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  1. Some people use this, and i see they use discord RPC with MTA, but this does not available in official version of MTA. So, where can i download the dev version?
  2. i use browser, but that's not good, because cannot play copyrighted music :s
  3. i tried all youtube music players scripts from community, but none of them work
  4. Anyone can send me a working yt mp3 converter API? Or how to create one, to play music from youtube on my server?
  5. I created a youtube player, and i want to remove the event handler, when the music ends, but i dont know how to get the song length from web browser... anyone can help?
  6. oh i got it, then my machine is not faulty.. ? thank you!
  7. I just start the client, i'm not joining to any server when the CPU usage go up to 20-30%
  8. When i start MTA client, the CPU usage go up to 30-35% usage from 5-10%, and then 5-10 mins later decrease back the usage to 5-10%. It's annoying me, because the CPU temp go up to 50C°-60C° too from 30C°-45C°... What's this? My config (if important): Intel Core i5-9600K 2x8GB RAM GTX 1080
  9. I want create a HUD with image progress bars. I think i need dxDrawImageSection, but i don't know how to use this for a progress bar. Anyone can give me a example of this progress bar with imagesection?
  10. i removed the showCursors from the freeroam script
  11. When a player create car with the freeroam panel, the cursor does not disappear, i removed all showCursor from the script, and the players show the cursor with another script, when press M, but the cursor does not disappear too.. then how can i fix this bug?
  12. if key == 'backspace' and ePress then chat.input = string.sub(chat.input, 0, string.len(chat.input) - 1) end The backspace working with default characters (a,b,c,d...), but when i type a special character, for example: á, é, ű, ő, ü...etc., the backspace not working, what wrong?
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