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    Voice Chat

    local g_screenX,g_screenY = guiGetScreenSize() local BONE_ID = 8 local WORLD_OFFSET = 0.4 local ICON_PATH = "images/voice.png" local ICON_WIDTH = 0.35*g_screenX -- local ICON_HEIGHT = 0.213333333333*g_screenY -- local iconHalfWidth = ICON_WIDTH/2 -- local iconHalfHeight = ICON_HEIGHT/2 local ICON_DIMENSIONS = 16 local ICON_LINE = 20 local ICON_TEXT_SHADOW = tocolor ( 0, 0, 0, 255 ) --Draw the voice image addEventHandler ( "onClientRender", root, function() local index = 0 if not bShowChatIcons then return end for player in pairs(voicePlayers) do local color = tocolor(getPlayerNametagColor ( player )) dxDrawVoiceLabel ( player, index, color ) index = index + 1 while true do --is he streamed in? if not isElementStreamedIn(player) then break end --is he on screen? if not isElementOnScreen(player) then break end local headX,headY,headZ = getPedBonePosition(player,BONE_ID) headZ = headZ + WORLD_OFFSET --is the head position on screen? local absX,absY = getScreenFromWorldPosition ( headX,headY,headZ ) if not absX or not absY then break end local camX,camY,camZ = getCameraMatrix() --is there anything obstructing the icon? if not isLineOfSightClear ( camX, camY, camZ, headX, headY, headZ, true, false, false, true, false, true, false, player ) then break end dxDrawVoice ( absX, absY, color, getDistanceBetweenPoints3D(camX, camY, camZ, headX, headY, headZ) ) break end end end ) function dxDrawVoice ( posX, posY, color, distance ) distance = 1/distance dxDrawImage ( posX - iconHalfWidth*distance, posY - iconHalfWidth*distance, ICON_WIDTH*distance, ICON_WIDTH*distance, ICON_PATH, 0, 0, 0, color, false ) end function dxDrawVoiceLabel ( player, index, color ) local sx, sy = guiGetScreenSize () local scale = sy / 800 local spacing = ( ICON_LINE * scale ) local px, py = sx - 200, sy * 0.7 + spacing * index local icon = ICON_DIMENSIONS * scale dxDrawImage ( px, py, icon, icon, ICON_PATH, 0, 0, 0, color, false ) px = px + spacing -- shadows dxDrawText ( getPlayerName ( player ), px + 1, py + 1, px, py, ICON_TEXT_SHADOW, scale ) -- text dxDrawText ( getPlayerName ( player ), px, py, px, py, color, scale ) end I forgot to specify the icon and it's set to be just above your head
  2. hello, your work is really nice.
  3. You created your topic in the wrong section, but I will help you with this, I have prepared a code for you and I will send it in the private messages section. Please next time I tell you to open a new thread in the Script Section
  4. I have shut down the TWD server, we are working on a new mod,
  5. I would like to present to you the Zombie package that I used in the pastino errors and all corrections have been made. I have prepared a link for the mod, all the explanations and information are in the link I sent you. (If you have an extra question, you can contact me via discord, I'm doing request MOD assistance.) I would like to state that I will help you with your extra script request for DayZ mode. - Discord Address : [F2B]Shady#5809 Link : https://payhip.com/b/mJBER
  6. It's a really successful job, I wish you success.
  7. There are new broken buildings and loot in the area I marked with red lines We have named the War System in the area that I have indicated with the red zone, this is the war zones.
  8. new innovations and regulations # 1 Night Mode : As of 22:00 Germany time, it will be dark inside the server and thus the game will be more enjoyable. Level/Reward : Tokens will be given to players per level (for example you are level 10 and you have reached level 11 so you will earn Tokens.) Zombies : (2 different zombie systems available,In some missions, you may encounter difficult zombies, but you can see easy zombies in the normal world.) Hunt Event : An Event system that VIP members and Admins can use (Before activating the event, you must write the amount of Token, then you start the game, its location will be determined on the map, the determined amount of Token will be gifted to those who kill the person who activated the event.) Map : Different loot will be created in the forest regions, so you will spend more time in the forests.
  9. We continue to bring innovations to the server,The whole system will start as soon as possible. and we've made adjustments for a more enjoyable gaming experience, so we help you find the loot,There are special loot in many areas, extra 1 Token will be given to you when you kill 3 zombies, special loot and rewards will be given to you when you complete in-game If we can make different systems according to your wishes, all you have to do is contact me via discord. [F2B]Shady#5809
  10. Hallo Leute, ich fange an, MTA-Server zu unterstützen. Wenn Sie Probleme beim Installieren oder Entwickeln eines Mods haben, kann ich Ihnen helfen, indem Sie mich kontaktieren. Wenn Ihre Mods RP oder DayZ sind, kann ich Ihnen dabei helfen, ansonsten habe ich keine Ahnung von anderen Mods. Sie können eine Nachricht im Forum oder Discord senden. Discord ID : [F2B]Shady#5809
  11. The Fade2Black Team ( DayZ ) Hello, I'm here with a New DayZ Mod, I'm Eren, I've been working on MTA DayZ Scripts, and I've been working on my own server for 1 year. To introduce myself, I'm Eren, I've been playing MTA for years and I'm enjoying it, I have dual citizenship (I'm Turkish and German) I'm new to script development and I'm a beginner. Before moving on to the server's features, I would like to make a few remarks,We are trying to open the server in a better quality as a result of really long efforts, I really recommend this server for those who like to play MTA DayZ, please review,Our server is currently in BETA version, we will release it as a FULL Version in a few weeks. DISCORD ADDRESS : discord.me/fade2black / https://discord.gg/DeK2yS44PM You can reach the MTA DayZ IP address via Discord. TeamSpeak3 ADDRESS : If you want, you can log in with a numeric IP address or you can log in by typing the following. ( / fade2black or f2b) [all versions can login] features of our server : VIP House ( vip members will create their own vip house and can hide their loot indoors. ) VIP features ( VIP members will be able to use their own skins when spawned,VIP members will be able to create motorbikes in exchange for Shop Tokens,When VIP members spawn, some loot is given to them by typing ./viploot ,VIP members can paint their cars with a single command,VIP members are open to the use of the Hunt system, so they can play more enjoyable games with other players...) Chase Mission (Think of a car, you have to protect this car from enemies within certain minutes, if the car is under your control, you will be rewarded when the time is up.) Interiors (you have access to the interiors of some buildings, for example police stations and casinos,there are better loot indoors.) 2x Zombie Area (There are powerful zombies waiting for you in the inner area of the driving school in the SF area,These zombies that are very hard to kill are full of loot,You can easily collect Level/Shop Tokens in this area...) Ranks (Colors assigned to ranks so you can distinguish everyone.) Skills (Skills given to weapons such as the M4 AK, thus allowing for smoother gameplay.) Missions (Big hack in the big ear,The mission to hijack the Rustler plane,war mission on secret islands,Mission to hijack police car in police station.) War Room (Area51) (In the secret room in area 51, you can find the traces of serial killers. (5 or more players killing players). ) Garages (You can buy a garage to store your vehicles,You can use the ./rentgarage command to rent a garage.) CCTV (CCTV in secret areas) Level System War System (Red areas are formed in some selected areas, if you fight in these red areas, Shop Tokens are given to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd players.) AND MORE. A lot of effort has been put into the MTA DayZ server, with the help of some of my friends they help me fix my systems bugs,I thank them here for that. Hydra45 Tekken You can be sure that you will not have any trouble logging into our MTA DayZ server, because more optimization studies have been done so that the FPS / Ping values are adjusted, this is a good advantage for low-end computers. My love to our friends Luke and dYak for their donations to our MTA DayZ server.
  12. Shady1

    changing seat

    Hello Multi Theft Auto Community, For example, I am in the side seat of the car, instead of getting out of the car, I want to change places by pressing a button while in the car, how can I do that? Ability to change seat in 2-seater vehicles in 4-seater vehicles,I want it to be used in helicopters, airplanes and bicycles.
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