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  1. It's good to see that the community is growing
  2. Devo ressaltar que antes de postar, pesquise! Afinal de contas o forum é um forum, e não um chatpage.
  3. Ouch i felt that! You must be havin a giggle if you think I have scripts from 4 years ago! Funny how people still want it, it must of been good. Nice to know you're still alive Oli, cmon down to Bristol sometime!
  4. MrJax


    I dont have an amazing computer and MTA takes about as long as single-player to load for me (ignoring any wait for connecting to a server or downloading files), it doesn't do much on startup apart from read a few xml files ( configs ), it could take a while if these files are unusually large.
  5. The server that updates the changelog is down at the moment, we also use it for nightly builds, so its slowed down our testing a lot too We're expecting it back up soon though, then hopefully a release soon after.
  6. There's a few little bugs in this, but I like it, it's original for GTA too function showTextIcon() local playerx,playery,playerz = getElementPosition ( getLocalPlayer() ) ... When you're drawing things in a 3d world, you need to use the camera position as the origin, not the player's position. You also need an 'isElementOnScreen' check in there somewhere.
  7. I prefer the race gamemode in deathmatch to the race mod itself, there're a few bugs and not many maps have been converted yet, but its just a script.. It can easily be improved by us or the community, people seem to forget that, or are too impatient to hold back their criticism.
  8. MrJax


    You can make a nice (and sync'd) parachute script already.. You can attach a parachute and change the speed that the player, vehicle or object falls at, in many different ways. However, we havn't exported many special player-animation functions yet (as they aren't neccesary for a first release), so you won't be able to entirely replicate the script used in single player.
  9. That's also scriptable in DM, you could go one better and script a popup to ask if they want to go back to where they were
  10. MrJax

    Object limit

    #define MAX_VEHICLES 110 #define MAX_PEDS 140 #define MAX_OBJECTS 350 #define MAX_BUILDINGS 13000 Every limit can be broken, but most methods are extremely tedious, however we have some good ideas/plans for the future.
  11. You're spot on, we never expected it to take this long, but we've learned a good lesson from that, and we've been fixing up the many bugs that've been accumilating, before a release. The good news is that the few remaining issues are mostly trivial and easy to fix, especially compared with what we've had in the past.. Our sole goal now is preparing for a release, even if some people find sa-mp better, it's important for us to have something to show and slowly build it up. That way we can have more input from the community, and shape MTA the way you people want it. I assure you none of the news/info on the front page is fake (except the april fools, if thats still there ).
  12. Too bad you can't change your brain... This one is clearly broken. Haha.. luv it ..for the record, this beast is definitly coming out this year (..unless all the devs' hard disks blow up at the same time)
  13. First of all, anything is possible Changing the color of the stunt's smoke doesn't sound too hard, but we won't be focusing on any new features, large or small, until after a release. As for the flares, that's already possible through scripting
  14. We've always planned on around 100 and we recently fixed some model-loading issues that has allowed us to create more gta entities, but there's still some bugs left, so the player limit might be set lower at first, then raised over the following releases..
  15. The handling file just gets read then stored, and is accessed for each vehicle, every frame afaik. So obviously its possible to change the data (on the fly), but this will probably not make the first release.
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