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  1. :Rob

    Thank Blokky

    Ha ha, he he, tis you are funnier than me to say "Surely thou dost not propose such an outrageous suggestion!"
  2. ......... fuck that. Best censorship is actively monitored and mediated. Scripts can only be black and white, which can sometimes act incorrectly.
  3. OMGWTFBUTTSEX. Merry christmas to all, and to all shut the hell up.
  4. A: A bi-pod for the biggest camera the world has ever seen. Q: What should we take a picture of?
  5. :Rob

    Thank Blokky

  6. A: We should GET TO THE CHOPPA'! Q: Who can upload matrix crap in to my brain so I can fly this thing?!
  7. /(s) ... never only one.
  8. Well, I'm certainly not going to say "MTA TEAM PLEASE DO THIS" ... you guys have your own projects and things to attend to, not to mention real life. Aside from that, having played Bioshock, having a multiplayer of it would be tight as all hell. I think some of the power up stuff would have to be disabled though, due to uber abuse in PVP situations. If anyone knows of a project out there that's working to do this, I'd love to hear about it.
  9. This, I'm sure, is beating the dead horse by now, but come on dude. Now that it's all over, could you guys just admit that a huge lack of progress existed because in one form or another, there was some severe people problems going on, and because they didn't get solved the right way, this all fell to pieces? I mean, I guess even when it's over you can stay in denial, but it's common knowledge to anyone who's been around to see it all happen. I just hoped (and have hoped for past years) that you guys could bridge the gap between such trivial things, and focus your efforts as a REALLY united group. @KillerDog Crawl in a hole. Die. Do not come out. Ever. [/tags] ... Still got it.
  10. :Rob

    Lol (Old Skool)

    Foiled again! /finds login info
  11. :Rob


    This was more informative than watching the news!
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