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  1. Were you ever able to see servers? Maybe your firewall is blocking the serverlist, or does your ISP have a bad connection. Try turning off your firewall, if you can see servers, you have to reconfigure your firewall. If you still can't see servers, you could use game-monitor to find servers.
  2. Hehehe a week ago I was joking we might be able to play MTA:SA:DM on my LANparty tomorrow. And look what I got Tomorrow wil be even a better day. I'm installing it right now.
  3. 8lap wallride is allso one of my favorites. And I like very hard hydra races (as long as it is without shooting and with respawns).
  4. People from outside your network have to use to connect to your server. You have to use localhost to connect to your server.
  5. Open up your mediaplayer in the background instead of using the ingame radio.
  6. GTA 3 had a cool setting, but I've voted for SA becouse there is more that can go wrong (and it allso is the one I've spent most time with).
  7. Leviathan


    You mention a graphics card. Are you sure you got internet lag (high pings) or is your game just running slow? Graphics Card is good enoegh to play the game, you might try lowering the game settings for smoother play. The card needs "fixing"? Try the latest drivers from http://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx?lang=en-us
  8. Leviathan

    BIG ONE!

    Oh noes we just lost a member!
  9. The game would probably run well on most mid-range pc's I think. PC > Xbox360/PS3
  10. Who is still using modem? I think most of players got broadband connection, as least in europe. This is very good time for gallup! Besides that, it allso kills the bandwith and people with bandwith limitations each month still exist.
  11. I like the rocky tunnel part, it is more skill dependant. But it looks like some air jumps are just too big. People with lower frame rate's won't manage to make them and on busy servers players occasionally collide, loosing speed won't help them making the jumps. This will result into respawning, and even more colliding and frustrations.
  12. Textures? How can you see wind anyways? Mostly the dirt and other that are moved are clearly visible.
  13. Well that isn't completely true, MTA race doesn't sync offscreen object changes so if anyone hits a mine they will be blown away, but another player who didn't see the other player fly off can actually be blown away by the same mine. It looks weird on the screens of players who have seen the mine "blow up" the first time and allso see the 2nd player collide with "nothing". Same goes for exploding barrels and hay etc.This is not particulary a bad point about the map, but just keep in mind this might look silly some times.
  14. How many players does it support? Looks like some nasty chaos might occur with a lot of players in there.
  15. Sound card setup correctly? Maybe try running a Dxdiag?
  16. Good chance your codecs are messed up. Try opening the vids with other players or get some codec packs. Reinstalling fraps might allso help becouse fraps uses it's own codec.
  17. Leviathan

    Your MTA History!

    Allways been the same here. Allways just Leviathan. Allways just the ION clan. Allways been admin on my own server.
  18. You can do it better Outram? I think we have to be laughing at you instead. Have a nice day...
  19. And what about your sound card/onboard sound?GTA:SA 1.0 does have some little issues with some onboard sound chips.
  20. possible answer: this will be scriptable
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