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Community Answers

  1. I did not receive a notification from you, if your offer is still valid please contact me on discord
  2. Você pode nos mostrar as linhas com as quais está tendo problemas e nós o ajudaremos.
  3. I'm very knowledgeable about this. I will help you.... Discord : Shady1#0001
  4. Shady1

    MTA Unknown crash!

    I'm curious about the result,this method will be successful
  5. Shady1

    MTA Unknown crash!

    I can't think of another formula, after installing gta:sa and mta:sa without mods and cleanly, the problem is fixed, but you have another problem,other players had this problem, but they tried the same method and the problem was gone.
  6. Shady1

    MTA Unknown crash!

    You can buy gta:sa steam key from G2A.com, I think you already have it,After installing GTA:SA without mods and cleanly, you will need to reinstall MTA:SA, are you sure you did them correctly?
  7. Shady1

    MTA Unknown crash!

    hello again, when I look at the pastebin link, I see more than one non-standard, so what you need to do is reinstall GTA:SA and install without mods. Nonstandard GTA file: \audio\CONFIG\TrakLkup.dat Nonstandard GTA file: \audio\streams\BEATS Nonstandard GTA file: \audio\streams\CUTSCENE
  8. Shady1

    MTA Unknown crash!

    hi welcome to the forum, first of all i will ask you to follow some instructions,Download the mtadiag program, then run the mtadiag program, after the progress, send me the link named pastebin/xxxx here, I will help you. MTADiag Download Link
  9. yes,you have to show your faulty codes and lines so we can help you
  10. hello @Volltron welcome to the forum, using nested timer may cause some problems, so I did not understand the system much, if you can be more descriptive we will help you
  11. If you have @TheManTheMythTheLegend in your development team, this job will be successful without any hesitation. good luck with your project...
  12. Shady1

    Help pls

    Yes, I'm glad your problem is fixed,If you have any other questions, open a new topic and tag me. have a nice day.
  13. Shady1

    Help pls

    if this issue is valid on a single server then this issue is related to models on that server, you will need to contact the server owner
  14. Shady1

    Help pls

    still have the same problem, follow the instructions I told you and install GTA:SA and MTA:SA from scratch
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