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Found 17 results

  1. Gostaria de Um Gerenciador que pedisse a senha e automaticamente a pessoa ganhasse sua tag de gang/corp, Se eu criar uma base de corp ele já ganha a Tag da policia e assim pdoe revistar, Caso ele saia do servidor ele perca essa tag tendo assim que ir até a base colocar a senha novamente para pegar a tag, Já vi esse sistema em algum servidor a qual acho muito maneiro mas estou quebrando muito a cabeça para fazer.
  2. mtasa:// Introduction: Forseti is an old school Freeroam/RPG with a retro theme. We wanted to re-capture the nostalgia of GTA San Andreas. Well, what can you do in this server? Let's give you some examples. You can: Buy houses, change property name, lock/unlock them, set them for sale, and change their price & more. Buy vehicles, add unique upgrades, park them, change their price and set them for sale, etc. Trade your vehicles with other players, buy and sell them for amounts you set. This includes new vehicles we added ourselves, as well as new upgrades. You can create or join gangs and fight with others for very valuable areas on the map. You can capture or invade gang bases and make use of the amazing features they have. You can buy gang vehicles for your base, buy ammo from your base for a cheaper price, upgrade your base protection, add homing missiles that will protect you from attackers. We also went ahead and re-balanced/replaced some weapons that were inferior to encourage more players get into these big fights. It's worth mentioning that these fights are completely optional and if you want to play more casually, you can completely avoid them if you are not interested. The gang bases are located in LV only. Cut the crap, how do I make money? We have a few options. You can press 'F3' to open GPS menu and go to mission locations. Driving a taxi: You can pick up customers and drop them off where they want to go. Simple and efficient. Fishing: You can buy a fishing rod for $50 from fishermen at coast areas and fish anywhere you want. Just press 'B' and wait for the fish to bite, then press 'B' again to reel them in. You will get a unique fish depending on server time and weather. Let's not spoil it further. Press 'I' to open your fish inventory. Lumberjack Work: You can buy an axe from weapon shops or lumberjacks on the map. Wood you cut will stay in your inventory. You can see how much wood you have by pressing 'I'. You can sell them back to lumberjacks for a good price. Drug Delivery: You can become a dealer at San Fierro and deliver the 'stuff' to junkies. Try not to be seen though. This mission has a built-in leveling system of it's own. More you do it, better rewards you will get. Zombie Purifier: Become a purifier at Area 51 and help the army clean up zombie infested areas. Be careful though. If you get bit you will get infected. It might not end pretty. Deathmatch: Do you have something to prove? Well then. You can join the current deathmatch by pressing 'F2'. You can pick up weapons from the area and fight each other. You get money every time you kill someone, and you get punished for dying." Recovering from a bad divorce? Your wife keeps threatening to take the kids? Went broke already? We got you! Forseti Bank will happly provide you with a loan* and take it back using force if you haven't paid for 4 weeks* in real time! *(1): Loans include interest rate 100% which is a totally humanly amount to take. You should be able to make this kind of money basically working for your all life. But don't worry. Our system has never shown to have failed. *(2): four weeks actually means 1 or 2 hours but don't worry. We will not demand any payment after your death. The map itself is filled with vehicles, why would I pay for one? You can buy vehicles from the car icons on the map ('F11'). Every vehicle shop is different, so don't forget to check other shops if you can't find the vehicle you want. --Player owned vehicles are faster than other vehicles and you can change their properties permanently. You also have full control over them. --You can enter Pay 'N' Spray to paint your vehicle, change headlights, and add upgrades. --Upgrades include: Bumpers, Wheels, Spoilers etc. & Adding a Neon to your vehicle and unlocking burnout. --You can spawn your vehicle, despawn it, lock it, start/stop engine and park it from our main menu. ('F1' or 'M') --You can also use the /car 1, car 2 etc. commands to spawn your vehicles right in front of you. --You can press 'L' to lock and unlock your vehicle from the inside. Other players can't lock your vehicle. --1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 keys are used for some cool features when you are driving a vehicle. Open trunks, doors, change suspension etc. --If you park your vehicle, it will automatically respawn at the parked location and it will be locked. --You can set your vehicles for sale and other players can buy them. When you trade a vehicle, it'll keep the upgrades. --You can track the vehicle economy on our Discord server. Simply take a look at the #vehicles channel. --Every vehicle has a certain stock and it might run out, so buying vehicles with your spare money and selling them is a viable strategy. --Stocks are added every now and then depending on vehicle rarity, so don't worry, you will get a chance to buy them eventually. --Be careful not to leave your vehicles unlocked, other players can vandalize them at Pay 'N' Spray. ;)", I have 4 children and I have nowhere to live! Help me! You are in luck! We have a house system that's detailed but simple and fun to use. But how do you buy a house and what can you do with it? Houses not only provide you with a safe area, but they have other benefits as well. You can see the houses that are on sale on your map. You can walk to a house's pickup in front of their door and see all the information. When you buy a house, you will be granted full control over it. Such as: --If your house is a business, ALL money that are spent in there are yours. --Example: If you own LS Bistro you will gain all the money other players spend there. --You can set any house you own as your spawn point. If you die, you will respawn at your bed. --You will not take damage in your own house. --You can rename your property to whatever you want. --You can lock and unlock your house for other players. Don't want to be bothered? Lock it. --You can set your house on sale or take it off the sale for other players. Bought a house for 35k and you want to sell it for 35m? It's scummy, but go ahead. --You can change your house's sale value. Make it more expensive or cheaper. --You can instantly sell it back for a little less value. Took a loan and can't pay back? Maybe there's a way out. Did I say loans? That's a whole another thing, let's get back to our topic. You can see the houses you own on your main menu ('F1' or 'M') If you want to see where your house is located, clicking on it will start GPS.", I feel alone in this cold world! Someone take me in! Don't worry, you can join a gang or make your own for 50k. A gang leader can: --Invite players --Kick members --Change member ranks --Invade other gang bases --Change gang name --Change gang tag --Change gang color --Set aside some money for other members to spend on stuff --Upgrade gang gates, make them more resistant to explosions --Buy homing missiles that will attack incoming hostiles Capturing a gang base has a lot of good benefits. Such as spawning it as your spawn point, a steady money stream, buying weapons for cheaper, or using special gang vehicles. Note: You can ping a location on the map for your gang mates. (F11 + X + Right click) That's cool and all, but I got banned in every server I played on. What are the rules? We believe strict rules kill the fun. You are allowed to do anything you want and mess around as long as you aren't ruining it for others. That's all? No. We have a lot of small details and more big features that will make the server feel alive. GTA San Andreas interiors with their unique uses, walking food vendors and vehicles, automated trains that will take a break at stations, custom maps, some mechanical changes, fitting unique weather cycles for every state of it's own that will change on a rotation and much more. So go ahead! Do some fishing for random loot, cut the trees around the map, drive a taxi for NPCs, smuggle drugs or help the army clean up zombie infested areas. There's a bit too much to write about, so we will let you experience them on your own. No point in turning this into a book. Here are some random screenshots from the server we like:
  3. What's the meaning of the server's name; I think y'all wondering what's the meaning of this name? why this name exactly? isn't that bull:~? Well, I got the answers, I was in a server before with a friend of mine called Samer aka Baseplate, the server was named Utopia Prosperous Gamers, I loved the idea of Utopia which is an imaginary island which is an ideal place or state. then comes Democratic Community, this expresses the transparency and democracy in our server, our Administration team will handle all the situations democraticly, no dictatorship nor personal decisions, and everything will be infront of players' eyes. About the community: UDC is a project which has been developed since probably 1 year. It's a CnR/RPG/RP project, in this server we're trying to make things as much realistic as we can, we try to give the player the best RP experiance in a RPG/CnR server. We can say this server is based on CIT/SAUR Features but we got our unique ideas and code. Our goal is the make a completely enjoyable atmosphere for our players to enjoy and not get fed up. Introduction The police officers, military and some other groups work together in order to arrest criminals in Los Santos who have committed crimes or to fight in LV and fight for turfs or radio towers if they decide to get into some TDM. Police officers who think they're worthy enough to join a group and improve their policing skills usually, come on forums and then apply for a group. MF and such. They usually work in teams in order to achieve anything like arresting bigger groups or criminals or securing a certain area. The criminals. LV is where like cops they get involved with some TDM. Fighting for turfs and such. But the real criminality is in LS, this is where people work to earn stuff. You can join a gang, make one or just be a free lancer. Usually, those who know how to lead have a gang which is realistic. Realistic gang deals and such or if you don't follow certain terms, you might expect a drive-by. You make your name in LS and you become a boss, not scripted, not a title. People recognise you as a boss if there is anything that people should be afraid of that is coming off you. This was the most brief introduction of UDC because the actual experience from the moment you log in game and see what actually happens there. Maybe you will choose to be the biggest criminal and intimidate people. Or join the police force, maybe the military if you pass the selection and fight the bad in San Andreas. Features Login panel: An advanced UI and simple interface to make it easier for the players Vehicles System: An advanced and Realistic vehicles system that hasn't been used in any other servers before. Spawners System: An advanced vehicles system, it's not really realistic but does the job. Jobs/Employment System: An advanced employment system which contains "SOME" of the jobs as we're still developing the rest of the jobs, you can find jobs all around SA marked with blips in the map. Groups System: Simple UI that allows players to understand the system faster, it contains alot of features for the leaders, and will be improved in further versions. General Information Panel (F1): DX based UI which contains all server Rules- Commands- Jobs info - Updates. Banking System: Realistic banking system, which offers different payment methods (using UDC Card) which is a unique idea that hasn't been used before, the banking system is synchronized with players' accounts using a specific PIN Code that the player should enter. Turfing System: for a better CnR experiance we offer you the best choice which is turfing, actually it might be only for criminals since police officers can't turf, but this feature is well designed and has alot of perks. Fuel System: We tried to make this as much realistic as we could so we made a fuel system which synchronizes fuel refilling with vehicles type (i.e: a truck pays more than a bike to refill) Customs Shop : we found this epic modshop resource made by @Al3grab. Housing System: Make your own real estate, or have your own house, this system isn't finished, but V1.0 is ready to be launched (in further versions you'll be able to buy apartments and add your own furniture). and More ...... Future Resources Ideas; Business System (Build your own company and start investing in stocks market !). Progress: 45% Drug Farms (Buy a drug farm, farm drugs and hide it from cops, make it secure with bots and cops will barely find you). Progress: 80% More Jobs and Current jobs improvement. Progress: 30% More CnR events and Police events. Progress: 10% Official Trailer: Hope To See You Around : Join Now Server
  4. I created a scoreboard system, but when i make a team, the team does not show in scoreboard.. how can i add this after playerlist?
  5. Então qnd eu ativo o painel de gang e da corp quando eu vou spawnar de um dos paineis o carro ele vem o carro da gang e da corp Alguem me ajuda pls
  6. Olá, bom dia ou boa tarde, gostaria de saber por onde posso começa para montar um gang war ? poderiam me dá uma ajudar com isso?
  7. function getPlayerFromID(id) return call(getResourceFromName("game_id2"), "getPlayerFromID", tonumber(id)) end function getPlayerID(player) return getElementData(player,"id") end function criarGang ( source, commandName, ... ) local getaMoney = getPlayerMoney (source) local teamName = table.concat({...}, " ") if teamName then if getaMoney <300000 then outputChatBox("#7d26cd[SERVER] #FF0000Você não tem dinheiro suficiente para criar uma gang valor 5000$",source,255,255,255,true) else if ( getPlayerTeam(source) ~= false ) and ( countPlayersInTeam(getPlayerTeam(source)) == 1 ) then destroyElement(getPlayerTeam(source)) outputChatBox("#F4A460[SERVER]#F08080 Sua gang antiga foi deletada e foi criada uma nova!",source,255,255,255,true) end local newTeam = createTeam ( teamName) if newTeam then takePlayerMoney (source,300 ) local getGang = getTeamName ( newTeam ) setTeamColor (newTeam,math.random(0,255), math.random(0,255), math.random(0,255)) setPlayerTeam ( source, newTeam ) local playerTeam = getPlayerTeam( source ) outputChatBox("#43CD80[GANG] #FFFFFFGang criada com sucesso!",source, 255, 255, 255, true) end end else outputChatBox("#43CD80[GANG] #FFFFFFUso correto: /gangcriar [nome]",source,255,255,255,true) end end addCommandHandler("gangcriar",criarGang) addEventHandler("onPlayerLogin",root,function() local team = getAccountData (getPlayerAccount(source), "team") if (team==getTeamName(getTeamFromName(team))) then setPlayerTeam(source, getTeamFromName(team)) end end) function save() local team = getPlayerTeam(source) local account = getPlayerAccount(source) if not isGuestAccount(account) then if(team)then setAccountData(account, "team", getTeamName(team)) end end end addEventHandler("onPlayerLogout", root, save) addEventHandler("onPlayerQuit", root, save) function sairDaGang(source) local playerTeam = getPlayerTeam (source) if (playerTeam) then setPlayerTeam (source, nil) outputChatBox("#43CD80[GANG] #FFFFFFVocê saiu da gang",source,255,255,255,true) else outputChatBox("#43CD80[GANG] #ffffffVocê não tem gang",source,255,255,255,true) end end addCommandHandler("gangsair", sairDaGang) function desfazerGang (source) local playerVeri = getPlayerTeam (source) if (playerVeri) then destroyElement (playerVeri) outputChatBox("#43CD80[GANG] #FFFFFFVocê deletou sua gang",source,255,255,255,true) else outputChatBox("#43CD80[GANG] #FFFFFFVocê não tem gang",source,255,255,255,true) end end addCommandHandler("gangdeletar", desfazerGang) function enviarGang(source,cmd,targetPlayer) local target = getPlayerFromID (targetPlayer) local geta = getPlayerFromID (target) gang = getPlayerTeam (source) local getName = getTeamFromName(source) lala = getTeamName(source) local convidado = true setElementData(target, "gangConvite", gang, false) if gang == getName then outputChatBox("#43CD80[GANG] #FFFFFFVocê não pertence a nenhuma gang",source, 255, 255, 255, true) else outputChatBox("#43CD80[GANG] #FFFFFFConvite de recrutamento enviado para o Jogador " ..getPlayerName(target).. " ID: "..targetPlayer,source, 255, 255, 255, true) outputChatBox("#43CD80[GANG] #FFFFFFVocê foi convidado para a gang #43CD80" ..getTeamName(gang).. " #FFFFFFuse #43CD80/gangaceitar #FFFFFFpara entrar na Gang: #ffffff "..getTeamName(gang),target, 255, 255, 255, true) end end addCommandHandler("gangconvidar", enviarGang) function Recrutamento(source) local gangConvite = getElementData(source, "gangConvite") if isElement(gangConvite) then outputChatBox("#43CD80[GANG] #FFFFFFVocê entrou na gang "..getTeamName(gang),source, 255, 255, 255, true) setPlayerTeam (source, gangConvite) else outputChatBox("#43CD80[GANG] #FFFFFFVocê não foi convidado para nenhuma gang",source, 255, 255, 255, true) end end addCommandHandler("gangaceitar",Recrutamento) function gangCommands(thePlayer) outputChatBox ( "#7d26cd[GANG] #ffffffUse /gangcriar | /gangcor CODE RGB | /gangtag | /gangconvidar ID/Nome | /gangabandonar | /gangsair | /gangdeletar", thePlayer, 255, 255, 255, true ) end addCommandHandler ( "gang", gangCommands ) function gangName ( player, commandName, newName ) local theTeam = getPlayerTeam ( player ) setTeamName ( theTeam, newName ) outputChatBox("A Gangue "..getTeamName(theTeam).." alterou o nome ["..newName.."]", root, 255, 0, 0) end addCommandHandler("gangnome", gangName ) function gangFarbe ( player, commandName, r, g, b ) local team = getPlayerTeam ( player ) setTeamColor ( team, r, g, b ) outputChatBox("[INFO] A gangue "..getTeamName(team).." alterou a cor da Gangue", source, 255, 255, 255, tonumber(r), tonumber(g), tonumber(b)) end addCommandHandler("gangcor", gangFarbe ) addCommandHandler( "gangtag", function ( source, cmdname, tag ) if tag and ( tag:len() > 3 or tag:len() == 0 ) then return outputChatBox("A tag deve ter no máximo 3 caracteres.", source, 230, 0, 0) end if getPlayerTeam(source) and tag then setPlayerName(source, "["..tag.."]"..getPlayerName(source)) elseif not tag then outputChatBox("Sintaxe: /gangtag <tag da gangue>", source, 230, 0, 0) end end ) function getPlayerFromParticalName(thePlayerName) local thePlayer = getPlayerFromName(thePlayerName) if thePlayer then return thePlayer end for _,thePlayer in ipairs(getElementsByType("player")) do if string.find(string.gsub(getPlayerName(thePlayer):lower(),"#%x%x%x%x%x%x", ""), thePlayerName:lower(), 1, true) then return thePlayer end end return false end Este script apenas funciona o /gangcriar "aparece o nome da gang no scoreboard", /gangnome "muda o nome antigo da gang", /gangdeletar e também da pra fazer /gangcriar "com a gang criada ele apaga a antiga e muda nome" mas não funciona tag, não da pra convidar ninguém para gang, só funciona os comandos os quais eu citei agora! Obrigado a quem conseguir me ajudar desde já! Lembrando só que eu uso um sistema de tags para por exemplo dono, sub dono... etc... E meu chat não utiliza ID, apenas nome...
  8. Eu tenho esse script de gangues que achei o melhor pois já joguei em servidores que possuía ele mas eu utilizo um sistema de tags por exemplo de níveis, começa lá em baixo com everyone e sobe para vip, Bope, ajudante, moderador... até console, mas quando dou /gangtag "nome da tag" o script simplesmente não faz nada, pelo que notei ele funciona normal pra criar a gang mas a tag não... Aqui o script de gang: https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=12014 e meu sistema de tags é esse http://mods-mta-online.blogspot.com.br/2014/09/tags-admin.html Obrigado a todos que ajudarem eu agradeço de coração :3. É para meu servidor novo :3 (já montado mas sem gangs kk)
  9. Olá, gostaria de mudar esse sistema para que o jogador dominar a área através do marker e não pela colisão da área. Ai o marker ia fazer a função do ColCuboid esperou que tenha entendido .. ------------------------------------------------------ -- Scripting By Sasu -- Copyright © 2013-2015 - All rights reserved. ------------------------------------------------------ local turfPos = { { 2133.1950683594, 633.66455078125, 0, 197.5, 92, 90 }, } local turfElement = {} local turfTimer = {} local checkComplete = false local messages = { [1] = "Sistema de Territorio by:Sasuke * foi iniciado corretamente!", [2] = "Esse território já pertence a %s", [3] = "Você entrou em %s's do território. Aguarde 2 minutos para dominar!", [4] = "Este território não pertence a ninguém. Aguarde 2 minutos para dominar!", [5] = "Parabéns. Você consquistou o território!", [6] = "Se você não voltar dentro de 20s, você não vai dominar o território", [7] = "Você não conseguiu consquisou o território devido à ausência" } -- Nadie = None | Just a translation addEventHandler("onResourceStart", resourceRoot, function() executeSQLQuery("CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS Turf_System ( Turfs TEXT, GangOwner TEXT, r INT, g INT, b INT)") -- local check = executeSQLQuery("SELECT * FROM Turf_System" ) if #check == 0 then for i=1,#turfPos do executeSQLQuery("INSERT INTO Turf_System(Turfs,GangOwner,r,g,b) VALUES(?,?,?,?,?)", "Turf["..tostring(i).."]", "Nadie", 0, 255, 0) end elseif #check > 1 then for i = #check, #turfPos do executeSQLQuery("INSERT INTO Turf_System(Turfs,GangOwner,r,g,b) VALUES(?,?,?,?,?)", "Turf["..tostring(i).."]", "Nadie", 0, 255, 0) end end for i,v in ipairs(turfPos) do local sqlData = executeSQLQuery("SELECT * FROM Turf_System WHERE Turfs=?", "Turf["..tostring(i).."]") local turfCol = createColCuboid(unpack(v)) setElementData(turfCol, "getTurfGang", sqlData[1].GangOwner) local turfArea = createRadarArea(v[1], v[2], v[4], v[5], sqlData[1].r, sqlData[1].g, sqlData[1].b, 175) turfElement[turfCol] = {turfCol, turfArea, i} turfTimer[turfCol] = {} end outputDebugString( messages[1] ) end ) addEventHandler ( "onColShapeHit", root, function ( player ) if turfElement[source] and source == turfElement[source][1] then local turf,area,id = unpack( turfElement[source] ) local playerGang = getElementData ( player, "gang" ) local turfGang = executeSQLQuery("SELECT GangOwner FROM Turf_System WHERE Turfs=?", "Turf["..tostring(id).."]" ) if ( turfGang[1].GangOwner == playerGang ) then outputChatBox( messages[2]:format( turfGang[1].GangOwner or "None" ), player, 0, 255, 0, false ) else local playerGang = getElementData ( player, "gang" ) setElementData( source, "warTurf", playerGang ) if ( isTimer ( turfTimer[source][1] ) ) then if isTimer( turfTimer[source][2] ) then killTimer( turfTimer[source][2] ) end return end if ( playerGang ) then local r, g, b = unpack ( getGangColor ( playerGang ) ) -- local r, g, b = 255, 255, 255 setRadarAreaFlashing ( area, true ) if turfGang[1].GangOwner ~= "Nadie" then outputChatBox( messages[3]:format( turfGang[1].GangOwner ), player, 0, 255, 0, false ) else outputChatBox( messages[4], player, 0, 255, 0, false ) end turfTimer[source][1] = setTimer ( function ( ) local players = getGangPlayersInTurf ( turf, playerGang ) setRadarAreaColor ( area, tonumber(r), tonumber(g), tonumber(b), 175 ) for _, player in ipairs ( players ) do outputChatBox( messages[5], player, 0, 255, 0, false ) triggerClientEvent(player, "onTakeTurf", player) givePlayerMoney ( player, 4000 ) executeSQLQuery("UPDATE Turf_System SET GangOwner=?,r=?,g=?,b=? WHERE Turfs=?", playerGang, tonumber(r), tonumber(g), tonumber(b), "Turf["..tostring(id).."]" ) -- setElementData ( turf, "getTurfGang", playerGang ) end setRadarAreaFlashing ( area, false ) end ,120000, 1) end end end end ) addEventHandler ( "onColShapeLeave", root, function( player ) if turfElement[source] and source == turfElement[source][1] then if isTimer( turfTimer[source][1] ) then local aGang = getElementData( source, "warTurf" ) local ps = getGangPlayersInTurf( source, aGang ) if #ps == 0 then outputChatBox( messages[6], player, 255, 0, 0 ) turfTimer[source][2] = setTimer( function(source, aGang) if isTimer(turfTimer[source][1]) then killTimer(turfTimer[source][1]) end setRadarAreaFlashing(turfElement[source][2], false) for _, v in ipairs( getElementsByType("player") ) do if getElementData(v, "gang") == aGang then outputChatBox(messages[7], v, 255, 0, 0) end end end , 20000, 1, source, aGang) end end end end ) function getGangPlayersInTurf( turf, gang ) -- element, string if turf and gang then local players = getElementsWithinColShape ( turf, "player" ) local gPla = {} for _, v in ipairs( players ) do if getElementData(v, "gang") == gang then table.insert(gPla, v) end end return gPla end end function getGangColor(gangName) return exports[ "gang_system" ]:getGangData ( gangName, "color" ) end
  10. Hi everyone, i found a script with works on team system, i edited the script to work with gang system, but dont work, the player can enter in the vehicle without being in the gang.. here is the code.. Kami = { createVehicle ( 422, -1217.5534667969, 1830.9927978516, 46.3984375, 0, 0, 0 ), } for i,car in ipairs(Kami) do setElementData(car,"Gang","kami") end addEventHandler("onVehicleStartEnter", root, function(player) local gangName = getPlayerGang(player) and getGangName(getPlayerGang(player)) if gangName ~= getElementData(source,"Gang") then cancelEvent() end end)
  11. I need script for Groove members (Bots) standing [On Groove Streets] and shooting to players (all players). This bots must have: -HP like normal player -Groove streets guns (Uzi,AK-47 and others) -Stand or walk in groove streets -20 Bots -Skins from GS Thanks for any reply's
  12. Hi, I've been trying to find a type of server that I think was very common to find them many years ago and not now. A gang war server, for control of territory (map, squares, colors) and kind deathmacth and freeroam. Lately I see some that are more of RPG. But I'm looking for something wilder, and fun, not RPG, a constant war. I would have many people (Spaniards, but we speak in english) interested in participating in such a server. Happy new year from Spain!
  13. Hey Guys this is my first ever Map. And its a base for any team. It contains numerous vehicles and have some powerful vehicle. If you find somting wrong in it please comment bellow. If you want this Map you can Ask me on discord Layoffin#9724 or you can tag me on the official discord server. check out photoes here http://imgur.com/gallery/oFPY9
  14. Como es esto? tengo estas funciones la primera es la función de que si te rompes los huesos no puedes correr ni saltar... La segunda es la función de que si tieens sueño no puedes correr pero SI saltar... Cúal es el problema? pues es que cuando te rompes los huesos puedes correr pero no saltar.... La verdad no se que pasa es como si estuvieran mezcladas las funciones (mal colocadas nosé). function checkBrokenbone() if getElementData(getLocalPlayer(), "logedin") then if getElementData(getLocalPlayer(), "brokenbone") or getElementData(localPlayer,"sleep") <= 0 then if not isPedDucked(getLocalPlayer()) then end toggleControl("jump", false) toggleControl("sprint", false) else toggleControl("jump", true) toggleControl("sprint", true) end end end setTimer(checkBrokenbone, 1400, 0) --------------------------------------------------- --sleep function checkSleeping() if getElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"logedin") then if getElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"sleep") <= 20 then if not isPedDucked(getLocalPlayer()) then end toggleControl ( "sprint", false ) else toggleControl ( "sprint", true ) end end end setTimer(checkSleeping,1400,0) Se supone que la idéa sería que si me rompo los huesos no pueda correr ni saltar y cuando tenga sueño no pueda correr pero SI saltar.... Cúal es la solución chicos?????
  15. Hello, I want to ask you for help. I'm trying to create a gang system but I do not want to use mta's default createTeam. I wanted to use an elementData, but I do not know how to do it. Tell me how to do in elementData. I have one with the default createTeam that is working, I wanted to change this by elementData. function createGang(name, tag, gr, gg, gb) if getTeamFromName(name) then triggerClientEvent(source,"servers",source) outputChatBox("#666666[#B30A0AGang#666666] #FF0000Uma gang com esse nome já existe", source, 255, 255, 255, true) return else if name == "" or name == " " or tag == "" or tag == " " then triggerClientEvent(source,"servers",source) outputChatBox("#666666[#B30A0AGang#666666] #FF0000Você deve completar todos os campos pedidos para criar uma gang.", source, 255, 255, 255, true) else gangCreate = createTeam(name) setPlayerTeam(source, getTeamFromName(name)) setTeamColor(gangCreate, gr, gg, gb) gang = getPlayerTeam(source) setElementData(source, "GangPTT", lider) if not getElementData(gang, "GangPlayer1") then setElementData(gang, "GangPlayer1", getPlayerName(source)) end local r, g, b = getTeamColor (gang) local hex = string.format("#%.2X%.2X%.2X", r, g, b) triggerClientEvent(source,"servers",source) outputChatBox("#666666[#B30A0AGang#666666] #FFFFFFVocê criou a gang #666666[ "..hex..getTeamName(gang).." #666666]#FFFFFF e agora é lider dela.", source, 255, 255, 255, true) end end end addEvent("createGang", true) addEventHandler("createGang", getRootElement(), createGang)
  16. Cuyi

    Ayuda GANG

    Hola, soy nuevo en MTA DayZ, mi pregunta es como hacer para que los usuarios al crear su clan salga el nombre del clan por el chat global. por ejemplo: (ClanEstigma)Andres: Hola a todos. Hello, I am new to MTA DayZ, my question is how to make the users to create their clan get the name of the clan by the global chat. For example: (ClanEstigma) Andres: Hi everyone.
  17. Servidor novo esperando para ser jogado super. desenvolvido com mods variados e etc. Conte com gangs,corp e staffs 100% copetentes vaga B.V.M ╠► ☑ ip: mtasa:// ╠► ☑ RaidCall: 12935820 ╠► ☑ Carros Brasileiros ╠► ☑ Carros Importados ╠► ☑ Motos Brasileiras ╠► ☑ Skin Modificadas ╠► ☑ Eventos ╠► ☑ Favela,Praia,cj Modificado ╠► ☑ Vip grátis nos primeiros dias ╠► ☑ Traga 2 players e monte sua gang/corporação B.V.M
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