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  1. client side scripts can only call client side exported functions, same goes for server side. Solution: use events for the client side version of getAccountID
  2. Why are you using localPlayer server-side?
  3. Tbh, slazem se sa tobom. I to plakanje je gluma lol... Da nemam svoj server, ne bi ni pitao za unban, xD.
  4. Svaki put? Lmao, ne. Cheat je undetected, problem je sto nisam properly launchovo cheat ^^. Private cheat brt.
  5. Lmao... Zato pre ulaza u MTA, promjeni se MAC, izbaci se 1 RAM stick + GPU. Nakon ulaza u MTA, ponovo se mogu vratiti djelovi. Testirano btw,
  6. @k1kLoP OOF. Neka, cekat cu ja 60 dana, xD. Edit: Ima cloud gaming tho
  7. @k1kLoP Pa retarde ovo i jest global ban.. Global ban na 60 dana, ne permanent. Edit: I ne komp, nego SSD.
  8. @k1kLoPLmao brate nije obicni cit... xD. Nije nesta kao aimbot/wh ili tako nes slicno. Ovo ti je nesta specijalno koristeno za krađu skripti, xD. Jednostavno, drug i ja smo se malo "igrali" sa citom, i, OOF. ("Neces igrati ovde", bas si retard LMAO)
  9. I don't know what's up, but...... I've got banned for 60 days in MTA... Like, I swear by God I didn't do anything... I was playing/scripting on my server, as usual. I reconnect, and it refuses to connect with the reason "AC #4, Trainer". I restart the game, and, well, there's a ban for 60 days... I'll give acces to my PC to MTA Moderators, like, ANYTHING you want, just unban me... I play MTA For 6 years now and I've NEVER been banned. Also, my friend sometimes comes over with his laptop to play MTA since recently his network is really f'ing w him (Bosnian :~ernet). I don't know, maybe he used something, I seriously don't know... Please unban me, because if you don't, my server's gonna die... I've been working 5 years straight on it, just recently started to get some solid player counts... Please, I swear, I did not do anything wrong... I know timed bans will be ignored but, 60 days is really too much for doing literally nothing.....
  10. Odyssey Freeroam We're a advanced freeroam server with loads of features that most of the competition doesn't have. Our goal is to satisfy every player playing on our freeroam with a lot of customisable settings and never before seen features. Some of our features are: - A custom hydra lock-on (dogfight) system - Base capturing (something like turfs, but way more action-packed) - A crew system (crew owners/leaders can invite you to their crew, players can join 2 crews per account. Every crew has their own Hydra skin and base if they captured one in base capture) - Custom vehicles and vehicle upgrades - Custom reflection/water/detail/particle/effect shaders - A customisable settings menu (some of the settings are setting the quality of dx elements being drawn on the screen, object draw distance, vehicle draw distance and player draw distance) - A player blacklist menu (blacklisted players can't send you whispers/pms if you've blacklisted them) - A custom group chat (party) system - A custom vehicle/weapon damage system - Custom weapon switch system (similar to GTA V's weapon wheel) - Custom radio stations We're looking forward to see you on our server :). - Odyssey Staff team. IP: mtasa:// Discord: https://discord.gg/3dna9jS
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