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Found 4 results

  1. Hello friends, today I will share with you a very simple and under development hud. To get rid of FPS and screen pollution, it is enough to install and run the hud I made on your server. Download > Link
  2. Welcome to the Chaos.biz.to! Community, today I will present what the server has, it has varieties of mods, it has Minigames like Versus Zombies vs humans (With that minigame you make money!), It has cinema, it is Freeroam, It has real cars, it has improved hud, it has zombies, it has misterix mod, it has gasoline in the cars for more realism, it has special zombies like the tank or the hunter, it has real gun sounds, it has drop, it has pvp, it has Tsunamis, earthquakes , real sounds of the environment, and more things that may surprise you, such as events too. Join the "Chaos.biz.to" community on the discord community server: https://discord.gg/YHBZbJb , and my name in discord! : Izaaqk#0780 , The server opens on December 25, with all that implemented! Moreover, I will use the MTA Server to test it! When you have entered the "Chaos.biz.to" community, don't forget to message me! Support the server, don't miss it, it's very good! ( STAFF, Smods, Mods are needed! )
  3. Alguien Que Sea Tan Amable y Que Me Pueda Ayudar a Poner Esta isla Al MTA Porque Cuando La Pongo Con Un Scripts La isla Se Me Bugea Espero Que Me Puedan Ayudar Gracias!!
  4. Hello again folks! I want to manage a tournament - league Race tournament played on Classic Race gamemode in MTA San Andreas - in a server called: uDka Racing [im admin on it] HOW IT WILL LOOK LIKE: - you will have map list - every team need to select max. 5 maps - minimum of members are 2, or 3 - maximum are 10 [still 5 v 5 cw] - there will be a site with the stats from the tournament - CW script similar to CS:GO games [you can insert team logo there, or flag - if you want your logo - send me!] YOU NEED: - have free time to play matches [if you dont have - don't worry - we can arrange match for another day] - don't abandon the tournament when you registered already - as said before minimum 2, 3 members and maximum 10 [for substitutes] How to register? * is optional - reply to this thread by this example post: *TEAM NAME - *TEAM COLOR [in #fff (fff)] - *TEAM COUNTRY [for example - if you're all germans - germany or if you have mixed country members - EU, but if you have logo you can send the link here or the pic, we will place the logo not the flag] - *MEMBERS IN THE TEAM - Description of the team - Last competetions where you performed - Server when the event will be: mtasa:// If you have servers, and you selected some maps from map pool - i can send you - contact by facebook with me: https://www.facebook.com/ku.bus.52035 I'll update post here - if max. 10 teams will register [add maps to select, and schelude days and groups] Hope you will register here Regards, [uDka]Jacob [previously known as: pashaBiceps, Dan]
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