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Found 13 results

  1. Peace on you . Why do we use " shader " and make the value " texture " to change element texture instead of use "Texture" directly ? Why we need to make shader first ? Thanks !
  2. I created a script to set texture when player joins the car, (EngineApplyShaderToWorldTexture), but work only client-side, i wanna other players see the texture from the car, not only the local player see self texture. How i can create a script like this?
  3. Hello everyone! So I'm trying to model a lightbar on the LSPD police car. I use blender with the GTA SA script. My problem is with the TXD file. As long as I put only one of the textures in the TXD file, the game loads it and it is visible on the lightbar. Problems happen when I put more of the textures into the TXD file. When I try to load the TXD with 2 of the textures in it, I get the "Error Loading TXD" message. Wonder if anyone here knows why it's doing this. I use TXDWorkshop to assemble the TXD files, and I extracted the copcarla.txd file from the GTA3.img file and modified it. Thanks in advance!
  4. Hello all. I have a few questions. When you fly by plane or by car. The textures of the roads, mountains are poorly loaded. But when you drive close, the texture quality becomes good. How to fix it? Also loading objects. Maybe the server should increase the distance of drawing objects, buildings, trees. The texture is of poor quality. Although the distance is small Trees bug texture this can still be seen on the ground
  5. Hi im using "UV scripted" shader to set textures to my objects but im wondering if I can set texture color in MTA using shaders? This method is possible in SAMP by setting the "materialcolor" parametr using the SetObjectMaterial function. I would like to use it like changing the texture scale in UV Scripted, its just: dxSetShaderValue ( myShader, "gUVScale", 1, 1); and the scale changes. I would like to have something like this dxSetShaderValue ( myShader, "gUVColor", 255, 0, 0); for red color. Does anyone know how to do it?
  6. So guys, I made my own mod, the DFF and COL file both work fine, but the TXD isn't loading, it returns this error WARNING: UGAmodloader\client.lua:54: Error loading TXD @ 'engineLoadTXD' [objects/chests/chest.txd] I use a modloader from the community, it works fine with the rest of mods, but this one has errors, I think the problem is from the TXD file, can anyone check it? PS: I use .tga files in TXD https://www.upload.ee/files/8647584/chest.txd.html here is the TXD file
  7. Previously I had a resource, that in the podia within the game, to know what texture they were in a radius of X meters. That is to say that the name of all the DFF appeared before me, and I did not have to search for the name or id of the object manually.
  8. Hello community! I'm developing a "different textures in the same gun" project, but I need to replace the original model with a transparent DFF and TXD, but I do not have it. Could any of you pass me the transparent DFF and TXD so I can replace it with the weapons model?
  9. Hello there, I am beginner mapper, currently I am good at the map editor. But I see a lot of maps with textures here and I want to texture a building and then add it to a samp server. Since I am new to this.. I wish someone could give me a guide. THANKS.
  10. Всем привет, мб кто нибудь шарит в шейдерах. Вопрос следующего характера, необходимо покрасить наложенные на автомобиль четыре обьекта (колёса кастомные). Название текстуры у меня "body_k", написал саму систему, шейдер и при этом шейдер не очень хорошо понимает RGBA палитру. Только радикальные цвета будь то: 0,255,255,255; 255,0,0,255; 255,0,255 и т.д. При цвете например 75,0,255,255 выдает оттенок максимальный по заданым критериям, т.е. 255,0,255,255... Вот скриншот того, что пытаюсь реализовать:http://www.fotolink.su/pic_b/c03627c7d8665128f9c5ec7ecaf65c60.png (Не могу прикрепить почему-то изображение) Код шейдера: float4 gColor = float4(1,1,1,1); bool bIsGTADiffuse = true; //--------------------------------------------------------------------- // Include some common stuff //--------------------------------------------------------------------- #include "mta-helper.fx" //--------------------------------------------------------------------- // Sampler for the main texture //--------------------------------------------------------------------- sampler Sampler0 = sampler_state { Texture = (gTexture0); }; //--------------------------------------------------------------------- // Structure of data sent to the vertex shader //--------------------------------------------------------------------- struct VSInput { float3 Position : POSITION0; float4 Diffuse : COLOR0; float2 TexCoord : TEXCOORD0; }; //--------------------------------------------------------------------- // Structure of data sent to the pixel shader ( from the vertex shader ) //--------------------------------------------------------------------- struct PSInput { float4 Position : POSITION0; float4 Diffuse : COLOR0; float2 TexCoord : TEXCOORD0; }; //------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ // VertexShaderFunction // 1. Read from VS structure // 2. Process // 3. Write to PS structure //------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ PSInput VertexShaderFunction(VSInput VS) { PSInput PS = (PSInput)0; // Calculate screen pos of vertex PS.Position = MTACalcScreenPosition ( VS.Position ); // Pass through tex coord PS.TexCoord = VS.TexCoord; // Calculate GTA lighting for buildings float4 Diffuse = MTACalcGTABuildingDiffuse( VS.Diffuse ); PS.Diffuse = 0; if (bIsGTADiffuse) PS.Diffuse = Diffuse; else PS.Diffuse = float4(1,1,1,Diffuse.a); PS.Diffuse *= gColor; return PS; } //------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ // PixelShaderFunction // 1. Read from PS structure // 2. Process // 3. Return pixel color //------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ float4 PixelShaderFunction(PSInput PS) : COLOR0 { // Get texture pixel float4 texel = tex2D(Sampler0, PS.TexCoord); // Apply diffuse lighting float4 finalColor = texel * PS.Diffuse; return finalColor; } //------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ // Techniques //------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ technique colorize { pass P0 { VertexShader = compile vs_2_0 VertexShaderFunction(); PixelShader = compile ps_2_0 PixelShaderFunction(); } } // Fallback technique fallback { pass P0 { // Just draw normally } } Код наложение цвета, через шейдерную обработку на одно из колёс транспортного средства: local colorShader = dxCreateShader("shader.fx") local _, _, _, wheelsColorR, wheelsColorG, wheelsColorB = getVehicleColor(source, true) outputChatBox("#FFFFFFColor: R"..wheelsColorR.." G"..wheelsColorG.." B"..wheelsColorB, 0, 0, 0, true) local wheelsColor = {wheelsColorR, wheelsColorG, wheelsColorB, 255} dxSetShaderValue(colorShader, "gColor", wheelsColor) engineApplyShaderToWorldTexture(colorShader, "body_k", car_wheels[carID][1]) Need help!
  11. How can i just apply the same shader to the same texture twice? I want to make a car vinyl system, but the last shader i've created overwrites the others. Any idea?
  12. Well, I want to make some skin TXDs for some donators; example; local skinShaders = { ["blid1"] = {"infernus.txd", "Infernus"}, } and I want to make this table if k == getAccountName(acc) then EngineApplyShaderToWorldTexture. end I want to enable the mod only for that person, but everyone can see it, any help?
  13. dugasz1

    3D dxDraw

    Hello everybody. I would like to draw in 3D. I use DxDrawMaterialLine3D for it. So i have a background image but i want to write text to it and draw recentagles to it. Is it possible? Can i somehow set the dxDrawText output to my background texture?
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