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  1. =BDC=Kenny

    Passing by...

    I don't remember you either
  2. =BDC=Kenny

    I'm back!

    I don't remember you.
  3. =BDC=Kenny

    MTA:VC 0.5

    Yeah, RS at Prawn Island is the best.
  4. =BDC=Kenny

    MTA:VC 0.5

    Long live jumping with the stubby shotgun.
  5. Hey guys, I have a cool join date too.
  6. I meant on the VC and the GTA3.
  7. I think its pretty sad to hear about the promised "MTA Blue" in my MTA days but when I come back years later it was never released, or isn't intended to be.
  8. I highly doubt Rockstar would fuck up their own game, but I'm really happy to hear the news that GTAIV is finally coming to the PC. I was heart broken when I thought that it would only come out on the super-expensive PS3, I'm happy now though ! When's the last time I posted?
  9. http://www.nbc10.com/news/15734256/detail.html
  10. A: Moar liek banana knobbing contest. Q: Co$ or Raptor Jesus?
  11. Heh, I used to camp 5 hours in RS. Good times.
  12. Sure! I can let you borrow my VHS! You just need to go to Thailand.
  13. =BDC=Kenny

    Your MTA History!

    Uh. MTA:VC 0.3b - =BDC= MTA:VC 0.4 - =BDC= MTA:VC 0.4.1 - =BDC= MTA:VC 0.5 - =BDC= GTA3:MTA - =BDC= That pretty much sums it up.
  14. A: It needs moar vespene gas. Q: how do i revived B.L.A.S.T.?
  15. Grove Street for life bitches.
  17. I should like, get this game.
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