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  1. Holy fuck GF, you're still alive?! Why were you banned?
  2. Jani

    Error 8

    Try updating to the latest version of libcurl.
  3. As far as I know this is a server problem? Try joining another server, pick one with loads of players in it.
  4. I use the Sarge build on Sarge, it works fine
  5. I'm sure Jacob released the source to SA2P - the first true multiplayer mod for GTASA
  6. this topic gives me a lol feeling inside
  7. Jani

    Making a server

    Ask him to disable it. Or get your own pc lol. Failing those two, duct tape and hammer.
  8. Tommis, read viewtopic.php?f=90&t=21335 I know it's not a solution, but it has the answer to the problem. Jax tells me it will be fixed in DP3.
  9. Wishlist: Linux version lol
  10. Very simple and useful script indeed. To use it, follow these steps: Upload the zip file to your server's resources directory. If you are using a httpmirror, create a folder named antinamecheat and extract the two files into it, and upload the folder to your mirror server. The script needs kick privileges so you need to add it to your access control list. The easiest way to do this is create a new group which has ONLY the kick privilege, so if anything goes horribly wrong with the script, the most it can do is kick. To do this, I first need to create an ACL which allows members to use the kickPlayer function. This is simple, and in my example I will call my ACL Onlykick. In my acl.xml, it looks like this: <acl name="Onlykick"> <right name="function.kickPlayer" access="true"/> </acl> Now you need to create a group which will link the resource and the ACL. In this example I will call my group ackick. It should look as follows in acl.xml: <group name="ackick"> <acl name="Onlykick"/> <object name="resource.antinamecheat"/> </group> The resource now has permission to use function.kickPlayer, the only administrative function it requires to work. If you want the server to load the anticheat kicker upon startup, you should add the following line to your mtaserver.conf: <resource src="antinamecheat" startup="1" protected="0"/>
  11. As long as they are only the default resources, and not custom ones, you can use mine: http://dedicated.janipewter.net/mtasadm/resources/
  12. It now appears that this is caused by the MTA software itself, and is not due to a configuration error. This is a snippet of chat from IRC:
  13. You have to kill the server before you edit the files. If you edit it while the server is running and restart it, they will revert back. viewtopic.php?f=95&t=21243
  14. Still get DE9 with DP2. Upon joining, resource files are created in the clients local resources folder, but no data is put in to the files and they all stay at 0kb. mtaserver.conf: <config> <!-- This parameter specifies the name of the server, visible in the ingame server browser or in ASE. It's a required parameter. --> <servername>24/7 Teamwars</servername> <!-- This parameter specifies the IP address on which the server. It's useful for servers which have multiple IP addresses attached to them. If left blank, it will default to server's standard local IP. --> <serverip></serverip> <!-- This parameter specifies the Maximum Transmission Unit or maximum packet size that the server will use. This will depend on the nature of your clients, as well as the network medium your server is connected to. --> <mtusize>1264</mtusize> <!-- This parameter specifies the UDP port on which the server will be accepting incoming player connections; default value: 22003. It's a required parameter. --> <serverport>22004</serverport> <!-- This parameter specifies the number of maximum player slots available on the server; default value: 32. It's a required parameter. --> <maxplayers>128</maxplayers> <!-- This parameter specifies whether the builtin http server is going to be used. Values: 0 - disabled , 1 - enabled ; default value: 1. Optional parameter. --> <httpserver>1</httpserver> <!-- This parameter specifies the TCP port on which the server will be accepting incoming http connections. It can be set to the same value as <serverport>. It's a required parameter if <httpserver> is set to 1. --> <httpport>22125</httpport> <!-- This parameter specifies whether connecting players will be able to download needed resources for them from an external site rather than from the server. 0 - disabled , 1 - enabled; default value: 0. --> <httpdownload>1</httpdownload> <!-- If set, this parameter specifies the external URL from which clients will be able to download needed resources ingame. Required parameter if <httpdownload> is set to 1. --> <httpdownloadurl>http://dedicated.janipewter.net/mtasadm/resources</httpdownloadurl> <!-- This parameter can be used to make the server report to ASE master servers, allowing it to be visible in the ingame server browser. An additional UDP port needs to be available for this to work (value from <serverport> + 123 , so on a default <serverport> value 22003 the right port will be 22126 ). Available values: 0 - disabled , 1 - enabled. Optional parameter, defaults to 0. --> <ase>1</ase> <!-- If set, players will have to provide a password specified below, before they can connect to the server. If left blank, server doesn't require a password from them. --> <password></password> <!-- Specifies a location and name of the main server log file. If left blank, server won't be saving this file. --> <logfile>logs/server.log</logfile> <!-- This parameter specifies a location and name of the Access Control List settings file. If left blank, server will use acl.xml file. --> <acl>acl.xml</acl> <!-- Specifies a location and name of the debugscript log file. If left blank, server won't be saving this file. --> <scriptdebuglogfile>logs/scripts.log</scriptdebuglogfile> <!-- Specifies a level of the debugscript log file. Available values: 0, 1, 2, 3. When not set, defaults to 0. --> <scriptdebugloglevel>0</scriptdebugloglevel> <!-- Specifies a level of the html debug. Available values: 0, 1, 2, 3. When not set, defaults to 0. --> <htmldebuglevel>0</htmldebuglevel> <!-- Specifies the module(s) which are loaded with the server. To load several modules, add more <module> parameter(s). Optional parameter. --> <!-- <module>sample_win32.dll</module> --> <!-- <module>sample_linux.so</module> --> <!-- Specifies resources that are loaded when the server starts and/or which are protected from being stopped. To specify several resources, add more <resource> parameter(s). --> <resource src="admin" startup="1" protected="1"/> <resource src="helpmanager" startup="1" protected="0"/> <resource src="mapcycler" startup="1" protected="0"/> <resource src="mapmanager" startup="1" protected="0"/> <resource src="resourcebrowser" startup="1" protected="1" default="true"/> <resource src="resourcemanager" startup="1" protected="1"/> <resource src="scoreboard" startup="1" protected="0"/> <resource src="spawnmanager" startup="1" protected="0"/> <resource src="votemanager" startup="1" protected="0"/> <resource src="webadmin" startup="1" protected="0"/> </config> HTTP resources directory: http://dedicated.janipewter.net/mtasadm/resources Server OS: Debian 3.1 Server used: Debian 3.1 (duh) Screenshot: Someone please tell me where I'm going wrong.
  15. On a server running Debian 4.0 (and possibly other operating systems and versions), if accounts.xml (and possibly acl.xml and mtaserver.conf) are edited and saved whilst the server is running, and the server is then restarted, the file will revert back to its original state (before editing). Solution: ensure your server is NOT running before you edit these files.
  16. Jani

    0kb file bug

    When joining a server running Debian 4.0, download error 9 is experienced. Afterwards, upon inspection of local "resources" directory, it is obvious that resource files and folders have been created but all files are 0kb. Example:
  17. gamemode for example gamemode cdm cdm-ls
  18. In that case you haven't configured your mtaserver.conf properly As for the OP's issue, have you modified that file at all? Which distro are you using, and which version of the server did you download?
  19. That already exists. lol.
  20. It would be great if the web admin was actually more like web admin, eg adding kick/ban buttons and maybe a chat relay so that an admin on the web admin can see chat/kills etc and also talk to the players. A kill/restart server button in the web admin would also do wonders. Ps. the admin system is AWESOME.
  21. Jani


    You've posted this in the wrong section, AND your question is already answered in the FAQ.
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