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  1. Well, my MTA:SA server is using 5.3mbit a second (quite a lot) right now whilst full with 32 players.. that's about 160Kb/s per player. If this was constant then it'd use around 1.6TB of bandwidth a month ..which is a lot more than 200gb. I'm not trying to put you off ordering your server or anything - just warning you.
  2. Mmm, I disagree - the hardware should be fine but if the server is going to be popular, 200gb traffic isn't enough
  3. Looks like you're either being blocked by the actual server or you're being blocked by the router on hop 16. I've seen quite a few people with a problem similar to yours recently - this thread comes to mind and it's an example of a problem which is almost identical to yours.
  4. You can? I didn't think the protocol allowed players to PM admins in this version of MTA:SA
  5. It isn't possible in MTASA (without showing your password to everyone) because players can't send PMs to admins. If you meant in MTA 0.5, Get Oli's GRS script from here: http://www.mta-fmj.com/mtama.exe
  6. I've emailed Nicky (the owner of the server) with a link to this thread for you
  7. Is that a good or bad thing?
  8. It happens when two clients connect during a map change and the second one joins the game before the first one, messing up the spawns. The MTA team know about this though and I've been told a server patch will be coming soon.
  9. People who use hacker in their name are generally 12 or something. Anyway ontopic - lots of people have already done this and mirrors that aren't on free hosting will be on http://light.mtavc.com somewhen soon. EDIT: lol, you can't even download it. Hotlink protection ftw
  10. I've seen a lot of people with this problem already..hope it will be sorted soon
  11. Pff, thats just my random spammy spamvertiser. If you checked it a few hours ago you would have noticed it had been frozen on advertising MTA:SA 1.1
  12. There is no MTA official server for SA..also, Porkus Gangster will soon be banned from uploading maps Everyone seems to hate them.
  13. littlewhitey

    ban problems

    Remove their IP from the banned.lst file...
  14. They shouldn't need to though - that's the problem..
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