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Found 6 results

  1. Anyone can send me a working yt mp3 converter API? Or how to create one, to play music from youtube on my server?
  2. EN: I NEED HELP WITH THIS, SORRY FOR MY BAD ENGLISH. I NEED ADD ONLY WANTED PLAYERS IN GRIDLIST RESUME: ADD : PLAYERS WITH STAR >= 1 IN GRIDLIST ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ PT: EU PRECISO DE AJUDA COM ISSO, QUERO ADICIONAR APENAS JOGADORES PROCURADOS NA GRIDLIST
  3. Hello, is there a way to turn off car models on a server? Because it causes much lag because of the models, maybe i can disable them somehow?
  4. I want create a script, which create a marker with random position, from a table. How to make this?
  5. i got this error, but the script working fine... -.- bad argument #1 to 'len' (string expected, got boolean) how to fix this? code: function currentSongName() local radio_title = getElementData(resourceRoot, "radio.title") if string.len(radio_title) >= x*0.0625 then radio_title = string.sub(radio_title, 1, 80)..".." end for i, shading in pairs ( offsetShadings ) do dxDrawText("Radio: "..radio_title, xD+shading[1], yD+shading[2], xD, yD+textHeight, tocolor ( 0, 0, 0, 255 ), scale, font, "left", "center", false, false, true, true) end dxDrawText("Radio: #ffffff"..radio_title, xD, yD, xD, yD+textHeight, tocolor ( 70, 215, 0, 255 ), scale, font, "left", "center", false, false, true, true) end addEventHandler('onClientRender', root, currentSongName)
  6. i added this to a nametag script: dxDrawColorText (getElementHealth(player).."%", sx-w- (offset*-10), sy - (offset*5), sx, sy - (offset*-15), tocolor(255,255,255,255), textscale*NAMETAG_TEXTSIZE or (textscale*NAMETAG_TEXTSIZE)/1.5, srfont2, "center", "center", false, false, false ) and for example when long the playername, the "100%" move to left direction. How to fix this? sorry for my very-very bad English:c
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