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Found 15 results

  1. Draw distance v1.0.2 This resource improves the draw distance of all your resources that make use of map files. It makes your maps 10x more beautiful in my opinion! Greatly improves the draw distance of map objects Maxed out the draw-distance for peds and vehicles. (See MTA settings > video: Render vehicles always in high detail + Render peds always in high detail ) Multi-resources support (this effect is applied on every mapRoot element) Parallel loading method is used, but the loading speed is in that case reduced to improve performance. The effect is not only applied on resources that are starting, but also resources that are already running. Download here This resource is uncompiled! Repository: https://gitlab.com/IIYAMA12/draw-distance Video - Created by @Anx1ty Comparison Starting at 200 units distance 400 units distance (this is the distance where a lot of objects will be unloaded, but in this case switched with lowLOD objects) And even on 600 units distance, it is technically visible -> (while the fog is slowly eating it up... ) Download here Can all hardware run this? --> I have no idea... most likely ?. Just give it a try.
  2. Hello everyone! I would ask help, how id would be able to make it with what how drawdxtext announces it-in that: Start of competition 8:55 minutes left , unfortunately the drawdxtext i never could together to make friends but i would love now. thank you...
  3. Sooo, how can I use (I think for you well known) dxDrawTextOnElement() (client-side function, MTA Wiki site: [click]) in server-side scripts? I tried to export, plus this code: addEventHandler("onPlayerChat", resourceRoot, function(message, type_) if(type_ == 0) then call(resourceRoot, "dxDrawTextOnElement", source, message, 1, 20, 255, 255, 255, 255, 1, "default-bold") end end) (export in meta.xml for proof): <meta> <info author="VaporZ" name="VaporZ's utility [PL]" description="(desc)" type="script" version="1.0.1"/> <script src="cars.Lua" type="server"/> <script src="bank.Lua" type="server"/> <script src="utility.Lua" type="server"/> <script src="utility-c.Lua" type="client"/> <script src="testy.Lua" type="server"/> <file src="bank/accounts.xml"/> <file src="bank/atms.xml"/> <file src="cars/saved.xml"/> <file src="cars/shops.xml"/> <export function="dxDrawTextOnElement" type="client"/> </meta> But this don't work. Any ideas? Okay, I got further, but still it's not good. Look at this one (console error): ERROR: systems\utility.Lua:108: call: failed to call 'systems:dxDrawTextOnElement'
  4. I want create a HUD with image progress bars. I think i need dxDrawImageSection, but i don't know how to use this for a progress bar. Anyone can give me a example of this progress bar with imagesection?
  5. This is in 1440x900 (in my resolution): This is in 1920x1080: I calculate the dx elements position with this: local sx_, sy_ = guiGetScreenSize() local sx, sy = sx_/1440, sy_/900 And i draw dx elements like this: dxDrawRectangle(sx / 2 + 290, sy / 2 +240,850,65,tocolor(0,0,0,200)) What wrong??? How can i fix this problem??
  6. I can not make a DxText that displays the player's account name in screen My code (CLIENT SIDE) CHECK LINE 109 I wanted it to work this way: no one debugscript error example image
  7. The grass is drawn at a small distance. How to increase the distance? or remove it?
  8. local redcircle = dxCreateTexture("teszt.png") addEventHandler("onClientRender", root, function() dxDrawMaterialLine3D(-1989.73804, 214.91431, 50,-1989.73804, 214.91431,43.1096496582031, redcircle, 6, tocolor(255,255,255),0,5,6) end) I change numbers, but i cannot rotate the image... how to rotate the image? sorry for my bad english..
  9. I want create a dxdraw rectangle and text on the map. But how to make this possible?
  10. local image = dxCreateTexture( "tesztkep.jpg" ) local white = tocolor(255,255,255,255) addEventHandler("onClientRender", root,function() dxDrawMaterialLine3D( 2463.71143, -1658.97595, 15.31024,2463.55469, -1651.24609, 15.47028,image,7,white ) end) this is my code, and this is the problem: how to fix this rotation problem?
  11. i added this to a nametag script: dxDrawColorText (getElementHealth(player).."%", sx-w- (offset*-10), sy - (offset*5), sx, sy - (offset*-15), tocolor(255,255,255,255), textscale*NAMETAG_TEXTSIZE or (textscale*NAMETAG_TEXTSIZE)/1.5, srfont2, "center", "center", false, false, false ) and for example when long the playername, the "100%" move to left direction. How to fix this? sorry for my very-very bad English:c
  12. i added this to a nametag script: dxDrawColorText (getElementHealth(player).."%", sx-w- (offset*-10), sy - (offset*5), sx, sy - (offset*-15), tocolor(255,255,255,255), textscale*NAMETAG_TEXTSIZE or (textscale*NAMETAG_TEXTSIZE)/1.5, srfont2, "center", "center", false, false, false ) and for example when long the playername, the "100%" move to left direction. How to fix this? sorry for my very-very bad English:c
  13. I want create a nametag script,but i don't know, how. How to place the dxdrawrectangle on my head?
  14. Guest

    Request 4 HELP

    I need script that will increase drawdistance of effects ,players ,objects. PLEASE !!
  15. local screenW, screenH = guiGetScreenSize() local GUIEditor = { button = {}, window = {}, edit = {} } GUIEditor.window[1] = guiCreateWindow(0.35, 0.40, 0.32, 0.12, "Event hírdető panel", true) guiWindowSetSizable(GUIEditor.window[1], false) GUIEditor.button[1] = guiCreateButton(0.04, 0.68, 0.78, 0.23, "Beírt szöveg kiírása", true, GUIEditor.window[1]) GUIEditor.edit[1] = guiCreateEdit(0.03, 0.21, 0.93, 0.38, "", true, GUIEditor.window[1]) GUIEditor.button[2] = guiCreateButton(0.84, 0.68, 0.14, 0.23, "Bezár", true, GUIEditor.window[1]) guiSetVisible(GUIEditor.window[1], false) guiSetInputMode("no_binds_when_editing") function showGUI() guiSetVisible( GUIEditor.window[1], true ) showCursor( true ) end addEvent( "showguii", true ) addEventHandler( "showguii", localPlayer, showGUI ) addEventHandler("onClientGUIClick",root, function () if source == GUIEditor.button[2] then guiSetVisible(GUIEditor.window[1],false) showCursor(false) end end ) addEventHandler("onClientGUIClick",root, function () if source == GUIEditor.button[1] then guiSetVisible(GUIEditor.window[1],false) showCursor(false) end end ) addEventHandler("onClientGUIClick", GUIEditor.button[1], function ( ) text1 = guiGetText ( GUIEditor.edit[1] ) --text2 = guiGetText ( valasz1 ) --text3 = guiGetText ( valasz2 ) if text1 ~= "" then triggerServerEvent( "server",localPlayer,text1 ) setTimer ( function( ) text1 = nil end,5000, 1 ) end end,false ) addEventHandler ( 'onClientRender',root, function ( ) dxDrawText(text1, (screenW * 0.2924) + 1, (screenH * 0.3778) + 1, (screenW * 0.7014) + 1, (screenH * 0.5400) + 1, tocolor(0, 0, 0, 255), 2.50, "default-bold", "left", "top", false, true, false, false, false) dxDrawText(text1, screenW * 0.2924, screenH * 0.3778, screenW * 0.7014, screenH * 0.5400, tocolor(0, 186, 255, 255), 2.50, "default-bold", "left", "top", false, true, false, false, false) end ) the dx text why not show on all players screen? o-O
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