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  1. hello welcome to the forum, i answered your question,as an example i posted code for DayZ mod, you can change it. <group name="Console"> <acl name="Console"></acl> <object name="user.Console"></object> <object name="user.Shady"></object> -- <object name="resource.DayZ"></object> --For example, I edited a permission for DayZ mod, you can change it if you wish. </group> usually you can allow Console or Admin side https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/AclGroup
  2. It was good working with you, I hope you do well in your project.
  3. very good idea my friend, making a map like Cyberpunk would be a very enjoyable work,Good luck
  4. hello Nebla, can you make a map similar to Tokyo? because your imagination is so wide and you create beautiful maps, it would be great if you try simulating country map,players will queue to download :=) Have a nice Day.
  5. Shady1

    Crash Fix?

    This would suggest out of memory. it can be caused either by the client having very low system RAM, or you are using models / content which is abusing the 32-bit process memory limit.
  6. thank you for the advice, that's how i did it but if others want to change it they can follow your advice
  7. hello friends, I want to share 3D Voice System with you. it is very easy to use, you can speak aloud when you press the "Z" key, you can set the distance limit yourself,If there is a player you are uncomfortable with, you can mute the player by "./mute" so you will not hear the player's voice. You can find the link of the 3D Voice System on Github.
  8. Shady1

    İp sıralaması

    Merhaba Doruk,eski sıranı geri almayacaksın, çünkü Turretin'de söylediği gibi IP addressini uzun süreli kapalı tutarsan otomatikmen sıradan eleniyorsun, tekrar sıraya girmelisiniz ve sabırlı bir şekilde beklemelisiniz.
  9. hello guys, we made a home system for VIP players and I want to share a video for it,The purpose of VIP House and how to use it, everything is available in the video. VIP House Video
  10. Não quero recomendar um programa antivírus, porque não quero que você tenha um problema.
  11. great work
  12. New updates #2 Gold items : Specially placed loot is available in the LV region,they are known as the most important items on the server.(If you see loots in white color they are designated as standard loots,loot in gold color is known as the best and hard to find loot.) [soon pink and green loot will be placed.] New Ranks/Titles : Multiple ranks have been added to the server, you can read these ranks on discord,To earn ranks you have to kill zombies and humans and additionally improve your XP and Alive Time. 1-Changed the appearance of backpacks and weapons. 2-Car models changed. 3-Now you will not wait long in the upload section when you log in to the server because they are edited as small files. (40 or 50 MB) 4-Zombie damage and your damage when falling from height have been adjusted to a minimum. 5-Hunger borders are formed faster. 6-Login panel changed. 7-Now you have to spend more effort to increase experience points,because it is difficult to gain experience points. 8-All databases on the old server have been reset, now all players must create a new account and play evenly. 9-Information box made in game. 10-New interiors created. 11-If you are new to the game, we have prepared a small package for you, when you type ./Prizeitems in the game, the loot we have determined will be given to you as a gift. See you again in new updates, soon there will be different and more different systems that we will put great effort into. New Inventory system will be added in DayZ 2.1 release.
  13. você deve ativar/instalar o antivírus e executar uma verificação completa do sistema,Faça uma varredura completa no programa antivírus..
  14. Exclua o arquivo MTA e desative os programas antivírus,Após desabilitar os programas antivírus, você deve fazer a instalação do MTA novamente, após a finalização da instalação, abra o programa MTA,Ative o antivírus novamente depois de ver o programa aberto
  15. qual é o seu problema agora,Você pode mostrar isso com uma foto?.
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