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Just came here to say - thank you!!!

I'm missing shotgun fights at Yakuzas territory on GTA3:MTA at Shore Side Vale with VCK, KFC and LCG clans. Wharfshrimp, Inuyasha, Philip, Kanada, Slothman, Chris, Zentrix, Snoob, Lancelot and every other guys. Cheers! [LCK] 4 ever?

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While I have moved on from Multi Theft Auto roughly 12 years ago, I remain grateful that MTA:SA become one of my hobbies and introduced me to GTA Multiplayer in general.

I can never forget the communities I joined, the clan wars I participated in, and the players I befriended, some of which turned into colleagues when I became part of the staff team in a handful of servers.

It is definitely great to see how far the platform and the community has come.

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