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  1. There is a new client for MSN messenger, called https://escargot.chat/ you can register for free and chat like back then, when msn messenger existed. This is something useful and very good, its a good program to chat with. Fully free, right now. What do you guys think about this?
  2. Lots of people wanna play this game, they have not tried Vice City yet, why cant MTA team release something? MTAVC is not that old, it can be improved. The new generation want to play this game as well, with MTAVC, we need to try to release something in the future!
  3. Everyone who has been playing both MTA VC and sa-mp since the start knows the best version of GTA is the MTA Vice City and the client to it. MTA blue was good as well, but the developers on the modification have yet to release something good, I cannot understand why people dont wanna play MTA vice city again? Its the best out there, and its not a bad game. We have some of us been playing this game for since over 20 years ago now, its not a bad game, here is some video i found on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ld8Gxslrop0 How come the progress is too slow, and how come you guys not care any longer for MTA Vice City, the legend of all games? I bet lots of users will come back, if MTA team releases the game client again, if there is already one then wheres the link to it? Someone wrote there that the game lagged on youtube, i remember it well 2004 when I played the game did not even lag back then, I had an internet connection on 10mbits and it did work really well for me, thats why I still dont understand why nobody wanna release it again? this game owns.
  4. The stubby shotguns in MTA vice city? I just remember all the wars we had, I was very good at it, robbers spawn. If we two play today, I bet I would win. Im not that good on mtasa or sa-mp, lol, thats why I rarely play now a days, with all this roleplaying :~. Freeroam is better I believe. And thanks to jhxp for this thread
  5. Congrats I got a mail today about this, I was in your and Ransoms clan back then (VCP)Benji and then I moved onto other clans, on partyserver I use the nickname NoxxeR dunno where I got it from but I just chosed that name 20 years ago I was 11 years old, this was the first time I played GTA online with jhxp, madboy, ransom and some other people I just have one question, why dont you guys renew the MTAVC client? VC-MP exist, so MTAVC should as well!? In which way we've come far in the GTA community.
  6. MTA Vice City is better than Vice city Multiplayer, the programming in the MTA client is too slow, it needs to be updated for everyone and published on the site. I know about Project Redivivus, but even that one is on a slow progress. Please release something or gtfo!
  7. Someone need to re-alive the client, its the best game out there. SA-MP is down now and other client VC-MP is not that good as MTA:VC, we need the game back so everyone can play and have fun, hows it going with the MTA Team? Is there still any programmers out there who can re-alive Multitheftauto. I remember back in 2003-2004 the game was not that laggy at all, sa-mp is more laggy than Multitheftauto Vice CIty :] How ironic, but this was years ago, the game needs to be updated and the website as well, the multitheftauto website needs a new look. I know and heard about projectredivivus, but its not going anywhere, how do we go from this point? We need an update to the real Multitheftauto, and website. Best wishes NoxxeR
  8. I'm about to start this new clan, it's for GTA Sa Definitive edition, MTASA, and for sa-mp, vc-mp. Website: http://owlgang.uk.ms Clan members: [oK]NoxxeR - Clan Leader Information: If you're not already in a clan then PM me on the website forums and I will add you in the clan, I'm looking for skilled players as well. A forum is about to be created. The website will be updated as we speak all the time. This clan will gangwar other clans in mtasa, samp, etc, write on our forums about your gang first.
  9. The new open.mp client for GTA Defintive edition trilogy is gonna be good, but they can't even update their forums. On google you can find this: Burgershot https://burgershot.gg You can find information about on going discussions, programming/scripting advice and tutorials. Forum, Threads, Posts, Last Post. SA-MP You can post any SA-MP related youtube videos, images from ... But they can't even update their forums to the real domain, open.mp and openmultiplayer.com, this is embarrassing since lots of people buy the game in store and will laugh at them, since they can't update their forums with the right url. What you guys think, sade-mp or open.mp which one has better forums? :)
  10. oh ya wait, People that thinks on their post count in forums allways People that cant dance People that are dentist People that try touching my teeth People that tryes touch my weener People that haves no pussy People that sucks pussy People that have cat's .. People that likes ice cream People that sold my ice cream People that have ice cream People that makes ice cream People that loves ice cream People with ice cream People with 2 ice cream People that wont share ice cream(shit on them) NOW THE BIGGEST HATE EVER size=18]crying babies, kids, kids toys, kids cars, kids moms[/size]
  11. ok then: People that tryes to diss others People that think that they allways have right People that say one thing then lies People that is irritating People that suck my dick People that is my bitches People thats in my panties People that sells drugs to me People that is in my school People that works in my school People that is on the cafeteria in my school People that have gone to school People like me somtimes People that have a computer People with red pants People with dirty teeth People that are white People that are green .. i have even more but ill let the rest to you others.
  12. see what i mean yea but i have seen many funny things you have written also, i just dont give a fuck to post them, but here is one: You must be laughing couse you're momma is cheap.
  13. ohmagod more: i didn't said that, i said your momma is gay.
  14. NoxxeR

    Join {NoV}!!!

    not join, but i will see you in teh server maybe, good luckz.
  15. Happy Easter, But why take a screenshot on those eggs, It looks sort of chilish to do that, why not just say happy easter, or take a screen in mta 0.5.1 in the happy easter place then we whould have atleast more news about 0.5.1.
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