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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, I have a problem with this code, this creates a Dx on you that other players can see, it is activated with a trigger from the server-side and a setElementData, but when I use it at the same time as someone else the render gets bug, It says that it was already handled.. local sX, sY = guiGetScreenSize ( ) local onEmoji4 = {}; local plyEmoji4 = getElementsByType ( "player" ) local showEmoji4 = false function onEmoji4Render ( ) local cx, cy, cz = getCameraMatrix () for i = 1, #plyEmoji4 do local p = plyEmoji4[i] if ( onEmoji4[p] ) then local x, y, z = getPedBonePosition.. --- -- blag blah blah local dEmoji4 = getDistanceBetweenPoints3D ( cx... -- blag blah blah if ( dEmoji4 < 100 ) then if ( isLineOfSightClear ( cx, cy... -- blag blah blah if (getElementData (p, "Emoji4") == true) then local sx, sy = getScreenFromWorldPosition...-- blag blah blah if ( sx ) and ( sy ) then local sEmoji4 = 400 / ...-- blag blah blah dxDrawImage ( sx - ( sEmoji4 / 2 ), sy - ( sEmoji4 / 2 ), sEmoji4, sEmoji4, "T_UI_Message_Icon_Aisatsu_BC.webp", 0, 0, 0, tocolor ( 255, 255, 255, 255 ) ) end end end end end end end function attachEmoji4 ( Emoji4 ) if not ( Emoji4 and isElement ( Emoji4 ) ) then return end onEmoji4[Emoji4] = true addEventHandler ( "onClientRender", root, onEmoji4Render ) setTimer(function() removeEventHandler ( "onClientRender", root, onEmoji4Render ) end, 2000, 1) end addEvent( "StartEmoji", true ) addEventHandler( "StartEmoji", root, attachEmoji4 )
  2. Fory

    Image screen...

    Hello everyone, I would like to reach it, that if I enter an interiorba let the next chin perform a picture on the picture then if you enter hadj up with all hopes. DxDrawImage is found till now, and with what I shall set about the others? would be needed so that the picture after 10 seconds tünjön away. another good morning / beautiful day / beautiful evening
  3. What's wrong? scirpt: plalyer-> seat to vehicle-> pres space and draw handbrake image debugscript errors :((( code: function hand ( thePlayer ) local theVehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle ( thePlayer ) if theVehicle then dxDrawImage(200,110,100,100,"hand.png", 255,255,255,true, theVehicle, thePlayer) end end bindKey("space","down", hand)
  4. I want create a HUD with image progress bars. I think i need dxDrawImageSection, but i don't know how to use this for a progress bar. Anyone can give me a example of this progress bar with imagesection?
  5. Hello dudes, I make a circular menu like in gta 5. For this I use dxDrawImage, the menu is divided into 8 pictures. For effect, I hover to change the picture. But the hover area is big. When an empty place is induced. That changes the picture. How to fix it? (Sorry for my English)
  6. JanKy

    GPS error.

    Hello guys, i have a problem with the GPS which is integrated in the DayZ script. Here are the error in the debugscript : WARNING: DayZ\survivorSystem_client.lua:1664: Bad argument @ 'dxDrawImage'[Expected material at argument 5, got boolean] WARNING: DayZ\survivorSystem_client.lua:1666 Bad argument @ 'dxDrawImageSection'[Expected mat material at argument 9] And here is the script My problem : Yes, i tried to make a script only for the GPS, but it has the same results. And i know it can be solved by simply restarting the server but isnt there another way around? Because, if i restart it twice it reappears like this, so i have to restart it three times..
  7. local cursorX, cursorY = getCursorPosition() showCursor ( true ) setCursorAlpha(0) dxDrawImage ( cursorX, cursorY, 41, 41, 'images/cursor.png' ) Simple, what's the problem? Thanks in advance for your attention, Thank you!
  8. Hi! I use guieditor to add an image(with dxdrawimage) position. It is on relative, but it's don't working. We are in the server, and someone's hud sticking out from the screen. He has correct resolution. What is the problem? Here is the code: dxDrawImage(screenW * 0.6698, screenH * 0.0130, screenW * 0.3228, screenH * 0.1341, "img/hud.png", 0, 0, 0, tocolor(255, 255, 255, 255), false)
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