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  1. A: Zero-Point Energy Field Manipulator. Q: So how are you feeling right now?
  2. A: Use the phoenix down of course! And if that don't work, use gun, and if that don't work, use more gun, and if that don't work, drink some beer and play a tune. Q: Agreed?
  3. A: P.S: paul, be prepared that personal jokes sometimes get negative reactions, even if its a joke :CQ: Any survivors?
  4. Hello MTA world A month ago I asked SanZoR if he wanted to make a map with me. He accepted and here it is. We've spent a lot of time on this and I think it's quite a great map. Enjoy! Download: Here (1.0) Here are some pictures and a video link for your viewing pleasure Video Link:
  5. A: Yes, because everything which is white = white Q: Have you played Portal yet?THE CAKE IS A LIE
  6. A: Vegeta: *takes scounter off* IT'S OVER NINE THOUSAAAANNNNDDD11!!! Nappa: WHAT NINE THOUSAND!? There's no way that could be right! It can't! Q: Was the power level really over nine thousand?
  7. A: The one which is powered on SanZoR's post count Q: When will the rocket launch?
  8. I feel this picture sums up SanZoR (unless he is a 'changed man') "What you lack in quality, you make up in quantity"
  9. A: He won't ban him, if he was to ban him, he would have done it a loooong time ago. I mean, he's a alt of the banned SanZoR, that's ban avoiding! And yet, he isn't banned! Q: What is this? ->
  10. A: Yes. "Hey Z3RB1AN, go make a topic in General called Post your MS Art. I guarantee that he will spam the topic!" Q: If SanZoR stops spamming, start using search and thinks before he makes a post/topic, would you forgive him?
  11. A: Yes, as he didn't reply to my Q. Q: Should Lil'San^,^u<3 be officially renamed to Biggie'SpamZoR^,^u<3?
  12. A: Fuck? Q: Post a quote unrelated to this thread.
  13. A: Arr, ye is confused. September ya 19th is talk like ye pirate day. Shall all speak like a pirate until the day is over! Q: Ye loves a bottle of ale?
  14. SanZoR/Lil'San^,^u<3, you've ruined your reputation here and I doubt you'll earn it back. You also make useless topic/posts, which most be easily answered by google.com Now's probability good time for you to leave the forum for a bit (in my opinion)
  15. A: Nothing! But it seems the only thing that will stop this topic is a lock. I didn't know Lil'San^,^u<3 would do such a thing. Congrats to BrophY for saving the topic. Q: Does this thread needs a plot?
  16. Oh fuck no! This IS the END! Also, YAYZ for Bush saying September 11th!!11!1
  17. A: No... I don't have a car. But if I did have a car, I'm sure it would be on par with Joneline's V-Dub (I'm not made of money). Q: Is it me or is zion's questions retarded?
  18. A: Thank god! Just the person this forum needs. Q: Wow, I'd expected this page to be over within a hour like page 99... Hmm, does this mean BLAST is getting old?
  19. Lággy

    Object limit

    Doubt it. Because (I think) it violates of the EULA and the MTA devs are trying to make a mod which doesn't go against the EULA.
  20. Lággy

    Object limit

    The limit is controlled by the GTA engine, not BLUE. There's nothing much the dev team can do to change the object limit. It's all up to the mapper. The object limit is something like... Hope I helped.
  21. Not true, I can name a few maps which I would call bug free. Thanks for the info. Yeah, I know about these bugs. In fact, dinghy falls has about 9 bugs (V4), but I'm not bothered to go and fix them (OMG LAZY MAPPER, KILL KILL KILL) Maybe I'll do some '1 year' edition or something, I do need the money lose hope? I doubt he will lose hope from my post. Oh, it's a test map... In that case, it's kick ass. I'd like to see the final result! (please don't sue me)
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