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Found 3 results

  1. Welcome to Bancho Hosting Website - Discord - E-Mail Bancho Hosting is a new member on the Server Hosting Market. It's our goal to provide cheap, easy and fast servers for all those who want them. We offer a wide variety of Games and MTA is one of them. Due to the new nature of Bancho we're currently running on an individual, request by request basis. This means we can offer you cheap prices and great speeds while maintaining a good amount of clients while we start up! We use PayPal to handle our subscriptions, this means you can have peace of mind knowing your details are secure, we never gain access to your full financial information! To get started simply join our Discord below and view the price list in our channels. We use Pterodactyl to manage our Servers. You'll get access to your server including File Management and Console Access to ensure you can install whatever you want, whenever you want to make sure your members have a fantastic experience. We also offer Discounts to existing members and cheaper upgrades alongside our dedicated support team. Our prices start at £3.99 per month for 750MB of RAM, No Player Restrictions and No-Cap Storage. We also offer higher plans which are a little more expensive but provide all the resources you need to get started! You can order a plan by visiting our Discord and following the Order Process. It's super easy and allows you to tell us exactly what YOU need to make your server exactly how you want it! Just click the Discord Icon below!
  2. 17 Nisan 2020 tarihinde kurulan ve şuan da aktif şekilde kullanılabilir olan Estim Bozkurt Freeroam, Multi Theft Auto sunucusu sizleri bekliyor! İyi Oyunlar! IP : mtasa:// İsim : [TR] ❀ ESTİM BOZKURT ❀ - [FREEROAM] Yetkililer : [Kurucu] ES|o02'6 , [Kurucu] ES|Lykia 岺 , [Admin] SeRO , [Admin] Orhan , [Moderatör] RipJaws , [Destek] Noxus , [Destek] Hyper Kayıtlarımız oyun içindendir. İyi eğlenceler :)
  3. hello everybody I have some questions to link server with bot discord I heard it works on vps Is that true?, well can I try it through windows? like cmd i tired some attempt and failed and i don't know the reason why { "port": 22003, "passphrase": "key", "guild": "guild.id", "bots": [{ "channel": "testing", "token": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" }] } there is config.json I know its have mistakes but I'm not an expert on this <discord> <channel>testing</channel> <passphrase>equal-to-the-server-passphrase</passphrase> <hostname>localhost</hostname> <port>22003</port> </discord> in this point i don't know what i put <passphrase>equal-to-the-server-passphrase</passphrase> help please
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