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  1. Something still moving?
  2. Den

    Demo capturing

    Yea a thougt that would be hard. I remember in 2008 Devs were talking about that stuff. I think it's died somewhere)
  3. Den

    Demo capturing

    I was looking for any resource (script) that can capture the game process like in CS. I tried to search but didn't find anything on the forum. Sorry if im making another theard. So is there something like that? I mean we'r trying to find something that can capture clanwars for making some cool videos there. If someone don't know how it's works in CS it captures all the game process and you can run it after the match an rotate/move cameras and choose between players...
  4. четвёрка много "жрёт" и, например, на моем проекте есть много игроков, компы которых до сих пор средней производительности и не тянут сие чудо. Зато МТАСА им по душе, т.к. их железо тянет яго. Какая простая формула счастья компьютерного.. Не совсем аргумент. Четвёрка может и много жрёт но статистику никто не проводил. Скорее всего у четвёрки и публика своя существует которая начнёт играть при выходе никому ни известного "Оранджа".
  5. Сидят. Не полнуйся Просто он ещё не раскручен (конкретно эта категория)
  6. Зашёл, увидел русский форум. Порадовало. Надеюсь увидеть здесь побольше стриков! Пишем...
  7. You just need to stop guessing... MTA "orange" will be announced in a close future, I'm sure that they will let you know, when theres something special to show
  8. you can expect some updates about MTA IV soon...
  9. yes, theres a movie we planing to release this summer
  10. Ethernet45 presenting a new movie project, called "Loving you" The story tels you about 2 best friends, loving one girl! This video is made by Russians, so were sorry about that, anyway we putted some subtitles on it. Have fun! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AY1L0XTKJIg
  11. Den

    Niky's DESTINY

    robhol i didn't used camera effects this all has been done due editing
  12. Den

    Niky's DESTINY

    My new video in GTA IV. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l_s9Tfy-pzs
  13. Den

    Community Incident

    Another my non sence video :] well actually there is some point in it. I did it for Russian clans community. Used alot of Andrew's help, except that i know AE good enough. Hope you'll like it. Watch youtube verssion: or an HD: http://www.gce-p.net/files/Community_Incident.wmv P.S There is some SA-MP footage,but also MTA Race scenes.
  14. Den

    MRL Nurburgring_F1

    A youtube link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=512Ysp59xik
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