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  1. modloader_reborn is a resource for servers to replace game models with little effort. Easy to use. Optimized script. No configuration required. Drag & drop DFF/TXD files to the correct folders. Readme & Download: https://github.com/Fernando-A-Rocha/mta-modloader-reborn
  2. Have you guys found the formula of success? What are your plans and goals for the server in terms of players, RP quality and gameplay? A good gamemode is not everything...
  3. Who says it needs to be the same people who develop that maintain a roadmap? It takes little effort to have things like that on the web for the public to see. There used to be someone in charge as a Community Ambassador. Why not have it as a plus, not as a distraction...
  4. Maybe you are missing something, I can't know. Give me more information :-))
  5. The idea is good: having server data, synced data and private data :+1
  6. Hi, there are already several threads in the Suggestions forum regarding the improvement of community.mtasa.com Also, there is currently an active discussion channel on the MTA Development Discord for this topic. @Carl Rayanitch DZ
  7. Let's not be extreme like that, MTA isn't exactly stuck in time, it has evolved a lot over the years, although slowly. A roadmap of this nature would be beneficial for showcasing the project's big goals and give people an overview and better understanding of the necessary progress. I can't see any cons/downsides.
  8. Currently, you can find Milestones on GitHub that track the intended updates for the next MTA release, as well as other issues for future releases (backlog).https://github.com/multitheftauto/mtasa-blue/milestones There are also several project boards on GitHub that track the progress of certain topics like Framerate fixes. https://github.com/multitheftauto/mtasa-blue/projects?type=classic I feel like these methods of showing the goals for the platform are limited. The milestones are just plain lists of GitHub issues and pull requests, with no categorization other than basic labels (ie. enhancement or bug). I believe that Multi Theft Auto should have a central development roadmap, like any major work-in-progress project, that lists the general goals for the platform and its services: we are talking not only about MTA:SA-Blue (the GTA:SA multiplayer mod), but also about its web services (like community.multitheftauto.com that should be modernized), and other plans. It is not a small project. It seems crucial that the objectives are organized in categories, and also sorted by priority that is according to the MTA Staff, Contributors and the community's general interest, as well as how everything spans across time. Why not create a Wiki page, a forum thread or a dedicated web page for this purpose? MTA still has a lot of improvements to make, and this would be a step towards more transparency and coherence. Everyone would appreciate having easy access to such information on the development process & plans. I often see people criticize MTA Staff for their lack of communication on the development of the main MP mod. PS. I know this Roadmap wiki page exists, but it pointed to a Roadmap on the old Bug Mantis, which essentially just became the GitHub milestones we have today. I believe something more detailed is necessary, like described above. Opinions?
  9. please stop using Windows 7, for your own good
  10. background_logo.png updated (1.5 text removed)
  11. @BRbugadao Opa tudo bom? Pf coloque o código dentro da caixa correspondente clicando nesse botão: fica muito mais fácil visualizar.
  12. Interesting. Is there any documentation? Like a route to get information on a specific server instead of obtaining the full list as JSON?
  13. This is incredible. I use it with the VSCode Error Lens extension, it's so useful! https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=usernamehw.errorlens THANK YOU
  14. It doesn't work anymore
  15. Ah that bug is unfortunate However, passing -1 as the time parameter in setPedLookAt will make the head face that direction forever, and this is not a good idea because you want the player's head to reset in some circumstances (when they're aiming, for example, as coded in the script). That's interesting. I'll test it. You should report it here if you have proof
  16. The ones that haven't been blocked do work! os.date can be useful to format dates for example
  17. shorter version: math.randomseed(os.time())
  18. yes, good suggestions. sadly it's a closed-source project that we can't contribute to, but there are people in the MTA Team that want to remake the community.mtasa.com site
  19. doesn't really make sense to pick a serial on installing MTA, it's just a thing for admins and server devs However maybe one day when community.mtasa.com is revamped we will have Usernames & everyone will have their unique community account connected... with unique nicknames etc
  20. reshade does make the game look sexy as f*ck i can't deny that
  21. Rip. Send me a friend req I'll make an exception
  22. Sorry, I usually don't accept Discord friend req out of the blue. Send me a forum PM
  23. Fixed in latest of https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=18882
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