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  1. Hi! I wanted to ask a simple question: Assuming that vehicle's 3rd and 4th colors are free to use, are there any wheel models that could potentially use these color channels to alter their colors? Thanks in advance!
  2. I wanted to ask if you can access variable x from scrip1.lua in script2.lua. The thing is that I have a special variable in a script that loads an XML file, and I wanted to create another script specifically for commands, and in it I wanted to acces the special variable.
  3. Little question, I don't know why, but when I start this resource and spawn any car, I can't hear ANYTHING. May it be a problem with my server, or it is a temporary problem with resource?
  4. Well, problem is, that whenever I start the resource and spawn a new vehicle, I have NO sounds. I mean, I was using bengines a long time ago before, and it played custom engine sounds. Now, it doesn't.
  5. No, it doesn't affect the audio. EDIT#1: I've tested that before in normal GTA San Andreas. If engine type of cars in San Andreas would make a difference (e.g. in sound, acceleration, etc.), I wouldn't start this thread.
  6. Hello, Me and my friend are trying to play together on my MTA server. When he downloads almost all the resources and etc. he gets kicked out for this: Anyone does know what may cause this?
  7. Unfortunately, nope. I mean, when I use setWorldSoundEnabled I can't hear engine sound of a Bullet, driven by my friend.
  8. Hello! I'm back after a big break. I began playing on my MTA server again. Today, I tried to add electric cars to my server. It's almost done, but there is still only one thing left to achieve. Well, I am trying to disable ALL engine sounds, for electric cars, to make them more realistic. So, I've looked up for some resources, nothing helped. setWorldSoundEnable - I don't know if this function can disable sounds for a specific entity, I only know, that it completely disables all sounds from a specific world sound group. Any ideas?
  9. Multi Theft Auto still surprises me with it's possibilities. Well, what would I expect from R* games themselves... Thank you! The resource that you have gave me is really cool and does the job, but, when I press the control for the mirror, the game starts being laggy...
  10. Hi! I wasn't active for quite a long time, because I started playing GTA V. So I'm back with yet another question! Well, I wanted to know, if there is any way to get, and optionally view it with DX or something, what player camera sees in the moment... The cause of this, is because I wanted to make a mirror for the cars, so players can easily see what's behind them. Of course, I wanted to add this feature to my whole car system, which's for now including a complete loader for custom shops, speedometer, supported RGB colors and upgrades when saving and reading car info, etc. BTW, i dont know why, but when i posted this question first, my browser stopped working and the post actually has been added to the forum, sorry for this duplicate. Any ideas?
  11. Here you go: To convert string like "element one, element two, element three" to table, you do: str = "element one, element two, element three" tab = string.split(string, ", ") To convert table like {"element one", "element two", "element three"} back, to string you do: tab = {"element one", "element two", "element three"} str = table.concat(tab, ", ") Hope I helped you too!
  12. Well, i converted this table: {1015, 1008, 1087, 1086, 1084} To this string using table.concat(): "1015, 1008, 1087, 1086, 1084" Now, how can I un-concat this string, to make it table again?? Any ideas? CLOSE THIS TOPIC, I HAVE AN ANSWER!!!
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