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  1. Or you can use a universal DirectX Windower(just add applications to the list and click the "PLAY" button, then start the application like you normally do).
  2. MTA:RACE does NOT work udner WindowsVista, either dual boot Vista and XP or forget about MTA.
  3. Reinstall GTA and downgrade to v1.0, and don't use no-cd fixes.
  4. Here is the linux server files for MTA:RACE 1.1.1.
  5. My shitty gamepad(it really is) works fine with MTA, i can use the analogue sticks(yes use they as ANALOGUE sticks) to drive and to turn the camera around.
  6. Or you could give your monitor for repair(are you sure you haven't tinkered its brightness and contrast settings?).
  7. If the downgrader doesn't work, you can always ask one of your friends that plays MTA to send you his gtasa.exe.
  8. Well i belive Mr. Jax has been touting a 2007 release but that doesn't seem likely so Q1 2008. PS. Ehhm 4 months is not so "f*cking close" btw.
  9. Sat 12/08 - Kevuwk: more banning options added - yeah
  10. It hasn't been updated for over a year and cheaters get past the anti-cheat detection any way.
  11. Ravenheart


    Its f*cking close to release now!
  12. Toady, the "just a little bit more" is up for over a year now. Yes we know of the SUPREME functions of DM, but atm they are void for the normal users, so either give a rock solid release date or don't post how super DM is.
  13. If more than a year is "just a bit more" i really don't want to know how much time a delay is.
  14. Name it "DON'T README.txt" its gonna get read a lot this way
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