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  1. A: YES! OMG YES! Q: What kind of pie should it be?
  2. Kamazy Killed BetaDevil (Monkey with a knife)
  3. A: The guy with a gun to my head Q: If you burnt a cd of MTA and ate it would you feel that you just did a very dumb thing?
  4. Kamazy


    Well i don't think they will synch ALL the objects. Like imagine synched birds or the waving plants (Grass,bushes..).
  5. A: Yeah! "Mta all the way" Q: How'd that song go?
  6. YAY yet another "Its time to release it!!!" post. Here's something from just about all People of the forum. "STFU When it's released you'll know! There's nothing you can do about it. Unless you want to make your own GTA online mod" Also: "and the fans playing other games." Well to be honnest don't even the people that are playing MTA play other online mods of GTA.
  7. Kamazy


    Nah i think he just wants to be able to make a map like the mission in SA where CJ and "The truth" burn the weed before the cops bust them. but still kinda pointless to have synched weeb.
  8. A: Yes. Q: If MTA and SAMP had a baby would it be called MTAMP?
  9. A: nah, i'm sure the MTA guys will make at auto pilot system for us. Q: Any idea how we can get the auto pilot system into nasa's mainframe?
  10. A: If we steal the space suits and keep out helmets on they shouldn't notice us. Q: Does anyone know how to fly a space ship?
  11. A: Nope. Q: So just dance naked with no music?
  12. Link, Pics is HUGE! POOP IN HIGH-DEF! Classic MTA (GTA 3) screen.
  13. I would love that. but if it would slow down MTA davalopment i think not. Also couldn't it be possible to make things like samp where you script (or use sdk) to make login account and such?
  14. Good idea, suggested about... 1,526,318 times i think.
  15. A: I think it was "Jojo the space monkey" Q: Ok, now what, we dance?
  16. A: No, Not there. Here. Q: Who,What,When,Where,How?
  17. Keyboard all the way! I sometimes bash the screen but not sure if that actualy controls anythind.
  18. A: Yeah it's 555-FatChance Q: Should i call him?
  19. Yup i usualy make that misstake cuz i'm not sure who is talking to who at times.
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