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  1. haha, i will look into changing your weapons when i get a chance
  2. ReV added. i cannot put the gates that SiN has there.. if your spawn was a garage like theirs, i probably could. but it would look really funny to have a garage style door without an enclosing to surround it... you're stuck with the typical gates.
  3. [spT] has been accepted $VL$ has been accepted [TP] has been accepted.
  4. choice of 6 vehicles* sorry no police issue or race vehicles. (like nrg, sandking, hotring, bloodring as these are reserved for special places on the map)
  5. We are now taking (new 9/19/09) Gang applications. All participating gangs are provided with their own custom spawn, with exclusive clan password, skin of choice, base pickups(weapon, health, and armor), choice of 6 vehicles, gates, and weapons of their choice(melee, pistol, primary). To be considered for your custom spawn your clan must be establish for some time, must have at least 5 (active) members, and your members must be on the server almost daily. We ARE hosted in Dallas, TX. USA. We accept any and all foreign gangs. Current Clans: [MM] SiN// [TM] [spT] $VL$ [TP] ReS Retired Clans: [sAS] -CC- XK- [EC] What is FreeState Project? The FreeState Project server is a custom modded Multi-Theft Auto server. The overall goal of the server is to provide the RPG experiece of some servers without the strict rules forcing you to follow your class. On freestate there are the RPG elements that many love, without the strict guidelines. Here if you want to be a cop and go out a shooting rampage you can with out fear of being banned or kicked. But on the same token if you want to take the role of a cop and follow as intended you can do that as well, you even get paid to do various jobs. Much thought and collaborations have been put into this server with help from veteran MTA players. The ultimate idea is to have a self-sustaining server with scripts to take care of the typical 'hacker'. We want to keep the option of Deathmatch along with the combination of some RPG scripts (hence SemiRPG). With different classes, you will make money to deathmatch, some classes, you can make money in a peaceful manner. We leave your civil rights to you, the people, to do as they please! Please register on our forum for more information http://freestateproject-gta.com our IRC channel is #fsp Rules: Absolutely No Cheating, Modding, or use of Trainers. This is Deathmatch with RPG Scripts - Killing is ALLOWED!! Please be respectful and enjoy your right to free speech. Cheaters and spammers shall be kicked/banned! What we have so far: Classes: --Police get paid to kill wanted players, even more to arrest! Use your nitestick to arrest, then take them back to the PD to get paid! Type /wanted to see the wanted list. --Medics get paid by healing with ambulance or fist!. Injured players type /medic to request a medic. --Gangs get paid by killing rival gangs! Kills double in value up to 10 times for streaks! --Robbers get paid by jacking cars from players, then taking them to the chopshop! Once you jack them, follow the car blip on the radar to find the chopshop. --Pizzaboys get paid to deliver pizzas! Go inside the pizza shop and get your order from behind the counter, follow the other pizza blip on your radar to the house for delivery! --Bodyguards get paid by protecting people. When the player has cash you will get paid, you also get paid for killing those who injure them. They must type /bodyguard to request your assistance. --Taxi drivers get paid by the minute to give rides in their taxi, to be requested they must type /taxi. Follow the gray blip to find them. --Hookers get paid for blowjobs! You must crouch in front of the person without a weapon in hand, and right click. --Truckers make money delivering goods! Hop in your big rig to start your mission! --Mechanics make money repairing cars! Use your spraycan to fix vehicles! Citywide: -Ammunation, Restaurants, Bank, and Pay n Spray are functional! -Transfender is open and functional! -Wanted in LV? Just pickup a police bribe to reduce your wanted level. -Enjoy a nice boxing match at our Gym! -Drop by our Dirtring Stadium for racing, demolition derby, and motocross trials! -Enjoy our sexy bitches at 2 Strip Clubs in the city! -Wanna go dancing? we have animations binded with number keys! Server commands: type "/register pass" to register with the server. type "/login pass" to login. type "/bankhelp" for bank help! type "/medic" for a medic! type "/taxi" for a taxi! type "/countdown" for a countdown! type "/location nickname" for the location of that player type "/wanted to see wanted players What's to come: Many scripts are updated constantly, some have been and are already complete (in order by priority) *Bank fixes (so no more accounts being wiped!) [uPDATED! FIXED!!!!!] *Player/Gang/Admin login script [uPDATED! FIXED!!!!!] *Vehicle Idle respawn fix [uPDATED! FIXED!!!!!] *Gang ammunition pickup for their bases [uPDATED! FIXED!!!!!] *Civilian Jobs! [uPDATED! [MOSTLY DONE] *Gamemodes (King of the Pyramid, Manhunt, Capture the Whoopee) [uPDATED! FIXED!!!!!] *Properties (buyable houses, and businesses which generate money) [uPDATED! FIXED!!!!!] *Dealerships (to buy vehicle spawns for your properties) On behalf of FREE STATE PROJECT we would like to thank the following: Aret - Spawn Gui, Vehicle script Ooso - Properties, King Of The Hill, Location, Wanted list Erorr404 - Arrest, Medic, Bodyguard, and Taxi scripts 50p - Modshop, Bank, Trucker, Pizzaboy, Various bug fixes Dejected - Gate script, Manhunt, Mechanic, Various bug fixes Slothman - Wanted levels, Hooker, Boxing, and Bum script Cain & Abel - Warp script, number animations Cybersurfer - Capture the Whoopee Felonious - Security, Robber scripts
  6. if anyone wants to let me fight for them i would love to get a ronseal in my sights!
  8. nick


    sure i'll pay for you.
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    domain is less than 6 dollars a year you cheap-asses.
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