hybrid, normal) - nfs nitro is commonly used (you can turn it on / off manually by pressing Mouse / CTRL) - If you're still worried if there's no 60fps on the server, you can limit the game to 60fps by typing /fpslimit (vehicle, boat) (number) so it should look like this: /fpslimit vehicle 60, /fpslimit boat 60 - If you don't see well in the maps with night time / weather press O to turn on Day mode Other Scripts: One Spawn - this script makes you to spawn everytime at the "best spawn" (everybody will have equal chances there) No Smoke Horn - as name says, no smoke horn while pressing accelerate button before the countdown starts I hope I can encourage some of you to try it out, and play the maps for yourself and compete in this fun little event. I've provided needed links for the already done server, so you just boot it up from MTA Server.exe There is no event end-date so you can basically do runs wherever you feel like doing so Thanks, and I hope I see some names on the leaderboards soon
  9. Hello all. This is another custom map open to the public of the MTA community made by me. It's a new island where players are free to go and explore. Please be aware this map will not come with any resources other than the map itself, draw distance and some custom textures. Feel free to use the map for any gamemode. This map offers the following stuff (Total Objects: 1622): - Airport - Beaches - Bridges - Contruction Area - Dock - Factories - Fire Department - Forested Area - Gas Station - Hospital - Parking Lots - Police Station - Restaurants - Ships - Shopping Area - Skyscrapers - Small Mountain - Stunt Objects - Suburban Area - Traffic Lights, Lampposts - Warehouses VIDEO: SCREENSHOTS: INSTALLATION: 1 - Simly unpack the ZIP file. Open the "resources" folder and copy the "Custom-City-LS" folder to: <MTA installation directory>\server\mods\deathmatch\resources 2 - Connect to your server and type "refresh" in the console window so the server will detect the new resources. 3 - Now in the console again type in: start Custom-City-LS. That's it Note: you can also open it with the map editor. LOCATION: Los Santos X: 2904 Y: -792 Z: 11 CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD This map wasn't rushed in any way, I've always tried to deliver high quality maps, also it has been tested for bugs and gameplay. Please do not upload these files on any other site. However, you are welcome to share the link to this site whereever you want. Cheers and have fun! MORE MAPS FOR FREE: [RACE] Reiko's Map-Pack [RACE] RG's Map-Pack [RACE] Custom Racing Circuit Map-Pack
  10. В общем суть проблемы в следующем: Машины в гараже не перекрашиваются,стикеры не клеятся. Пробовал разные модели, нечего не помогает в консоли ошибок не каких нету. Вернее все красится покупается в том числе и стикеры но они не отображаются по неизвестной причине! гитхаб https://github.com/StrixG/driftparadise-legacy/tree/races-and-houses Может кто знает помогите!
  11. Is there any way to enable collisions with cars (That were created with Map Editor and are part of the map) in the race gamemode? I mean, the ordinary collisions like in other gamemodes, and not just some kind of tank mode for those cars. P.S. I know almost nothing about Lua scripting.
  12. Hi there. I'm releasing all the maps I have created over the past 7 years (2016 - 2022) for the RACE Game Mode FOR FREE!. This pack contains 149 race maps including circuits, offroad, motorbikes, fun and normal city maps. Please don't adjust the respawn or other settings as this is the way I intended them to be played. You all can freely use them in your server, but no re-releasing or claiming as your own. Anyways I hope you like them, and enjoy playing as well. Comments are aswell welcome. VIDEO: CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD MAP LIST: MORE MAPS FOR FREE: [RACE] RG's Map-Pack [RACE] Custom Racing Circuit Map-Pack [MAP] Custom City Island
  13. KWKSRV One of the oldest test servers on MTASA, from back in the day, is still here. Currently running on the best connection yet, but soon i'll try starlink. Its all KWKSND's maps and resources connected by a highway that circles SanAndreas. You'll see Zombies, Peds, Hookers, Traffic, UFOs, Stunts, Races and much more. You can buy Drones, Toys, Homes ETC. Visit Odies Stunt Park and Liberty Island. Visit the Theme Park and Ride a Ferris Wheel or Pirate Ship. Go on a Cruise. Operate the Crane, Train and Titan Ship. Get Abducted, Escape, get Revenge. Want a job? Crush Cars, Deliver Pizza and Stolen Vehicles or Blast n Move rock. Be a Wanted Criminal or Join the SAPD and Clean Up The Crime Wave. Win Lottos, Demo Buildings, Hold a Drug Lab or Raid a Nightclub for Big Money. Login For Stats Tracking, Visit Shooting Range, Gain Skills, Camp for Stamina. See 2 YouTube Theaters, Miniplayer, 3D Radio, add Your URL everyone hears it. There has been tons of bug fixes in the last year to the point its pretty much error free now. The IP can change from time to time unfortunately, so i kept my classic old web page alive. http://kwksrv.8bit.ca/KWKSRV2021.html From there you can always get the correct IP and click to join. Drop in and say hi
  14. Hello fellas. This topic will be updated - might not be regularly, but what's planned below will be out in some days/months/years. As for now I upload two parts of MTA Racing Tutorials, which I think might be useful for your cruises through SA. PART 1 - HOW TO SET UP YOUR OWN SERVER FOR TRAINING PURPOSES PART 2 - 45 CUTS FOR SAN ANDREAS RACING PART 3 (TBA) - USEFUL WAYS: LINES, BUGROADS AND MORE PART 4 (TBA) - OVERVIEW OF TIPS&TRICKS PART 5 (TBA) - HYDRA RACING & STUNTING GUIDE PART 6 (TBA) - PAD VERSUS KEYBOARD - THE NEVERENDING BATTLE. OVERVIEW OF CONTROL METHODS
  15. Code: Website: http://www.nfssa.com IP: Slots: 350 Discord: https://discord.gg/QA7sXce A Need For Speed: San Andreas valójában NFS az MTA-ban. Ez egy olyan játékmód ami a NFS UG/UG2 alapján készült. Ez itt a garázsod. Erről a helyről tudsz a versenyekre jelentkezni,szabad módban bejárhatod a várost,tuningolhatod/testreszabhatod az autódat,talákozhatsz a barátaiddal illetve a többi játékossal, lecserélheted a kocsidat bármelyikre amelyiket már megvetted,nézd meg a statisztikádat és a helyezésedet és más emberek/barátaid helyézéseit,nézd meg a kocsid jelenlegi állását,kihívásaidat/napi kihívásaidat. A Need For Speed: San Andreas-ban 5 féle verseny található: A Sprint versenyek egyszerü egykörös versenyek ahol ponttól pontig tart a verseny. Az győz aki elsőnek halad át a célvonalon A Circuit versenyek hasonlóak a Sprint versenyekhez csak több körösek A Drift rendszer a saját script rendszerünk szerint működik. Teljesen új irányítás,pontszorzó és kritikus zónák. A Drag rendszer teljesen új. Ugyan olyan mint a UG/UG2-ben. Drag-ban manuális a sebesség váltás a + al fel illetve a - al le tudsz váltani. A Drag lényege, hogy a legjobb pillanatban váltsunk. Válthatsz: korán,jókor,tökéletesen,későn. Törekedj arra hogy mindig a lehetőleg legjobban válts az az tökéletesen. Street-X versenyek rövid versenyek Drift pályákon ahol nem használhatsz nitrót. A Szabad módban tuningolhatod/testreszabhatod az autódat,talákozhatsz a barátaiddal illetve a többi játékossal. 5 különböző tuning bolt/műhely van: kaszni bolt,festő műhely,tuning műhely,kiegészítő bolt,autó kereskedés. Kaszni Bolt Itt testreszabhatod a kocsid kaszniját. Leválthatod a lökhárítód,tehetsz rá spoilert,leválthatod a felniket. Hogy feloldj dolgokat mint például a lökhárítót,testcsomagokat,spoilereket szükséged lesz Body pontokra. Ezeket a pontokat véletlenszerűen kapsz versenyek után. Festő Műhely Itt testreszabhatod a kocsid kinézetét. Megváltoztathatod a kocsid színét,felnik színét,rakhatsz rá matricákat illetve fóliákat (Ezek mind ingyenesek). Tuning Bolt Itt növelheted a kocsid teljesítményét. 3 különböző féle tuningcsomag van: motor, kezelhetőség, gyorsulás. Minden csomagnak 3 szintje van: Utcai, Verseny, Profi. Akkor növelheted a teljesítményed miután elég reputation-t az az Hírnév Pontot szereztél (az első utcai csomaghoz nem szükséges Hírnév). Kiegészítő Bolt Itt tehetsz a kocsidra neont, leváthatod a lámpáid színét, ablakok színét illetve a sebességmérőd és annak színét. Autó Kereskedés Itt megveheted az alap illetve a Hírnév pontból feloldott kocsikat. Úgy mehetsz vissza a garázsodba ha elmész a Garázshoz . Ha megakarod változtatni a kezdőhelyedet elmehetsz egy másik Garázshoz és legközelebb onnan fogsz indulni. Az Előrehaladás a reputation-ön az az a Hírnévpontokon alapszik. Hírnévpontokat bármilyen versenyben szerezhetsz. Következő Autó ez a Sáv mutatja, hogy mennyi hírnév kell még, hogy felold az adott kocsit. Sáv belső ez a sáv azt mutatja hogy mennyi hírnév kell hogy felold a következő teljesítmény csomagot. Kétféle különböző feladat tipus létezik: GGlobális és Napi. Globális a feladatok egyszerűek amiket a versenyek során illetve szabad módban teljesíthetsz. Minden globális feladatért Task point az az Feladat Pont jár. Napi ezek a feladatok naponta csak egyszer teljesíthetőek valamint jutalmul Vinyl Pontot az az Fólia Pontot kapsz. Jutalmak itt feloldhatsz dolgokat Feladat Pont és Fólia Pont ból. Minden Feladat Pont beváltható a következőkre: Kártya,2 Kaszni Pont,Véletlenszerű Sebességmérő,1000$,vagy egy Fóliára. Mi van a kártyákkal? Nos a kártyák különböző dolgokat oldanak fel minden autódra: Festés Tipusokat: Metál,Matt. 6 Féle felnit, fényes és villogó neonokat, sötét és gyöngyház ablakokat, fényes lámpákat, egyéb fóliákat, tető nyílásokat vagy carbon részeket.Fólia Pontok Beválthatod őket Fóliákra. Az autók különböző osztályokra vannak beosztva. Jelenleg 6 osztály van: E, D, C, B, V és U. Ezek az autók találhatóak az osztályokban: E: Intruder, Bravura, Primo, Manana, Washington D: Vincent, Emperor, Previon, Cadrona, Fortune C: Sentinel, Uranus, Blista Compact, Euros, Flash B: ZR-130, Sultan, Jester, Elegy V: Hermes, Broadway, Hustler U: Futo, Buggy, Monroe, Mamba E-től V-ig Osztály Hírnévpontokkal elérhető. Az U Osztály csak különleges módon érhető el mégozzá autórészek gyűjtésével. A szerveren egy különleges feloldó rendszer van az U Osztály autóihoz. Hogy felold őket meg kell találnod 10 alkatrészt hogy felold ezeket az autókat. 50 különböző lelőhelyük van minden egyes autónak ami minden játékosnak teljesen véletlenszerű. Megtalálhatod az alkatrészeket a térképen amit a Különleges Autók fülön találsz és bizonyos kijelőlt pontokon vannak. Előrehaladás és Jutalmak. Web felhasználói panel egy teljesen új funkció. hozzákötheted a játékbéli accountodat/fiókodat a weboldalon lévő accountoddal/fiókkal hogy hozzájuss néhány exta tartalomhoz. megnézheted a versenyzőid statisztikáit,barátaid statisztikáit és a ranksorolásokat is. A játékbéli garázsban feltöltheted a kocsid fotóját amit megnézhetsz később a veboldalon. valamint megnézheted más emberek garázsait,megnézheted az autóikat illetve az előrehaladásukat is. Egy új funkció bemutatása - Kezdő Bónusz. ez a funkció segíteni fogja az új játékosokat Hírnévvel és Pénzel($). Valamint Csökkentettük a szükséges Hívrnévpontot minden autónál, hogy könnyebben elérhetőek legyenek mindenkinek hogy ne keljen túlontúl sokat játszania érte. Hogy a szervert életbe tudjuk tartani létrehoztunk egy szolgáltatást a Prémium Accountot. Jelenleg 2 módja van hogy Prémium Accountot vásárolj: Megveheted SMS-ben illetve Paypal-on keresztül,vagy megkaphatod mint jutalom szerver eseményeken/Event-eken amiket mi szervezünk . A Prémiumos felhasználók ezeket a bónuszokat élvezhetik: Hozzáadhatod a saját zene számaidat a lejátszási listához Bármennyi autód lehet a garázsodban Bármennyi versenyzőt kreálhatsz Segítség az autódarabok gyűjtésében a különleges autókhoz (U osztály) Testreszabható név szín Megvátoztathatod a versenyződ nevét illetve kinézetét (7 naponta 1x) +6 Fólia réteg(több matricát illetve fóliát tehetsz az autódra) +10% Hírnévpont(RP) és Pénz bónusz a versenyek után Mikor eladod a kocsidat a kocsi értékének 70% a helyett 85% ot kapsz Privát üzenet beállítások (spammerek blokkolása stb.) Találkozzunk Need For Speed: San Andreas..on Ezek a leírások több mint egy évesek,azóta rengeteget fejlődött a szerver,bármi kérdésetek lenne írjatok nyugodtan.
  16. We are developing team making racing server we need cars designers and members for testing beta server if you are interest dm me on Discord : YYH55#8888
  17. Hola a todos, nos complace informarles y darles a conocer nuestro gran servidor: Speed Force Racing [SFR] mtasa:// Somos el mejor y mas completo servidor dedicado a la modalidad de juego Race DM, Shooter y DD. Contamos con diferentes sistemas que hacen de tu estancia dentro del juego totalmente satisfactoria. Puedes pasar largas horas de diversión y entretenimiento dentro de nuestro servidor en compañia de todos tus amigos y otros jugadores. Contamos con: - Sistema VIP - Panel de usuario con: Opciones de juego, Skins, Tienda de mapas, Reproductor y otras sorpresas. - Sistema de niveles basado en experiencia y adaptado totalmente para vivir una experiencia de juego agradable. - Sistema de logros para reconocer tus habilidades dentro de esta modalidad de juego. - Sistema de recompensas diarias. - Servidor estable, 24/7 y con buen ping para los jugadores. - Gran variedad de mapas de toda la modalidad Race para hacer tu experiencia mas dinámica. - Excelente ambiente y convivencia dentro de nuestra comunidad y servidor. - ¿Hablas poco español? No te preocupes, también contamos con un sistema de lenguajes. - Muchas cosas mas que puedes descubrir con tan solo ingresar a nuestro servidor. ¿Qué estas esperando?... Bienvenido, te estamos esperando con gusto. Speed Force Racing [SFR]: mtasa:// Puedes buscarnos y conocernos en nuestras paginas oficiales: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Speed-Force-Racing-MTA-SA-102925024747622 Comunidad: https://www.gtachile.com/foro/1452-speed-force-racing-mtasa/
  18. The Mini-Games server has for you great moments of fun and joy together. It is a server of different game modalities like those already mentioned in the title, however they will be mentioned once again: Race / Stealth / Gungame / CTF / Counter Strike / PTP / Barrels / Fallout / Hay / Manhunt / TDM / Among Others. It is a great honor for us that you belong to our server in which we guarantee hours and hours of absolute fun in the company of other players. On our server you can find: Endless maps in all modalities. Different game modes. Server Online 24/7. Achievement system. Level system. The entire server is in Spanish so you can enjoy the experience. We have trivia and even lottery systems. VIP system. Sometimes the staff team is in charge of giving some gifts and surprises to the users. Company of players from all over the world. Great fun atmosphere. Radio system. An infinity of scripts and / or resources that will make your experience on the server even better. We have our forum in the server community. Constant updates to improve the game method. WE STILL KEEP SOME MODES OF ORIGINAL MTA GAMES (HAY, FALLOUT, GUNGAME, CAPTURE THE FLAG, CAPTURE THE VEHICLE, ETC) WHICH YOU WILL NOT FIND ON ANY OTHER SIMILAR SERVER. We keep the original MTA voting to achieve a democratic coexistence. What are you waiting to meet us and play with us? Here we attach a series of photos and video so you can see the fun we had on our server: Images! You can see the video and more images on our Facebook! Visit us and we know: Ip del servidor: mtasa:// Community: https://www.gtachile.com/foro/515-mini-juegos-mtasa/ We will wait for you!
  19. El servidor de Mini-Juegos tiene para ustedes grandes momentos de diversión y de alegría en conjunto. Es un servidor de diferentes modalidades de juego como las ya mencionadas en el titulo sin embargo se mencionaran una vez mas: Race/Stealth/Gungame/CTF/Counter Strike/PTP/Barriles/Fallout/Hay/Manhunt/TDM/Entre Otros. Es para nosotros un gran honor que pertenezcas a nuestro servidor en el cual te garantizamos horas y horas de diversión absoluta en compañía de otros jugadores. En nuestro servidor podrás encontrar: Un sin fin de mapas en todas las modalidades. Diferentes modos de juego. Server Online 24/7. Sistema de logros. Sistema de niveles. Todo el servidor se encuentra en español para que puedas disfrutar la experiencia. Contamos con sistemas de trivia e incluso lotería. Sistema VIP. En ocasiones el equipo staff se encarga de dar algunos regalos y sorpresas a los usuarios. Compañía de jugadores de todo el mundo. Gran ambiente de diversión. Sistema de radio. Una infinidad de scripts y/o recursos que harán aun mejor tu experiencia dentro del servidor. Contamos con nuestro foro en la comunidad del servidor. Actualizaciones constantes para mejorar el método de juego. AUN CONSERVAMOS ALGUNOS MODOS DE JUEGOS ORIGINALES DE MTA (HAY, FALLOUT, GUNGAME,CAPTURE THE FLAG, CAPTURE THE VEHICLE, ETC) QUE NO ENCONTRARAS EN NINGÚN OTRO SERVIDOR SIMILAR. Conservamos las votaciones originales de MTA para lograr tener una convivencia democrática. ¿Que estas esperando para conocernos y jugar con nosotros? A continuación anexamos una serie de fotos y vídeo para que puedas ver la diversión que pasamos en nuestro servidor: Imágenes! Puedes ver el vídeo y mas imágenes en nuestra pagina de Facebook! Visitanos y conocemos: Ip del servidor: mtasa:// Comunidad: https://www.gtachile.com/foro/515-mini-juegos-mtasa/ Te esperamos!
  20. Hi guys, I leave you some maps of mine that i had in case you want to uplodad them to server , Thanks :D Link 6 Maps https://www.mediafire.com/file/fgmthn6hpgazoxz/[DM]Seeba_Maps.zip/file #Seeba<~
  21. Hi everyone, a long time ago (novermber 2018) i started making new project called MTA Racing. This project has an own unique atmosphere legendary games such as: NFS Underground 1/2 + Midnight Club games series by Rockstar games. I am a big fun of it and we started implement it, but this project has status abandoned in april 2019. But right now i decided to finish it in free time. Now i gonna tell you more info about this. Features: Custom mapping around Los Santos, 70% remake. Custom race tracks. Tuning: Spoilers Front/Rear/Side bumbers Neon Lights Windows tinting Race modes: Circluit Sprint URL Speedtrap Top Time Drift Street-X Drag Vehicles: BMW M3 Camaro SS Audi TT Mercedes AMG Subaru Impreza Lexus IS 300 Nissan Skyline R34 Toyota Supra Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X Dodge Viper 2018 Lamborghini Huracan Mercedes E63 Audi R8 Custom OST: 60+ songs (via stream) Languages (You can send me your language and i gonna add it) Russian English Now i gonna show you some screenshots: Open beta test: IP: mtasa:// Groups: VK: https://vk.com/mta_race Facebook: http://fb.com/mtarace Discord: https://discord.gg/tKZtZWK
  22. I remember that in 2012 it worked perfectly with update 1.2 I think that was it. And now that I want to go back to make race maps I realized that this resource does not work well... when I define the game mode everything goes very well if it works, but when it is time to put the road controlpoint it is bad, instead of leaving the cs_roadbridge04 file only a trash can comes out as a control point. This is how it should look and how it should work, I don't know why in older versions this works well and in recent versions it doesn't. I hope someone can solve this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MCaFxnnXrfM&t=23s
  23. Witajcie! Szukam ludzi, do moderowania/administracji servera, który założyłem. Jest on serverem RACE. Dużo Polaków nie gra na race [tych co grają na RPG itp] - więc krótko opowiem co to jest: - wyścigi, kto dojedzie pierwszy wygrywa [będzie więcej skryptów, że np po wyścigu dostaje się kase, czy drift mapy polegające tylko na wykręceniu top driftu z wyznaczoną ilością czasu] - rekordy pod f5 - eventy - o właśnie administracje, czy eventy z udziałem prosów na scenie RACE [z którymi bardzo dobrze się znam] Można tam tworzyć również swoje klany/teamy - do wyboru do koloru. Server jest serverem classic race - czyli nie ma map DM, ale są za to mapy race, które nie są z community [2% jest z mta community] - większość jest stworzona przez różne osoby/nas. Skrypt posiada typowe skrypty race, m.i.n.: - NOS [nitro - pod komendą /nos [nfs, hybrid, normal] - Niektóre mapy z modyfikacjami [wbudowane mapy które mają zeskryptowaną muzykę, lub modyfikację samochodu] - race_league [skrypt do klanówek - pozwala na rozgrywanie meczów pomiędzy klanami - przydatne do turniejow] - [takiego skrypta nie znajdziecie, tylko na serverach gdzie jest pro racing] - autoghostmode [przenikające auta przez siebie - nie będzie problemu z kolizją] - digital speedometer [speedometer - który jest ustawiony w przyjemnym miejscu, żeby nie irytował gracza i pokazuje dokładną prędkość] - delay indicator [pokazuje - ile zyskujemy lub tracimy do toptime'u/gracza] Chętnie poszerzymy nasze grono administracji, jak i również graczy. Zapraszamy do wspólnej gry. Jako że są ferie, siedzimy w miare długo i gramy na serverze. Server jest też zareklamowany w Europie, więc czasami ludzie z krajów Europejskich i z Ameryki wbijają na nasz server ip servera: [24/h] Zapraszamy!
  24. Hello! Weeks ago I got some MTA:SA server. First of all - the name is Polish - because it was meant to be Polish server which would be Freeroam/Play. Now - changed it to RACE - and here it is! This server is a classic race server [race with checkpoints] [not DM/DD]. There are alot of maps from racing community members/self-made maps. Scripts are from most racing servers - it contain for example: - carhide - carfade - race_nos2 [you can type /nos nfs or /nos hybrid to change your nitro] and lot of other things to come! There are also alot of maps [not only maps from the current MTA release, and not downloaded maps from community.mtasa site] which you can play, make toptimes and other things! If you have a team, we can add it! Tell the admins! We will also have some events. As i'm known in the racing community, the upcoming event is an Enduro Event - on 10.01.2020. Enduro map - is a long map, mainly like from 100-1000 cp's or 100-300 cp's [you know, long races]. The goal is, to like in normal race, win - but you can get special prize for it - moderator, or other thing [we are still thinking]. Pro racers will also attend here, it has been announced on some of their team Discord channels. This server doesen't have lot of scripts. Just because it's very, very similar to popular racing servers nowadays. It's for doing racing Funwars/Clanwars also! You might learn some PRO racing, before this advertisement here, some pros are already playing on the server, so you can learn racing tips for them. The server now [before the advertisement] is active.e We had avearge of 5 players [without advertisement here] on the server - so hope it gets bigger! Join in! mtasa:// Thank you, and see you there!
  25. Hello guys! I have a map in Gta, and I wanna play it in Mta, but I can't convert it..... Anyone can help me? There is the map: Usui: https://mega.nz/#F!eTZQxAaD!7NwLupsAK4m58T_puVQq5g
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