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  1. Please report it on the bug tracker. Can't find it, sorry. Anyway, my report will be here
  2. The client crashes after kill, probably caused by death message (GTAIII).
  3. Yo, thanks for the server and see you in game. It would be nice to see some players on GTA3:MTA too, we should meet ther someday. Regards, Immortal Stoku.
  4. Are you running VC 1.1? Nope, 1.0. I assume this issue happened to some other players too. Try to start game (MTA), spawn, turn fl off then quit and start game again. It should crash at ~95% of loading.
  5. Yay, nice one! Btw. Theres a frame limiter issue. MTA crashes on load screen when it's turned off.
  6. Nice job . Better this than nothing. Also browser is very nice and useful.
  7. Aren't players on SSV spawned with function like "GetClosestPath" or something like this? Synced weapons are: - shotty , - colt 45, - uzi, - ak, - flamethower (but players donesnt like it). We can find something. It's random. Join that [LCK] server and I'll show you. Better way would be deleting that taxi (if your mod wont help). I think its random, but mostly dodos . Its not a bug, but if you'll buy accidentally a taxi, you must teleport and can't quit it. A small "glitch". I can show you it later.
  8. How about making 2 types of maps for portland and staunton: DM and TDM with additional weapons (like SSV class selection)? That would be uber cool and i bet most of players would love it . Portland is a great island, but its missing one important thing: gangs. Adding dodo on staunton would be nice too. There are some buggs on SSV like: - spawning on the yakuzas ammunation roof, - if you'll press enter too fast (before weapon appears in the class selection) you wont get selected weapon, - one taxi is desynced (probably by SCM), - sometimes vehicles are drowning (not exploding), - when you'll get a taxi in ammunation, you can't "quit" it, - cops are spawned in closest coords to the POLICE car. Thats all what I can remember now. Good luck .
  9. Yeh, last time I've tried that yesterday or 2 days ago and it worked.
  10. Hello, We are organising a public GTA3:MTA event. You can appear on upcoming movie, screenshots and more . Date: 17.04.2010 Server: Map: Shore Side Vale Start: 10:00 (GMT+1) Main meeting: 21:00 (GMT+1) End: 00:00 (GMT+1) More informations here. Feel free to join .
  11. Hello, Today I wanted to download Servers (+patch) and Client for MTA 0.5, but http://archive.mtasa.com/ doesn't work anymore (for me). Will be any archive available or something? Thanks.
  12. Stoku

    The White Rabbit

    This audio snippet can be heard in its original form in \audio\tax3_1.wav of the GTA:VC directory. I don't see or hear anything else decipherable in "The Party Rabbit". Anybody else have ideas? so just to clarify, this is the sound you were able to extract from the bmp image, or the chat from the video? This voice is hidden in The Party Rabbit video. If you want I can upload reversed and a bit edited version of it somewhere.
  13. Stoku

    The White Rabbit

    "KYEFAG"? Maybe its related to kyeman from SAMP ? And "The competition is over" could be related to SAMP too. Edit: ohh, that ":O" was a censor!
  14. Stoku

    The White Rabbit

    I know white rabbit only from the Matrix movie and Neo had to follow him and then he met Trinity etc. You can find some info on the wiki (try white rabbit). I think that we should find answer ourselves or use gaven hints. In this "game" rabbit may symbolizing hints. Anyway, this game is funny until it's not a joke . Edit: Me and Towncivilan found that the woman says "Car 13, we got a Miss. Cortez, asked for you especially" (from the GTA: Vice City mission "Cabmaggedon").
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