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Found 18 results

  1. How To Lock .txd File & .dff Files
  2. Hi, I made an interior for the Unity Station, Los Santos. With day/night ilumination. Including a decorative little map. Check it at my channel! I accept Paypal!
  3. PAY METHOD: PAYPAL. PRICE: TALKING WITH CLIENT. Hi, I made this project a month ago, and finally is finished. I've recreated the Dubai's Audi Terminal (Audi Dubai Showroom Al Nabooda Automobiles LLC), in a 3D Model for GTA San Andreas, I tried to texturize the most HD possible, but you can change it whenever you want from the TXD file. If you want to load this model in your roleplay server of MTA (Multi Theft Auto), contact me on DISCORD! My user is below: ---[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[----Andrewss2#2404----]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]---- If you want the map (Decoration) too, let me know and we can make a deal. Details of the model on Discord :), feel comfortable asking me!. See ya :D. Shaders were used in the video: MTA San Andreas - Carshow Audi [Model 3D] - Vídeo Dailymotion
  4. Eu peguei uma skin da net que supostamente ela foi feita com varias camadas para txd de roupas e etc... Porem eu sou novo mexendo com modelagens e texturas no MTA, Gostaria de saber se alguem sabe algum jeito de eu trocar camada por camada? Imagem da modelagem que mostra as camadas: https://prnt.sc/veg627 no jogo a skin vem padrão "nua"
  5. Hello community, i've made a simple loader script to replace the stock gas station in Los Santos, the assets seem to load and i see that mta tries to load the model but it doesn't in the end. Stock Gas Station Remains. Also no errors or anything in debugscript 3. here's my code i can't find the mistake here. Thanks local Models = { laepetrol1a = 5409, washgaspump = 1676, } local Textures = { barrio1_lae = 5409, wshxrefpump = 1676, } local COLS = { lae_4 = 1676, } local SHELL_PATH = "assets/Shell/" addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart", resourceRoot, function() -- Load Textures First for name, id in pairs(Textures) do local txd = engineLoadTXD ( SHELL_PATH .. name .. ".txd" ) engineImportTXD ( txd, id ) outputDebugString("GasStation: Loaded TXD (" .. SHELL_PATH .. name .. ".txd) | ID: " .. id) end for name, id in pairs(Models) do local dff = engineLoadDFF ( SHELL_PATH .. name .. ".dff" ) engineReplaceModel ( dff, id ) outputDebugString("GasStation: Loaded DFF (" .. SHELL_PATH .. name .. ".dff) | ID: " .. id) end for name, id in pairs(COLS) do local col = engineLoadCOL ( SHELL_PATH .. name .. ".col" ) --engineReplaceCOL ( col, id ) outputDebugString("GasStation: Loaded COL (" .. SHELL_PATH .. name .. ".col) | ID: " .. id) end end)
  6. السلام عليكم ياشباب انا عندي مجسم ستراحة وابي اركبه على مثلن اي مجسم بيت من مجسمات قراند الاصليه ولكن صيغت الملف بس obj وحولتها الى dff ومحتاج col كيف اقدر اسويه وهل ضروري يكون فيه ملف Txd
  7. شباب انا عندي مودات معطيني اياها صديقي ومعه ميتا وكل شئ ومعي مفتاح فك التشفير بس المشكله ما اعرف من وين افك التشفير حقها
  8. Please help me how to add anim for objects local function loadobj(resource) col178 = engineLoadCOL('Tube50mGlass1.col') txd178 = engineLoadTXD('MatTextures.txd') dff178 = engineLoadDFF('Tube50mGlass1.dff', 0) engineReplaceCOL(col178, 1833) engineImportTXD(txd178, 1833) engineReplaceModel(dff178, 1833) col901 = engineLoadCOL('AnimTube.col') txd901 = engineLoadTXD('MatTextures.txd') dff901 = engineLoadDFF('AnimTube.dff', 0) engineReplaceCOL(col901, 1858) engineImportTXD(txd901, 1858) engineReplaceModel(dff901, 1858) engineSetModelLODDistance(1833, 299) engineSetModelLODDistance(1858, 299) engineLoadIFP( "AnimTube.ifp", MatTextures ) end addEventHandler('onClientResourceStart', getResourceRootElement(getThisResource()), loadobj) How to add animation for MatTextures using engineReplaceAnimation ?
  9. This forum section ("Modelling" subforum) is intended to discuss any GTA modelling-related subject, ranging from seeking advice/help from fellow modellers (like model troubleshooting or issues encountered while 3D modelling), sharing of knowledge, and casual discussion. To keep this section organized, please be so kind to follow these posting guidelines (tags in topic title): [QUESTION] How can I do/achieve something with modelling? Why does this happen? [ISSUE] / [BUG] Why do I experience this specific issue with my model? [BEGINNER] How do I create or start working on a model of this type/to fit these specific requirements? [KNOWLEDGEBASE] Topics with aggregated useful information, reversal, or known issues you've encountered and want to inform others about how to avoid. If something is a step-to-step guide aimed at completing one specific task, it should go into Modelling > Tutorials instead. Example types of 'modelling' work that can be discussed in this section: - DFF (3D) modelling - COL (collision) modelling - TXD (texture) & material stuff General forum rules also apply to this section, but aside that we would like to ask you to treat everyone with respect, regardless of their skill in modelling. If someone posts content or questions that you think are trivial or low quality, please remember that you have also been a novice modeller once. Real skill is gained over time, so everyone should have a chance to learn. If you are a more experienced modeller and put effort into helping others or even taught them how to model up from the beginning, you can have a potentially great impact on the individual's future as modeller as you are shaping their foundation. Your work will be appreciated, and others will be ready to help you out if you ever need it.
  10. So guys, I made my own mod, the DFF and COL file both work fine, but the TXD isn't loading, it returns this error WARNING: UGAmodloader\client.lua:54: Error loading TXD @ 'engineLoadTXD' [objects/chests/chest.txd] I use a modloader from the community, it works fine with the rest of mods, but this one has errors, I think the problem is from the TXD file, can anyone check it? PS: I use .tga files in TXD https://www.upload.ee/files/8647584/chest.txd.html here is the TXD file
  11. Hello everyone, I'm basically new to 3Ds Max, I downloaded a 3ds max treasure chest object mod from the web, edited its size the fit the replaced DFF, and the expirted it ignoring the COL file, so when I loaded the mod, nothing happened, not even a single change, the mod is still the same, and a friend of mine told me that the DFF file is blank, it shows nothing in the DFF viewer, Do you know what shall I do ?
  12. Hi, Im trying to import some objects from GTA IV to my MTA Server. I watched some videos and in result I made dff, col and txd file. When I uploaded it to my server the object model was exactly like I want it to be. The collision was working fine too, but the object texture was blank - it looks like the same with the txd file teplaced and without the txd file replaced, so I think that the problem is with this file. I was trying to find a solution but it didnt give an effect. For better clarity I'm explaining how I add an material to the object. https://imgur.com/a/laikQkp - Please read the descriptions of the images, start reading from the bottom of the page. Please help me and dont know what am I doing wrong.
  13. Can someone help me? DOWNLOAD SCAN
  14. Alguém poderia tira essa duvida de mim? Existe algum script ou algum bloqueador que quando a pessoa baixa a .txd. Deleta aquela automaticamente para ela não roubar. Pois é meio chato você fazer texturas e algumas pessoas meio que roubam.
  15. Hi Please i need function if checkbox checked txd will be remplaced if unchek Return Normal
  16. Всем привет! Давно хотел попробовать себя в моделировании, но то времени особо не было, то не знал что же делать и для чего. Решил начать с малого, руку так сказать набить - переделка оригинальных объектов. Скины и машины решил оставить на потом, т.к там кажется больше нюансов нужно учитывать. Итак, к проблеме. Работаю я в Autodesk 3ds Max 2011, с кам скриптами. После экспорта в dff,txd и col файлов, столкнулся с проблемой, мои объекты "не сочетаются" с игровым миром. Днем они яркие, но не сильно выделяются, ночью же светятся ярче лампы. Подскажите пожалуйста где смотреть, что почитать, или что я неправильно экспортирую, спасибо всем откликнувшимся!
  17. Well, I want to make some skin TXDs for some donators; example; local skinShaders = { ["blid1"] = {"infernus.txd", "Infernus"}, } and I want to make this table if k == getAccountName(acc) then EngineApplyShaderToWorldTexture. end I want to enable the mod only for that person, but everyone can see it, any help?
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