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  1. Hey, Ren712 shared a resource on community, you just have to modify it a little bit: https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=18643
  2. Hey, there is a missing / in line 219 <file src="toyota/impreza.dff" type="client">
  3. Hi. Thanks for your feedback. Please try with the latest version: https://github.com/Patrick2562/mtasa-pDownloader
  4. Wrong language/section, moved to Russian section.
  5. Hi! The idea is really good and would be awesome to have something like that in MTA, since .luac doesn't provide full protection (ofc). But... I think we don't have it for good reasons, just like bytecode isn't safe and the Lua VM can be exploited "easily". Thats why Roblox removed bytecode support in 2012: https://blog.roblox.com/2012/08/bye-bye-bytecode/ Could these vulnerabilities be fixed or exists at all with your method of compiling directly to machine-code?
  6. Wrong language, moved to Portuguese section.
  7. Welcome! Troubleshooting steps for collisions 1) Export collision at 0,0,0 XYZ coordinates. 2) Ensure the rotations and scale values are at their defaults. If they aren't, you can reset the values through Hierarchy tab on your right side -> Reset scale/transforms. 3) Ensure the dimensions are less than 256 +/- on each axis, within a 512m cube. 4) Ensure the model topology is clean and has no isolated edges or vertices, as these can cause invisible walls. 5) While a collision can contain 32k vertices, it's strongly recommended to stay below 5k. 6) For invisible walls, install Goldfish's edition of Kam's scripts and run CST exporter. Export .cst -> import into Steve M's Collision Editor -> save as single .col file. Goldfish's Kam's scripts: https://gtaforums.com/topic/907323-rel-kams-gta-scripts-2018/
  8. Hi, it's not possible because one overwrite the other. You have to handle this inside one function. function Output(...) -- "magic parameter" for all local args = {...} -- put them into a table local length = #args if length == 1 then -- 1 parameter passed to function local text = args[1] elseif length == 2 then -- 2 parameter passed to function local text, player = args[1], args[2] elseif length == 5 then -- 5 parameter passed to function local text, player, colorR, colorG, colorB = unpack(args) -- or you can use unpack instead of indexing table one by one end end
  9. You can read about that here https://github.com/multitheftauto/mtasa-blue/issues/1370
  10. Hey! No, currently it's not possible. Rich presence had to be removed because of licensing issues. It'll probably come back in the future versions of MTA, but I don't know when exactly.
  11. Welcome! local connection = exports.dm_mysql:getConnection() function onJoin() local serial = getPlayerSerial(source) local ipadress = getPlayerIP(source) local serialcheck = dbQuery(connection, "SELECT banned FROM accounts WHERE serial = ?", serial) local result = dbPoll(serialcheck, -1) if result and #result == 1 then -- found an account local banned = tonumber(result[1]["banned"]) == 1 -- A Boolean from database is 0 (false) or 1 (true), this will be true if the value 1, false otherwise if banned then outputChatBox("Banned", source) else outputChatBox("Not banned", source) end end end addEventHandler("onPlayerJoin", root, onJoin)
  12. Hi. - Models are loaded to the memory, just like the secret key. If someone can dump out the key from the memory, he can do it with models as well. Currently this key is inside an encrypted, non-cached script. - Model loading is a performance heavy operation by default, encryption just makes it worse. (everything has a price) I try to make the loader as optimized as possible, but loading a large file is problematic, doesn't matter is it encrypted or not. By the way this method doesn't increase the file size.
  13. Model encrypter BETA Protect your models easily. https://mtaclub.eu/pcrypt When it's done, don't forget to read HOW_TO_USE.txt! Please let me know if you find a bug!
  14. Megoldva, MTA Discordon, itt.
  15. Maybe it is possible somehow to get ped's brightness and modify parachute's with shaders, but I have no idea how could you do it. Btw do you use the latest pAttach release? Don't you have bugs while attaching objects to player's head? ... I mean wierd movement / rotation offsets
  16. Sorry, we can't help you in leaked gamemodes. Your thread has been locked.
  17. Welcome. Is owner_email_address set in mtaserver.conf? And make sure ase is 1
  18. Patrick


    With fetchRemote, but "to the web" is not accurate enough.
  19. Welcome. Your thread has been moved to Portuguese section.
  20. This way works for me, to send data as JSON. function sendDiscordMessage(message) local data = { content = "Example:", username = "Webhook - Example", embeds = { { title = "Webhook - Example", description = "```Some user have typed \"help\" command.```", footer = { text = "I want to do this...", } } } } local jsonData = toJSON(data) jsonData = string.sub(jsonData, 3, #jsonData - 2) local sendOptions = { headers = { ["Content-Type"] = "application/json" }, postData = jsonData, } fetchRemote ( discordWebhookURL, sendOptions, WebhookCallback ) end
  21. Yeah, and there are some other problems. - author subtable's syntax is incorrect, you have to use = instead of : and put index names inside [ ] (or use them withouth " ") - fetchRemote's syntax is incorrect, a callback function is required Don't forget to use /debugscript 3 Here is a tutorial of how to send Discord messages trough webhook:
  22. Hi. local hasCharacter = tonumber(hasCharacter) local verificationQuery = dbQuery(db, "SELECT `hascharacter` FROM `accounts` WHERE `hascharacter` = '?'", hasCharacter) -- use argument binding, instead of string concatenation (it's always a better way) local verificationResult = dbPoll(verificationQuery, -1) local countOfResults = #verificationResult -- table length if countOfResults > 0 then --this is the line which I don't know how to use properly outputChatBox('Verification value is TRUE', thePlayer, 100, 255, 100) else outputChatBox('Verification value is FALSE', thePlayer, 255, 100, 100) end
  23. Welcome. Your thread has been moved to Portuguese section.
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