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Community Answers

  1. Use attachElements function to attach the marker to the player.
  2. You should attach the hunter to theObject, not the other way around. attachElements(hunter,theObject)
  3. The easiest way is to create an invisible object that has no collisions and attach the vehicle to it. That way, when you use the moveObject function, the vehicle will move along with it. Here are the functions you will need: createObject setElementCollisionsEnabled setElementAlpha attachElements moveObject
  4. @ucanttouchme I've moved your thread to the Resources section.
  5. Oh, right! I totally forgot about the collision. You need to use setElementFrozen to freeze the vehicle, so it doesn't fall. Then, you can use setElementCollisionsEnabled to disable the collision of the vehicle.
  6. You can achieve this using createVehicle and setElementAlpha functions.
  7. xLive

    Help me

    This is useless. Why are you using floor on the hour? The getTime function will return an integer, not a float.
  8. Welcome to the forums @Monteiro. Your thread has been moved to the Portuguese section. Please use this section in the future.
  9. As far as I know, it's not currently possible. There's already a GitHub issue about this.
  10. onClientGUIClick حدث إذا ضغط زر triggerServerEvent takePlayerMoney يخصم فلوس، راح يرجع ترو إذا انخصمت الفلوس وفولس إذا لا(ماعنده) تقدر تتحقق بالشكل هذا على سبيل المثال if takePlayerMoney(client,5000) then -- عنده فلوس else -- ماعنده end giveWeapon يعطي سلاح وذخيرة outputChatBox يخرج رسالة في لشات
  11. تم نقل الموضوع للقسم العربي، الرجاء إستعمال هذا القسم عند إستخدام اللغة العربية وعليكم السلام صاحبها موجود بالمنتدى تقدر تجرب تتواصل معه @Al3grab أو تقدر تتعلم برمجة وتصنع مودات بنفسك
  12. تم نقل الموضوع للقسم الرئيسي الرجاء استعمال هذا القسم بالمستقبل عند طلب المساعدة الأفضل توضح أكثر، انت حطيت رسالة لكن ما وضحت هل هي بسيرفر معين؟ أو كل السيرفرات وهل هذي مشكلة سيرفر انت تملكه؟ لكن الواضح إن الاتصال عندك بطيئ جدًا أو ممكن البطئ من الخادم
  13. xLive

    GUI Creating

    For best performance, create the CEGUI elements only when they are needed, and destroy them when they are no longer being used. Keeping unused elements in memory can lead to performance issues, especially if the player is likely to use them a few times only. However, if you have a lot of CEGUI elements in your window that the player would frequently use. In such cases, it's more efficient to hide/unhide the elements instead of creating and destroying them each time.
  14. bindKey will bind the player's key to a function. When executed, the function will get the target player (assuming you already have a way to get the target), then use getElementPosition to retrieve the coordinates of both players, then use setElementPosition to switch them.
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