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    Girls,comps,friend and driving with my bike and much much more.Wana be tester of mta!

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  1. I guess public beta would sort that out soon enough Aprox~5-6 month.
  2. But what if he is right? Maybe he know somthink what we don't....
  3. The Calm before they will post another picture.
  4. If he wan't to import them.Then it's won't take so much time.
  5. But it's still joke.I think some kind fake release would be better than this.
  6. Ye they suprised me to!I see they have grate skill in coding!
  7. Omg ppls are realy dumb!They vote for 10 $.Cuz screenies and videos can look good(cuz they capture only best moments) but when you will run this product i think you will change your opinion.
  8. Robix

    Custom Mods?

    But alsoe there can be such think like upload table.You just visit this page look what server and what kind of mods he is using.So server will not gona send to everyone files.
  9. Robix

    Custom Mods?

    Man can you imagin server somwere with 5-6 mods for cars(5-6mb each) 6x6=36(im right?) So to start playing on this server you have to download 36mb.Maybe for or you this will not gona be a problem but what with 56k modem lovers?They will have to wait 2-3 hours to join someone server.But what with other server?WHat if some noob will replace all car's with custom new scins and other?Then im sure there will be topic like :"WTF NO 1 DON"T JONE MI SERVER !!!!!11111 one one one!1
  10. Maybe they will release it when Rockstargames* will relase ther video about GTA IV
  11. I think every shoot client is sending to server side.v
  12. Maybe when there will be scripting tut. No 10 they will release MTA DM....
  13. Robix


    I will explayne for some "smart ppls" There is tutorial in Lua tutorials category about difrent types of bombs.
  14. Maybe they will release MTA DM in same time with S.T.A.L.K.E.R? After 11 days
  15. Maybe they will release MTA DM in same time with S.T.A.L.K.E.R? After 10 days...
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