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  1. Hello, you should look in the MTA wiki for the syntax of the functions that you are using (dxDrawRectangle, dxDrawImage, dxDrawText) to understand how they are drawn on the screen (x and y positions, width, height, etc).
  2. Oh nice, you add as many vehicle components as you want right?
  3. Hey taking advantage of this thread to ask a question xD: Has anyone tried adding more than 5 variants to a vehicle model? The wiki says you can have extra1, extra2, extra3, extra4 or extra5, but would extra6 ... work?
  4. We are still looking for developers! We have some vacant positions Please reach out to us via the contact methods on the main post.
  5. Hello, this server is currently massively using Newmodels: https://forum.mtasa.com/topic/133992-english-wip-6-monthz-in-zombie-apocalypse-roleplay/ They haven't experienced any lag using this lib, you can check it out for yourself Also I have did a lot of testing and it doesn't affect. The element data is set on the vehicle/object/ped you want to have a custom model. Then the client listens to that elemtn data change, this is not performance heavy. You should have no problems
  6. San Andreas Roleplay is back with some important changes! The setting is now Las Venturas in the year 1989. A fresh start. We've added a ton of new vehicles, properties, items and are actively working on mapping and script updates to enrich the new scenarios. Come roleplay in the server and interact with the several active legal & illegal organisations. IP: server.sa-roleplay.net Forums: https://forums.sa-roleplay.net/ Discord: https://discord.com/invite/5RjXS5s5km
  7. It's not a module officially recommended by MTA what is your server specs? Windows/Linux? 64 bit?
  8. OVH game VPS resellers like https://soyoustart.com/ for top tier DDoS protection
  9. I think you should seek help in MTA Discord showing screenshots etc so you can get live support
  10. You're welcome. I'll remain open to suggestions!
  11. Hi you should tell us which resources you have in your server at least. Is it some gamemode like OwlGaming?
  12. Here you go, it's done. @Nixon I've updated the example resource. It includes a way to set Model LOD distances like you suggested. https://github.com/Fernando-A-Rocha/mta-nandocrypt#use
  13. Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate the suggestions. 1. I will investigate if scanning an entire folder for file names is possible/viable. It would indeed be useful. 2. The replace script is very basic. I'm looking to improve it soon very shortly. I'll see if I can include a setting for Model LOD Distance in it and also in newmodels-example which could also use it.
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