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  1. perform a virus full scan and try again: I recommend using Avast & Malwarebytes -- Defender is fine too. https://www.malwarebytes.com/ https://www.avast.com/
  2. It system like your audio files got corrupted, verify the integrity of your game files through steam. 1. go to your steam library and search for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. 2. right-click the game and click Properties. 3. Click Local Files. 4. Click and confirm "Verify integrity of game files...". Wait for it to verify then launch MTA, it should work fine.
  3. do you have mandatory ASLR turned on? checkout your Anti-virus (Windows Defender).
  4. If you want it for your game only: Try out ENB mods, they're partially compatible with MTA - http://enbdev.com/download_mod_gtasa.htm (although I do not recommend them as it's not that stable and will look broken with some servers that overwrite the modifications made by ENB and you may need to use their control panel "SHIFT + ENTER" and untick some settings to fix it.) If you're running a server: there's a resource made by Ren712 which you can download here: https://community.multitheftauto.com/?p=resources&s=details&id=18094
  5. Use this diagnosting tool and reply with the provided link so we can help you.
  6. It might be your ISP or router blocking connections coming from MTA, try to get in touch with your ISP and send them the IPs you're trying to connect to, they might identify if the issue is from their side or not.
  7. any* controller with standard bind layout should be working with MTA, if the driver manages to send input to the OS then you should be good. I assume it'll be sending them as the xbox layout.
  8. Happy New Year everyone, hoping yall enjoying your best times! - Thanks for mentioning my list -
  9. am not sure if MTA supports the new M1 ARM processors(?) -- can you try using a win10 VM?
  10. CIT Cops 'n' Robbers, Gang Wars, Civilians | cit.gg (CnR, Turf wars, Civilian jobs.) A community mainly focused on cops 'n' robbers, gang turf wars and a variety of civilian jobs, community made events, joining groups to play and have fun together. Click to join (mtasa:// ______ SAUR Utopia RPG An RPG server with multiple unique features and activities, with an active staff team. Click to join (mtasa://phoenix.saur.co:22003) ______ SAES:RPG SAES:RPG is a gaming community and server which has ran on MTA since 2003 on both MTA:VC and MTA:SA, Our current server is an RPG based gamemode in which you can be Cops, Robbers, Gangs, Dealers, Medics, Mechanics and participate in Roleplay, Bank Robberies, Store Robberies, Racing, Hunting down criminals, Monthly giveaway events and much much more! Click to join (mtasa:// FFS Gaming DM/Race/DD/Hunter/Shooter/Stuntage/Trials/HP/RUN/CW/PTP/CarBall/Training/Minigames FFS Gaming provides a vast amount of race type gamemodes all in one server. From regular races to be the fastest one, kicking your opponents into water in destruction derby or simply having a fun time in minigames, we provide everything to enjoy your stay. Click to join (mtasa:// ______ Lumiverse: Atlas (DM, HDM, OS, FDD, CATCH, CTF, RACE, TRAINING, GARAGE) Lumiverse is a modern Multi-Gamemode Community that offers a wide range of different gamemodes to suit everyone's needs. Observe the undiscovered. Click to join (mtasa://lumiver.se:22003) ______ MX Gaming (Destruction Derby / Fun Destruction Derby / Shooter) A gaming community with a variety of gamemodes and servers. Join DD (mtasa://server.mx-palace.com:22003) Join FDD (mtasa://server.mx-palace.com:22007) Join Shooter (mtasa://server.mx-palace.com:22006) San Andreas Roleplay (Serious Text Roleplay) We bring people together in a fun and fair Roleplay environment. Our main focus is allowing you to push your creativity to and beyond the limit and play without constantly being restricted. We strive to innovate and surprise our players with new and unique features. Click to join (mtasa://server.sa-roleplay.net) Need For Speed: San Andreas (Race/Freeroam/Other) Racing server inspired by various nostalgic Need for Speed titles such as Underground 1/2, Most Wanted, Carbon, World where you start out with a slow car and progress by racing, participating in AI police pursuits and numerous other activities, all of which let you buy new cars and and upgrade their performance and visuals with hundreds of unique custom made body parts and complete customization of paintjobs through a NFS Carbon-like vinyl editor. Click to join (mtasa:// ______ Mr. Green Gaming (Race, DM, CTF, Shooter, MIX) The classic racing experience! Join Race (mtasa://race.mrgreengaming.com:22003) Join Mix (racemix.mrgreengaming.com:22003) ______ Sofa King Cool Click to join (mtasa:// Epic-Row Zombie RPG (Zombie, RPG) PvE based zombie gamemode with RPG elements. Click to join (mtasa://s.epicrow.com:22003) Default MTA Server || Freeroam [P] The classic freeroam experience with unlimited chaos, drifting, shooting other players (or just using /peace for passive mode), hydra dogfighting and fun arena's. As a classic freeroam there are no restrictions to spawning in vehicles & weapons, and freedom applies to all other game aspects as well. Average players online is 100, so there's always someone to troll or fight! Click to join (mtasa:// ______ Grafuroam: Phantom (English Freeroam Server) ?? (Dogfight, Pursuit, Race, Team Deathmatch, Tank Deathmatch, Survival, Duel, War, Derby, Vehicle Deathmatch) A freeroam server with many great features created to provide fun to the players. Click to join (mtasa://grafuroam.com) ______ Prime Freeroam (Freeroam, NPC, AI) Click to join (mtasa:// ______ Welcome To San Andreas (Single Player Features!) (Freeroam, NPC, AI) The old-school single player San Andreas experience! Click to join (mtasa://wtsa.sparrow.moe:22003) StoneAge [Rust] (Survival, Rust) StoneAge is a survival server, having the game Rust (Facepunch Studios) as its biggest inspiration. On this server players must search for items and resources, build bases, destroy enemy bases, explore islands, radioactive zones, fight against animals and survive their biggest threat: the other players. Click to join (mtasa:// ______ San Andreas Police Department: First Response (Emergency Services Simulation / RPG / AI) Step into the life of a Police Officer, Paramedic or Firefighter and react to a wide variety of callouts all over San Andreas. Click to join (mtasa:// ______ SAAW World War II Click to join (mtasa://
  11. Haxardous

    access control list

    make sure the "Moderator" group doesn't have a permission to "command.setgroup" or even have access to the resources tab "general.tab_resources". (server\mods\deathmatch\acl.xml)
  12. Haxardous

    ERROR CL31

    CL31 means that there's a problem related to your game path, try moving your game to your D:/ disk and reinstall MTA:SA.
  13. Haxardous

    FPS mta

    reply back with the mtadiag url
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