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  1. I agree with Boro, atleast add an oldskool and balanced Attack/Defend & Tdm gamemode.
  2. mtabeta.com aint down anymore ;p
  3. - The possibility to have tab completion (irc style)
  4. Any chance of parachutes being added to a deathmatch release?
  5. crappy translator you got there Brophy <3
  6. The Azer

    Your MTA History!

    MTA:VC 0.1 ~ 0.2 : VCE - Vice City Enforcers MTA:VC 0.2 ~ 0.4.1 : TmM - The Mental Maniacz MTA:VC 0.3 : UT - Undefeatable Team MTA:VC 0.4.1 ~ currently : XII - Majestic Twelve
  7. Happy Birthday Brophy *sends a bag full of babies*
  8. The Azer

    How about...

    sync != graphicsk?
  9. You can enable that animation with a cheat in singleplayer FullMetal...
  10. Sure, just like the conversion from MTA:Blue VC to SA... plus GTA:IV doesn't even use the same engine.
  11. Could be done with scripting...
  12. should be really easy if you can create a nuke Simbad
  13. Yeah i agree Ransom, bashing another mod on a different mods forum is so easy these days. It's hard to say whats the better mod, every mod got its ups and downs... anyway it's the community that creates the "competition" not the devs. To be honest i think Kyeman will be satisfied if MTA:SA dm will be a nice release
  14. Right about time this feature has been added, Nice work, wasn't it announced since the MTA:Blue page came up? (link)
  15. No.But actually i have already payed a lot for MTA (hosting servers, clansites etc.)
  16. No, why should u pay for something that would never be perfect? Anyway when people pay for MTA, they will demand things from the devs
  17. bugs are not shown in the vids, so basicly your comment is useless adding features is easier then fixing bugs.
  18. You can't compare stuff that isnt released.
  19. Question about the Gokart at the end of the vid: Sync or lag problem? Anyway the textstuff is nice.
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