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What is your first MTA Memory?

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Mine was the rosy days of gta3mta 0.3b, loading it up and getting past the scrolling credits for the first time to see another real human player in liberty city. Awesome. Shortly after a hectic car chase around the mafioso hills his car began to flip around and grind its way up a building..seems he'd lost server connection and the server pretended he hadn't but thats another story. :)

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I'd have to say mine was when i joined an empty server on one of the first days of 0.2 to see how it all handle, someone talked to me in th chat (admin, but i didnt know that at the time) and i got scared and disconnected :D

After that it was when i used to randomly run around on servers as a cop, trying to beat "teamers" and teaming with anyone that didn't like "teamers" Hehe, how i see the irony now...

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I remember playing MTA:VC v0.1 and wondered why there wasn't a countdown function for street races , so i cracked MTA and the nickname color codes.

And Blokker's first reaction on my "MTA Connection script" (later "Admin Control" and very later MTA:mA):


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During last summer, me and a mate downloaded MTA 0.3r2 and i was so slow, laggy, my skills were bad to begin with. I remember just being on the TmM old 0.3 server getting owned, my first spawn was the sailor, we just stood on the top of the boat for about 15 mins doing nothing, then i joined my first clan (THH) in July 2004.

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first memories were crusin around vc with my good old buddy velder (who brought me into this, and then abandoned MTA, leavin me in this pieceo.. "game" ) in a stinger as mexies, and tryin to rape (usually it was us who were gettin raped) everyone we came upon.

then, when i discovered the beauty of the stubby, the happy robber times started for me, i remember meeting those ulk bitches here and there. once, after a 2h spawn war, it was only me and him left, and i wouldnt wanna give up, even if he raped me 9/10 times, i would say like "U *&$#*(# STAY THERE IM GONNA KILL U!!!!", untli he said "hey, i like your spirit, wanna join ULK" :) that was preety cool, and it happened after only 2-3 months of playing MTA (i joined a lame gang [M]ontana before), so i consider myself as someone who had a hidden talent for this game :P

now mta is the only online game i commit myself to :roll: heh

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My first time I played was with mta 0.5, that was at the beginning of the year. I was called a hacker because I had a bad connection. I kept saying, "I'm not a hacker, I'm just laggy". If I got 50 cents every time someone said I was cheating, I would have a faster connection and I would be called Laggless.

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