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What is your first MTA Memory?

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I remember the first day I joined. Didn't know what the hell was going on. At first I thought that you team with the same spawn characters. I got shot dead all the time.

That WAS the idea but you see what happens on the honor system.

As for the warez well... that doesn't deserve the title of warez :roll: of course I bought my GTAs when I got a computer for them (honest!)

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Oh damn this brings back memorys, my first memory was with mad_boy i believe on some gta modding ircchannel, he said something i can't remember and i joined first beta of mta:vc.

I remember running around at that club that starts with like m or something, then everyone would camp at the cars and just blow everyone up and then you crash and joins again and damn, that was so fucking fun.

Then with Thargore and his huge jump over those cars in some beta later damn, that was so fun to watch.

I also remembers all the bad stuff i did back then in 2003, a stuntmovie that was in slowmotion all the time, my grammar was just wrong, well it still is but not as bad as 2003.

I know i should remember some more but i'm too tired to think, there was atleast two more people i knew from that irc that started to play mta:vc at the same time, don't know if i'm sure but i think one of them was gamefreek lets just blame that i'ts 05:34 in the morning so i'm too tired to remember.

Now when i got this emmotional i can't remember why i started to get pissed at mad_boy we rubbed eachothers all day long before, well maybe not exactly.

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I remember waiting for the first mta to come out, then BAM!

I won't lie, I was a little disappointed, but I thought "They have come this far, it should get much better!"

Low and behold, it got WAY better, now I anxiosly awaiting the Blue platform so I can pwn some noobs in San Andreas, and have some lan parties at home teaching my friends humiliation.

BTW what happened to MrBump? He and I caused much havoc, I wanna do it again!

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