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  1. That's what it's called! I forgot what the other thing that could be an installer is called, but you don't really install resources. But still, it's a possibility. I'm just hoping the glass is half full.
  2. If you check the ticker of recent changes n stuff they've been cleaning up the installer script and path and stuff. If it's the MTA installer and not some other mystery installer then that's a good sign, me thinks. I have high hopes, but patience. January '08. or February.. who knows!
  3. There's no reason not to have faith, as faith is something that doesn't need tangible evidence. Anyways, I know it'll come out and I'll wait patiently. I have plenty plenty of other things to do while I wait. But once it comes out, it will be first in line to be played!
  4. Erock

    Your MTA History!

    I got vice city right when 0.5 came out. Then played that. No clans, always Erock, or back then I might have been E-Rock, until someone called me an electronic rock so I got rid of the dash and went to Erock. That's not that interesting history... I like MTA, and did back then too. There's some more history for ya.
  5. Yes, I have the fortitude of a camel. I won't be leaving anytime soon. Especially since I now have vista so I can't even play race and i wanna play some kind of san andreas mta. And mta is fun. and all that. Gooooo.
  6. Erock

    2 years

    Looks like I'm not enemy number 1, there's a plus. I said toodles to mock you showing that I don't take either of you (rob and paul) seriously. Paul you also flip flop, both arguing with rob then defending him. You, too, should make up your mind. But, I'm going back to doing.. uhhh.. oh right! Things that don't consist of sitting on forums! Toodles!.... Muahahahaha. P.S. I just missed a period in my previous thing. I meant to say "I'm pretty. Anyone... etc" And this is not an arguementative piece, just clearing up so it's not so one sided. I'm going to wait patiently for MTA still though. Keep up the good work!
  7. Erock

    2 years

    You appreciate Rob's honest response that shows he's an ungrateful twat? That's always the greatest characteristic a forum dweller can have. Oh, what? You don't know who I am Rob. Oh my God I'm so hurt. Because only the highest of post count holders can speak to you. Those lucky many. You've taken over a forum that you hate and love at the same time. Choose a side, quit thinking you've earned anything just because you come to some forums. I'm pretty anyone would rather have someone who kept quiet about their bandwagon jumping than a talkative person like yourself. Yeah, I'm not coming back to this thread for a while because..hmmm... Oh, right! I have other things to do. Toodles!
  8. Erock

    2 years

    It hasn't cost you anything, you dumbass.
  9. Erock


    I highly appreciate the videos and such. But for a majority of the people that come to this site to see, it would have to be on the main page. Not many people come to the forums, and not many people read to the 200th comment on the last news post (where the new videos are also mentioned). All you have to do is post the links on a newspost or embedded and not even say words. Anywho, those videos are pretty sweet. *thumbs up*
  10. Oh ho ho! I like that sounds of that! Except it's been heard too many times before =/
  11. two things being missed here. There's online in GTA IV and it is also on the 360 (i dont like the 360, im going to get a ps3, but I'm saying, the choice is there). And its on a console so you'll get console online play not scriptly pc play. That may mean less creativity (if the rockstar team isnt creative (which they are)) but wayy less cheaters. I think I'll play whatever game tickles my fancy for whatever amount of time. Be that MTA or GTA IV or something else (MGS 4! )
  12. Ya your "reliable source" is probably a reliable source of crack too, isn't he? GTA IV will never ever be on PS2, I dont know where that idea ever came from... and it won't be on PC for at least the 8-12 months after its release on consoles like all the other GTA games.
  13. Ooo, Ooo, Pick me! Can I say it? Okay.... READ AROUND THE F**KING SITE!! MTA DM is not released yet, all the videos are for the upcoming version. When you go to the downloads section you can see that it says "MTA 1.11 RACE MOD" or whatever the f it says. It says race somwhere. Use your head, stop whining. Get patience now that you're here. Have fun racing, you blind sonuva ...
  14. More than 2 years, if you count the race mod work time. But over a year for just mta:dm.... If i remember correctly.
  15. Erock


    Way to bring up, not one, but 2 dead threads. Did YOU ever play GTA 2 online? notice that the game is 2D? Notice that its basically a cartoon? Gah
  16. Speak your mind where people want to hear it... No where that seems to be. So shhh, and go away.
  17. Erock

    WHat happend :S

    I like the current design better. It flows better and is more original to me.
  18. Wow none of what he said was an actual solution. For future purposes, you get songs to work on the custom radio by putting the songs into the folder (I don't know if shortcuts work) and then you go into the singleplayer san andreas and then the audio options, click on custom radio blah blah and then click scan for songs. Then when you play MTA you just listen to the custom radio.
  19. Erock

    Whats next?

    GTA4 won't have online play because Rockstar is smarter than that.
  20. MrJax, you're my least favourite Mortal Kombat character, along with Johnny Cage. "This is the part where you fall down" Gah, stupid johnny cage. Wow, I've never heard of an MMO before! WoW, that kind of game sounds like there's a planetside's amount of people on the servers. For that many people on a server it'd be like you'd have to pay them to keep it up! You've really opened my eyes. I've have to think about it this eve on line with the internets. I bet the whole town is a city of heroes, by that I mean people watching that new show that's sweeping the airwaves. Did you hear the news, someone was charged with vehicular assault! That's auto assault, to the lay person. If the internet were to break it would be anarchy, online. The big star, wars, galaxies and other such things are in the news today.... Everquest. That was fun. No offence, really. Yeah yeah, sa-mp is a mod that works. I'll shut my face and go back to waiting patiently for MTA
  21. First off, "pretty good" is an overstatement. Secondly, it's unrealistic to even think of having that many people in a server at once. Lag, crappiness, etc. would be outrageous. Not even just regular first-person shooters made by professional companies (I only say professional cause they get paid, you guys are probably equally as good ) don't have hundreds of people in one server, and that would just have to sync up a person, let alone a car and yada yada.
  22. Erock


    That's because people who ask, don't get picked cause the people who get picked know they don't have to ask because they are that much a part of the community.
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