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Its time to release it!!!


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When we release our video, they'll come back.

Pffff video?The only think what you will have is some comments like "WOW NEW VIDEO AWSOME!!!1111 one one oen WHEN WILL BE RELEASE!??"and that's all.

but DerKeks you are not right becouse forum is not down.I think half off all ppls here just don't post anythink in forums.But they just cheking web page for updates and forums.Like me. :wink::D

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The Forum is down and the fans playing other games.

So do something NOW!!!!

YAY yet another "Its time to release it!!!" post.

Here's something from just about all People of the forum.

"STFU When it's released you'll know! There's nothing you can do about it. Unless you want to make your own GTA online mod"

Also: "and the fans playing other games."

Well to be honnest don't even the people that are playing MTA play other online mods of GTA. :wink:

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If its not a release then it doesn't matter what you record :\ atm i've bored myself to the max out of RACE, DD, Stunt, Race, Flying, Flying stunts, the only thing left that still has something of interest is the Mountain Bike, but that's bugged thanks to the IMPROVED SYNC, thanks to which i now can see when the others pedal... i just needed that more than 200%.

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Bah people just think it's so easy to creeate a Multiplayer mode =/ You just think about one thing, as we all know, when MTA release a multiplayer, you start to comment how much bugs it's have, or lags etc... And now you just watch the video, and read the blog, and you think it's ready? Nah i think it's still need to work on, so i prefer to wait, then i'll play a nice online game, wihout any reasons to have criticize as always most of player doing... So just wait for it, and be quiet.

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:? are people going to watch release videos all day, or play games all day?

=/ I honestly thought you guys would have just released a .01A or whatever by now.

The only people left are either FMJ/SM/Blasta people, and the people who are "new" to MTA:SA race. The other 90% of the community is gone

I won't bother saying what others have said.. I'll just let you continue to shoot yourselves in the feet. :roll:

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I don't see your point. If you're suggesting that releasing a video is taking time away from development, you are mistaken. Like I said if you don't want a video.. don't watch it.

Anyway, what matters in the end is the quality of the mod, not how pissed off people got while they were waiting.

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Anyway, what matters in the end is the quality of the mod, not how pissed off people got while they were waiting.

As like i said... But most of ppl not understand it =/

Yes you right most of ppls don't understand it becouse they don't wana to do it!They have saw cool pics and some videos and they think what mta dm is perfect.Ppls think what there is no any bug. So i sugest what devs should make a video where we can see not only nice and smooof gameplay but alsoe some bugs wich you have there.In video we see only the BEST side of the game.So that's why everyone asking to release it now.Anyway i think it would be realy good to release it now and after that just continue your work normaly.

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