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  1. I want to thank me mum.
  2. Judging by the videos mta will gonna be a lot more fun then the current mods. The focus seems to be on quick, entertaining matches in freaky enviroments which suits gta much better then boring rpg-gamestyles or 'freeroam' imo. So yeah...gimme, gimme, gimme.
  3. Haha, i will make sure to check out the site tomorrow then. ...or which next post are we talking about here? ^^
  4. To shock now with something contributive, i really dig the new devblog. That way people can actually see that you're not just picking your noses (you aren't...are you?).
  5. Haha, nice. Totally useless for the racemod though. =]
  6. Billboards are, like everything in gta, models with a certain skin. You could export the skin, edit it with a graphics program and re-import it into the game. That wouldn't change a thing in the multiplayer though (atleast that's what i'm thinking). Actually i don't have a clue if you can even edit gta sa like that but that's the 'basic' way of changing graphics in a game.
  7. You don't really expect that behaviour to happen on a public messageboard, do you? (not arguing nor moaning here, just wondering)
  8. Maccer

    2 years

    The only thing i really don't get concerning a public beta is the fact that the input of thousands of players would speed up the debugging process more then just a few selected players looking for bugs (It can't be THAT unstable, can it?). How and if the working method of the mta team will affect the later dm-playerbase remains to be seen when it's done. But i rest my case and come back on a later point of the "things have been really picking up" timeline. ^^ Cheerio.
  9. Maccer

    2 years

    It's just normal that people get impatient after such a long development time, can't blame them. Actually if there wouldn't be mta:race and other previous projects one could easily jump to conclusions that this whole thingie is just a hoax they keep on going. Then again i haven't payed a single dime for anything here, so there's no reason for angry venting or something. But having left with the words "a release is so soony-soon to come" in mind and coming back now months later with nothing having changed i find most reactions reasonable.
  10. Whoa, that's truely a ton of (flash-)games there man. :0 ...i think i still stick to wow though, hrhr.
  11. The hint of the unfinished code left in gta3 makes multiplayer-rumours spread, the latest stuff i heard goes along the lines of this: http://www.gta4.net/features/index.php#multiplayer Personally i have my doubts though if gta4 will have massive (and i mean massive here) multiplayer support. And regardless of that, i still would play mta.
  12. lölz, aprils fool -> good one real idea -> bye bye mta. Choose yours. ;]
  13. Hihi, are you really from chittagong (bangladesh)? That expressive writing-style rocks :] (and no, that's not ment sarcastic). Ahya, and i can't fly shit. Sidenote: These censors suck guys, it looks like ants took a crap on my screen. :0
  14. I don't think 15 peds would fill up the city. When you really wanna sync all that crap it DOES take alot of bandwith. You could make it radically playerside plus with no collisions at all (much like wow and other mmorpgs handle it) or you would end up with a mod like 3 or 4 players can play together, and that wasn't the purpose of mta afaik. :J I still would love to see that idea converted into a "mod of the mod" or something.
  15. To contribute something useful, i think the main thingie here is that they're all having a life and not getting paid for their coding. So you demand something which is a free hobby of some dudes. As for "alpha" "beta" "gaga", it's just a label. I've seen ("professional") games in beta-stage which were much less advanced then this "alpha" mod. Just relax and take a cookie. You will see all will work out. P.S.: And those guys here are not really known for not-finishing things afaik.
  16. I see nothing wrong with the current situation. I mean, if the dm-mod would be released i would have no reason to check in here from time to time to make a sarcastic remark. /sarcastic remark o0
  17. Maccer

    you guys are great

    Lolz. Ye i'm going to wank the mta team now too.
  18. Out of those the godfather hmmmmhh
  19. What annoys me is, god had so much development time and still the world is full of bugs.
  20. my university starts again at 8th, so the 8th of january would be fine. i have plenty of time then. =p
  21. Maccer


    it would be cool if in a upcoming update the server checks the filesize for the original handlings.cfg. i found myself cheating sometimes lately because i like to play the singleplayer with modified stunt-handlings and forget about it when starting mta.
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