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  1. That'll be released in 2009. Great, does that mean I can expect to not see you around here anymore until 2009?
  2. I wonder why people have this idea that behind the scenes all of the developers just play and have loads of fun and purposely not release the mod just to feel special. The truth is, the devs are obviously working hard behind the scenes to get this thing done, whether or not people believe that is really irrelevant, the work will continue at the same pace, the same people will be working on the same code. The point I'm making is, you can't expect a thread to make the difference between them releasing today and not releasing today.
  3. slick

    2 years

    Interesting logic... So you think that if you piss off the MTA team enough, it will convince them to work harder to make you happy?
  4. slick

    2 years

    I think that's a bit of an exaggeration...
  5. slick

    2 years

    Come on guys. Waiting sucks of course, but based on the pics of the day, it seems that things have been really picking up.
  6. Exactly, would they show a video of windows error boxes, or freezes, or sync issues? Of course not. They wan't you to see what the game would be like when its released and these problems are fixed.
  7. I'm pretty sure they want to get it done as much as we want to play it. I really doubt they are not releasing just to anger the community, what would be the point in that? Also, in all this time, I really doubt they are programming every single day. You have to factor in things like boredom, frusteration, team conflicts and just general rl issues. I would love to be able to play mta right now, but if they gave in and released it right now, obviously it wouldn't be ready enough to be enjoyed, odds are we would try it out and then just spend more time waiting for a patch to fix the things that they didn't have a chance to alpha test.
  8. Thanks for the info. Yeah, never really had my hopes up, I was just curious.
  9. Im gonna have blast with the scripting, you guys are doing a great job.
  10. slick


    LUA is nice, has to be my favorite scripting language.
  11. I think the best form of bug testing and actually keeping your player base is by including the community in the process somehow, like most other hobby projects. Keeping alot of things a secret and isolating the project to only a few select people just makes alot of people not very motivated to even bother checking back here, especially as San andreas slowly becomes more and more outdated. Another thing to keep in mind is that GTA 4 is supposed to be out in 2007, this is just around the corner.
  12. I have no problem with waiting some more, although I am a bit worried about losing potential players and everyone's expectations being overly high because of the amount of time its taking.
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