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  1. Sounds like a connection issue. Try disabling any firewalls, and connecting directly through to your modem if you are connected through a router.
  2. Not sure what a dodo duel gamemode would require as it worked fine without scripts. The only thing I can think of is a score system, where players are awarded a point for killing someone with their dodo (but finding this out accurately might be a problem). As for the game mechanics, the players can spawn closer to the duel and have weapons, but I think this would remove the GTA feel and make it too easy to get back in the game after being killed. A ctw mode could definitely benefit from a script, but I think SSV already has a similar gamemode where you steal gang cars. The gamemode I'd like to see most would be race, just like in MTA 0.4.1. I'm curious to know the extent of what you can do by modifying the scm. I thought you could do client-side things like replacing vehicles but I didn't think you could synchronize anything between players? edit: Also, I think the cop car spawning thing is a good feature/glitch, we used it a lot for various purposes.
  3. I will have to agree with that. I even got a light saber but I wonder how it fit into the MTA theme?
  4. Here's a rough idea of how this might work. Maybe I can come up with the code later. First, take the rotation vector of the vehicle (that you get from getVehicleRotation()) and transform it into the Cartesian frame, such that the vector corresponds to <1,0,0>. Then figure out the desired rotation (<0,1,0> for left, <0,-1,0> for right, <1,0,0> for front, <-1,0,0> for back), and transform this back into the original frame. You now have a new direction vector for the vehicle. Take this vector, multiply it by some scalar to get the magnitude (which corresponds to how greatly you want to push the vehicle), add it to the vehicle's current velocity vector, and apply it to the vehicle using setElementVelocity(). There might also be a much simpler way, as this way involves converting between frames (defining a local frame for the direction vector, converting it to the Cartesian frame, applying the desired rotation, and converting back), but I am just writing this so I don't forget. EDIT: Here is a simpler way: The first step is to get the vehicle's direction vector from it's rotation . For "front", our new vector is the same as the vehicle's direction. For "rear" it's the opposite: <-dirX, -dirY, -dirZ>. For "left" it's a bit more difficult (and "right" is just the opposite of left): 1. Get the vehicle's heading vector from the direction vector (or could use just direction vector). 2. Get the vehicle's roof vector, which is the direction it's roof is facing (e.g. facing the sky when the car is on a flat road). 3. Take the cross product of the vehicle's roof vector and direction vector to get the left direction. The problem is I'm not sure how to get the roof vector. I'll think about some more when I have time.
  5. Just to clarify the purpose of the script, if I am right: He wants a script that would push the vehicle in a given direction (front, back, left, or right) relative to the vehicle's current rotation.
  6. It seems to me like you are trying to have each col shape move whenever a player hits it, and have it follow it's path without interruption. What your code does now is reset the movement every time a user hits the col shape. My guess is that it's probably a bad idea to move the object while it's already moving. To solve this, you should have the server only start moving the object once and reject other client events after that.
  7. erorr404


    Do you have version 1.0 of GTA:SA? Does single player work or does it also close on you?
  8. As the first post says, there will be a link to the client you need to download on this page. So just watch this page on Friday at the time indicated in the first post.
  9. erorr404

    Season's Greetings

    Let's keep it on topic, further spammy posts will be removed.
  10. The map editor you see in the picture was scrapped long ago, the new one is in MTA rather than in a separate window.
  11. Moved from Suggestions. You can read this page to see how to set up a server: http://development.mtasa.com/index.php? ... ver_Manual To get an RPG game mode running, you will either have to find one or create your own.
  12. The server went down twice. One time relatively long, the other time for only a few sec I guess. Could be the reason? No my mta just froze and I thought that I was going to crash or I was about to be disconnected. But after the "connection problems" message I could continue playing. I just got stuck for like 30 seconds. Maybe you pressed the screenshot button? That is the effect it often has.
  13. Vista 64-bit after I got my 1337 new laptop: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp ... 1587727985
  14. erorr404


    I was just thinking of this song when I clicked on this thread, lol.
  15. erorr404

    Grand Theft Auto 3

    MTA 0.5 has lost it's server browser so the amount of players has dropped. But me and a few others play GTA3 every couple of days.
  16. There is a favorites list you can use for that (if not in DP2 then in the next version).
  17. I started working on this and had some pretty cool ideas but got frustrated when my AI script didn't work as well as I hoped. I might start it again. It's easier to do zombies than regular peds because they are not supposed to be intelligent and cannot use guns.
  18. Nah, it doesn't necessarily mean they're synced. That function only creates a ped for all clients, what happens to the ped after that is not synchronized.
  19. erorr404

    MTA:VC 0.5

    Thanks for the info, I'm sure it will provide some insight about the situation with MTA 0.5 to others.
  20. erorr404

    MTA:VC 0.5

    Until you give me the name of the developer, it's hard to believe as it's contrary to what they've been saying over the years. Releasing the source code is possible, providing they have it, but they won't continue development. And if you weren't told by a developer, I wouldn't take it seriously at all.
  21. erorr404

    MTA:VC 0.5

    Interesting news. Did they say they were considering fixing the server browser, or considering continuing development of the actual mod? And which developers did you speak to?
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