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  1. Im sure your girls will be impressed by the size/stature of your rank guys. (says me)
  2. he isn't using it with mta dumbshit
  3. dont mock forest forest sense mockage
  4. People that triple post People that mess up their bbcode tags
  5. Coming only has one m other that that it looks pretty cool Cumming im not so sure about but thats a whole different thing.
  6. So if jumping off cliffs was popular, you'd follow that craze?
  7. lol you googled for "oh noes"?
  8. Or you could masturbate quietly in a dark room.
  9. For some reason i cannot connect to irc, i think you banned the whole wannadoo subnet im under or something? user-300.lns3-c8.dsl.pol.co.uk ( I haven't been on irc for two weeks so im not sure what thats all about. and im banned from #mta not your server..
  10. ULK!Nick

    ][)oo]\[ - SiX86

    What is a good reason is the fact that they own the server, and do the public a favour by letting them play on it. They own it so why shouldn't they dissallow whoever they dislike for whatever reason from playing.
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