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  1. Servidor Mta San Andreas Gamemode De Verona RolePlay Es a Base De DownTown Contiene MYSQL Plantilla Del Servidor De Discord Verona RolePlay Link De La Plantilla: https://discord.new/XddwWAAfCcBW Link De la Gamemode: https://www.mediafire.com/file/epjnvg6p4t1nvyi/Verona+Roleplay.rar/file
  2. Gamemode Servidor MTA: https://www.mediafire.com/file/hyeoz8ct4xa6wj5/Compton+Roleplay.rar/file Gamemode Compton Roleplay con base de chicago roleplay y otra en downtown SQLLITE y la otra version tiene MYSQL Planilla Del Servidor Compton RolePlay: https://discord.new/7r2fqxVvaxKT
  3. GAMEMODE VIRUSZ MTA DAYZ - ENG This is a complete game mode for MTA:SA that includes: - HUD Weapons, Vest, Helmet, Thirst and Hunger - HUD Helmet and Vest - Patent and experience - Exclusive inventory - Various weapons - VIP System - Sync system - Many modified weapons. - Various backpacks. - Crosshairs Panel. - Boss, zombie, bot system. - Patent/level system. - Weapon shot trace system. - Modeled base. - PT/BR Este é um modo de jogo completo para MTA:SA que inclui: - HUD Armas, Colete, Capacete, Sede e Fome - HUD Capacete e Colete - Patente e experiência - Inventário exclusivo - Varias Armas - Sistema VIP - Sistema de Sync - Muitas armas modificadas. - Varias mochilas. - Painel de Miras. - Sistema de boss, zombie, bots. - Sistema de patente / level. - Sistema de traços de tiro das armas. - Base modelada. Shop: Payhip Discord Link: Discord
  4. Package includes: - Author's RPG gamemode - Author's player panel (vue + express) - Database (.sql) - Discord-MTA bot - Discord server (753 members) Package features: - Custom 3dtext - Administration system: - logging and reporting system - administrative commands system - punishment system - noclip - Custom animation system with an external editor - ATM system: - regular account - savings account (player receives 2% of their account daily) - organization account (if the player is in an organization and has permissions) - Autostart - Avatar system based on Discord-connected restApi - New custom blur system - Chat info - AUTHOR'S NEW SCRIPT CODING - Core: - Saving/loading vehicles and players - commands: /transfer, /givecash, /pm, /msg, /v (premium chat connected to Discord), /d (diamond rank chat connected to Discord) - ID system - player system - Custom colorful tire smoke system - New custom car system (custom IDs with functioning 4-door cars) - Dashboard: Tabs: - Account information: - Cash and bank balance - Registration date - Total playtime - Current session - Organization - Diamond status - Statistics: - Earned money - Spent money - Deaths - Kills - Vehicles: - Vehicle list - Vehicle information (maximum speed, acceleration, clutch, braking) - Skills: - Skills list - Crates: - Crate list: - Regular crate - Gold crate - Diamond crate - Sapphire crate - Crate opening - Shop - Linking Discord-MTA accounts - Account settings - Diagnostic system - Displays vehicle information - Discord-MTA API (sockets and http) - Administrative dryer system - Custom font system - Custom F11 with GPS - FPS counter - Stock market - Charts system - GUI system: - Checkboxes - Buttons - Editboxes with selection capability - Handling script for custom vehicles - HUD - Vehicle interaction - Jobs: - Trams: Coop: No Description: Classic AFK job - Courier: Coop: Yes Description: Choose whether to work solo or in coop, then choose courses from the computer (courses change only after completing the current one), load the delivery van, then select which neighborhood to start from under the K key, there is also the option to cancel a job, but then you get less money Upgrades: - Fast walking - Higher earnings - Adds one more neighborhood - Larger delivery van capacity - Gold package - Upgraded delivery van - Tow trucks: Coop: No Description: Start the job and choose whether to enable GPS, then go to the pickup and select from the list where you want to deliver the car and what. After selecting and waiting 10 seconds for loading, go to the destination, if you don't have an upgrade, you have to park perfectly in the parking line and then take the tow truck back to the base and get paid Upgrades: - Higher earnings - Fast unloading - Fast loading - Indestructible cargo - Removal of lines (during parking) - Upgraded tow truck - Golden courses - Warehouse worker: Coop: No Description: Classic package moving, there are several types of packages, e.g., electronics that are more expensive Upgrades: - Higher earnings - Fast walking - More valuable package (higher chance of getting a better package) - Golden package chance 1% multiplier + 2x - Lawnmower: Coop: No Description: Lawnmower job involves driving around designated areas and mowing grass. Each area has a difficulty level, which determines the amount of grass to mow and the bonus to earnings. The harder the area, the more grass to mow, but also the greater the reward. Upgrades: - Higher earnings - Better lawnmower (different vehicle and higher earnings) - Better lawnmowers x2 (different vehicle and higher earnings) - Mushroom picker: Coop: No Description: The mushroom picker job involves collecting suitable mushrooms into a basket. Depending on the type of mushroom collected, you will receive a larger or smaller bonus to earnings. By staying in the TOP 3 of the week, you will receive an additional bonus to earnings for the next week. Remember to pick edible mushrooms, additionally for collecting a poisonous mushroom you get a smaller bonus. Upgrades: - Sprinter - Higher earnings x1.2 - Basket enlargement - Sweepers: Coop: No Description: The sweeper job involves driving around the map and collecting garbage. Your goal is to tidy up the area by removing any debris and rubbish you find on your way. The more garbage you collect, the bigger bonus you get. Upgrades: - Higher earnings - Sweeper capacity - Faster sweeper - More garbage collection - Golden waste Transport companies: - There are 4 transport companies on the server, each with a different level and requirements. The better the company, the higher the earnings (it is possible to start your own company) Level system: - Each level has different requirements and rewards Resource loading/loading interiors Custom markers system Mechanic Model coding Custom name tags: - Ability to enable avatars in name tags in settings in the dashboard Login/registration system Login panel Notification system Announcement system: - Automatic announcement queuing - Cooldown Custom particles Player blips Terrain interaction Driver's license system: - Theory, practice Graphic coding/decoding system Graphic coding script so no one can steal them Fisher system (you need to buy a fishing rod, there is the possibility of renting a boat) Ghostmode system Turbo system with custom sounds Anticheat Advanced DM system Car models Building models Maps Organization zone system Custom player skins system Drug system (ability to buy drugs, sell drugs, process drugs, store drugs) Trailer synchronization system Taxi meter system (the client can choose a destination from a list or by selecting it on the map) Stereo system (music search based on custom restapi with YouTube) Custom station system (a station is a business that can be purchased, there is business management, the station owner can change fuel prices, and the station owner must deliver the fuel they buy from a local seller) Custom counter with gif or regular themes Drug selling system (local peds appear on the map to whom you can offer drugs, there is a chance that the ped will accept or reject the offer and then the SAPD will receive a notification) Showroom system with test drive capability Car RGB system (fluid RGB paintjob) Storage system RGB text system in nametags Visual tuner system Mechanical tuner system Component system Clean car system Factions: - SAPD (prison with the possibility of buying someone out, handcuffs, MDC panel, arrest system) - SAFD (firefighter system, fire extinguishers, hydrants) - SAMC (doctor system, first aid kits, defibrillator, animations) Faction management panel (faction statistics, member management, faction settings) Inventory system (with the ability to move items) Advanced tuning system: - MK1 - MK2 - MK3 - MK4 - Chiptuning - Turbo - Nitro - Variable drive - LPG - Taxi meter - Variable suspension - Traction control adjustment - Power adjustment - Tinted windows - Tinted lamps - Neons - Drift counter - Paintjob - Nitro - Steering angle adjustment - Brake adjustment - Mass adjustment Custom car config system, e.g., car can have config for drift and for speed (mechanic can set all of this) Office: Transferring vehicles to organizations, changing license plates, faction payouts Scoreboard Payment methods: Cryptocurrencies, BLIK, Bank transfer, Paypal, PSC SCREENSHOTS: https://imgur.com/a/IErYu3K (click link) VIDEO: https://streamable.com/hx8qzn VIDEO: https://streamable.com/fwmg7x VIDEO: https://streamable.com/rbg8uz VIDEO: https://streamable.com/ri6rk2 VIDEO: https://streamable.com/zngk4d VIDEO: https://streamable.com/4ve8fu DISCORD: .jvsh.
  5. After a decade of building the best known Roleplay script out there. The OwlGaming community has been the last large community that has maintained (and publicly released) the Valhalla Gaming Roleplay script, with all its resources ready for anyone to create their own server. However, before the release of the script that is now available on github. The developers have cleared some specific resources, files, and possibly certain configurations, which ultimately resulted in a untested , and often difficult to install gamemode. Even if you managed to get the server running, you already get faced with various challenges to get your account operational. And when you do get your character created, and you can roam around the map. Many features (such as chat) are not functional. This seems a disservice to what the initial gamemode, its growth, and dedication of many developers actively working on it to leave such a prominent gamemode broken on a public service. Therefore I have made a 69th fork of the gamemode, with the intention to get the gamemode in working condition. But I cannot do it alone. This is where I ask the community to band together, and give this gamemode the care it deserves. Github Repo: MittellBuurman/MTA-Roleplay-Community Discord: SourPatch GC If you're interested in participating or contributing. Feel free to send me a PM on discord, or join the server and get the ideas flowing. Hope to see you there!
  6. Hi, thought I would make a forum thread to document some progress on something I started creating a few weeks ago with my free time. In typical fashion, it doesn't have a name yet, but I will make sure this one won't stick and it will get a real name if it goes somewhere. (RIP Unnamed Roleplay™) It's a roleplaying gamemode from scratch(The core, it has some of my resource packages from my store and my old work) that is currently based in Liberty City. The plan is to create something with a nice little hint of realism, smooth gameplay and little to no Admin-interaction for seamless play. I'm currently working heavily on the inventory and weapon systems to bring something new and fresh to MTA Roleplay and I have a few videos showing this. You'll see the drag and drop functions of the inventory, opening elements, stacking, splitting, crafting and weapon play. Inventory System: If there is much interest in the videos and people following progress I will be happy to put in a little more effort showcasing it, ie; Longer videos, video portions of me scripting, publicize the Trello board etc. Currently you can catch more in my Discord Please feel free to make suggestions and comments - TM
  7. Gamemode: - Levels and experience - Top-gta inventory - Epic skins for all weapons. - Customized stock. - Zombies give experience. - VIP system - Armor system - Military Area 51 - Perfect PvP with no errors. - Reward system to level up. - As you level up, you get new dances and skins. - More than 30 weapons. - First person - Panel of 30 Crosshairs. - 5 different event systems. - More than 1000 zombies distributed on the map with respawn time. - Customization system to save the character. - Start custom session. - Lag-free citywide mapping with lag-free objects. - Customizable login music. - Clean gamemode made from 0 very easy to understand. SYSTEMS: Levels: When killing a zombie, you gain XP. Depending on the level, you will be spawned with different items. As you level up, you can unlock Skins, Emotes. If you're a VIP, you'll unlock better stuff. (Perfect for microtransactions) Zombie: It's a high-quality system that generates zombies with different characteristics at the coordinates you choose. There are civil, military and super fast zombies. You can choose whatever you like. Building System: A building system, where you get materials by cutting down trees with an axe. You can build the base you can imagine. As they can also raidearte to steal your objects. This generates a new gaming experience where players will have to take care of their bases by doing pvp. Loot: The map contains loot in all cities. But there are areas in particular that have more loot. This makes users closer to loot and generate PVP. ADDITIONAL FEATURES: + Exclusive mapping. + Base and raid building system + All scripts fully editable. and decompiled + VIP system BUY HERE: PayHip
  8. Hello dear Community. In this post i wanna release my Cops 'n' Robbers Gamemode which is complete Selfmade. Enjoy! Previews -> Click Download -> Click
  9. Sziasztok kezdem a save gondal ezt a hibát írja: [21-02-21 09:29:33] WARNING: sas_save/sourceS.lua:6: Bad argument @ 'getElementData' [Expected element at argument 1] mi lehet-a baja nem tudom, de minden este játszunk fel lépünk és az összes kocsi össze buggolva az autokernél 2. Gamemode, átt kellene írnom a GameMode-t de nem tudom hogy hol lehet 3. kíváncsiak vagyunk hogy este 5-6tól éjfélig játszunk és hogy 1hónap alatt hány percet játszunk, mert hétvégén délelött is játszunk 1 kicsit. Van a dashboard ott van hogy "timeinserver" azzal nem hiszem hogy baj van, ott a mysql, ott is ott van hogy "timeinserver" valamiért nem számolja, ez pici nehézséget okoz, mivel nem tudom hogy hól kezdjek hozzá. Segítségeket előre is köszönöm
  10. After 6 years and long time of myself being bored, I've decided to stop being bored and (re)do my old idea of Stargate gamemode for MTA:SA, because why not. The old post with description is here: Stargate gamemode for MTA:SA resurrected A gamemode for MTA:SA based on STARGATE: Horizon of the universe - GTA:SA mod (https://www.moddb.com/mods/stargate-horizon-of-the-universe; will be referred to as HoTU) and Stargate Carter's Addon Pack - Garry's Mod addon (https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=180077636; will be referred to as CAP) and of course the franchise Stargate (SG-1;Atlantis;Universe; see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stargate). This gamemode will (probably) contain most of, or at least many of elements from these two gamemodes and the franchise - Stargates (with all their beauty - dialling, transporting all elements, time travel, wormhole jumping, other physics), transport rings, planets (Earth/SGC, San Andreas, Atlantis, Destiny, Custom maps, ...) & atmosphere, energy system and more. Where is the gamemode from 2017? In void. All source files were deleted. This is however not a bad thing, because the source code was ugly, a one big non-effective spaghetti code (with exactly 0 cycles) that did not work nicely and performed poorly. That was the main reason alongside the high time consumption, why this gamemode/project was abandoned in 2017 (it took me many weeks to create just a one working stargate with not the best effects, results and physics - what I have completed now took me maybe 2 days in total). Current progress Q: When it will be done, final, completed? A: A little free time, coding only in free time, only when it's wanted, wanna speed up progress? Contribute. Q: Can I see some preview (trailer, demo) of the gamemode (current and previous)? A: If you want screenshots from the old gamemode, look in the old (2017) post. There are also some demos (videos, screenshots) from current gamemode at GitHub repository in branch previews (usually progress made in given release). For real-time updates about progress or changelogs, see GitHub repository (file README.md; differs across branches). What's needed to be done and is not completed? Everything that is unfinished or looks like it. It's found in GitHub repository in TBD.md file (separate branches contain their own file). Availability - Download, Contribute or Share This project is open-source. Gamemode with its updates, progress and source code is available at GitHub for everyone (even to contribute) at: https://github.com/horsecz/MTA-SA-StarGate-gamemode Main (release) branch represents the final gamemode. There are other branches, which are used for development of the gamemode. As the project is open-source, you can contribute to anything you want, as long as you: Create pull request with necessary information Use the (almost) same conventions for code Wait for the supreme court (me) to approve the pull request
  11. Hello there! Since not too many Classic Racing servers went for 1.6 yet (some DM / DD / Shooter etc.: servers did) I decided to launch a test server, for y'all if you want to check if anything changed in 1.6 for racing. SKC Vanilla also turned to 1.6 but they have very big ammount of maps & it might lag. My server doesn't have too many maps, scripts so it's perfect to test how things look: mtasa:// Check out F9 - RACE for more info, for commands etc.: I'll describe basic commands here /nos (nfs | normal | hybrid) - change nitro style /fpslimit (vehicle | boat) (number) - Limit your FPS F4 - Carfade C - Carhide Only racing maps with checkpoints.
  12. Buenas, vengo a compartir esta gamemode desarrollada de 0 por Aleks (decidimos publicarla debido a un robo) Actualmente se llama **Vest Roleplay** débido a que fué mi último proyecto, Countryside es el nombre con el que Aleks la nombró. No tengo fotos o videos pero pueden verla ustedes mismo (Cualquier cosa comenten en este post) Link: https://github.com/tomaslxc/Countryside-RP
  13. Buenas, estoy en estos medios pidiendo ayuda con relación a la GM de LIFE STEAL RP, pues en esta todo va bien, excepto la tienda de ropas, al entrar a cualquier tienda de ropa aparece el [NPC] encima de su nombre, pero al intentar interactuar de cualquier forma, ya sea dandole click o acercandoce a el, no abre el panel de ropa para cambiarla, la verdad necesito la tienda de ropas donde debería, en esos interiores, porque he buscado otras y vienen con errores y no en los lugares típicos de tiendas de ropas, así que si alguien me pudiera aportar con cualquier tienda de ropa de otra GM que sea en los lugares típicos en los interiores de las tiendas de ropa se los agradecería, porque ninguna de las tiendas de este funcionan.
  14. Buenas, estoy en estos medios pidiendo ayuda con relación a la GM de LIFE STEAL RP, pues en esta todo va bien, excepto la tienda de ropas, al entrar a cualquier tienda de ropa aparece el [NPC] encima de su nombre, pero al intentar interactuar de cualquier forma, ya sea dandole click o acercandoce a el, no abre el panel de ropa para cambiarla, la verdad necesito la tienda de ropas donde debería, en esos interiores, porque he buscado otras y vienen con errores y no en los lugares típicos de tiendas de ropas, así que si alguien me pudiera aportar con cualquier tienda de ropa de otra GM que sea en los lugares típicos en los interiores de las tiendas de ropa se los agradecería, porque ninguna de las tiendas de este funcionan.
  15. Greetings. An almost complete finished mod has gone up for sale. The mode I sell includes a Forum, Domain, original Facebook page, and I can also add a lot of design elements. I can also prove the originality of the method in the form of a private message. Discord: Frenzy#8109
  16. hi,everyone i looking for a dayz standalone latest version gamemode if someone have dayz style map for sell,contact me
  17. GAMEMODE MIDNIGHT DAYZ - Sistema de Colete / Capacete - Varios veiculos apocalipticos exclusivos - Sistema de evento e suply com mensagem dx - Sistema de inventario completo - Sistema AntiDupping de itens - Icons e debug munitor muito bonito - Sistema de vip com spawn de veiculos ja configurado - Gamemode acompanha varias bases e mapa editado - Sistema de base / portao configurado com o grupo - Servidor leve e sem erros. - Sistema de backup 100% automatico - Sistema de chat global com log no discord - Sistema de zumbis / boos editavel - Shaders exclusivo - Servidor totalmente em portugues - Sistema de loja Sell: Payhip Discord: TeecToy#0277 Email: [email protected]
  18. Greetings! I offer for sale the game mode I made. The game mode has been completely improved, all bugs have been fixed. The game mode has a lot of extra features. I hope everyone will benefit. Sincerely, Eddison Server mod: 35 EUR contact me: [email protected] Buy: https://payhip.com/b/tLYN9 or email contact Images: https://ibb.co/9hrJKsq https://ibb.co/RTcPTLx https://ibb.co/ZLsHkXd https://ibb.co/d2ShcB7 https://ibb.co/pZJRGwK https://ibb.co/930BjKN https://ibb.co/hLV3JCJ https://ibb.co/X4hPCYk https://ibb.co/qk2LLGv https://ibb.co/7kfVd3h https://ibb.co/HXRFcKH https://ibb.co/QmMKgm0 https://ibb.co/mcJbPbV https://ibb.co/129vRvy
  19. Greetings! I offer for sale the game mode I made. We created the game mode with a couple of friends, the server is about 95% ready. The videos show how the systems work. Contact us if you have any questions. Server mod:(ACL,mtaserverconf,SQL,MOD) Forum page:(https://forum.sanandreas.hu) Server mod: 35 EUR Facebook page: 5 EUR Domain + Forum page: 10 EUR Pictures from the server: https://imgur.com/a/mbHRXtc Buy: https://payhip.com/b/BLT03
  20. Hello! I'm offering a game mode for sale. The game mode is complete, nothing is missing. The game mode is exclusively in my hands. The server mode includes: SQL database, Mode, ACL, mtaserver.conf. In the game mode, the graphics can also be set as desired. If you have any questions, please contact me via my email address: [email protected] More pictures from the server: https://imgur.com/a/zY6nazg Buy server: https://payhip.com/b/sEVDP or send email to: [email protected]
  21. Hi there. I'm releasing all the maps I have created over the past 7 years (2016 - 2022) for the RACE Game Mode FOR FREE!. This pack contains 149 race maps including circuits, offroad, motorbikes, fun and normal city maps. Please don't adjust the respawn or other settings as this is the way I intended them to be played. You all can freely use them in your server, but no re-releasing or claiming as your own. Anyways I hope you like them, and enjoy playing as well. Comments are aswell welcome. VIDEO: CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD MAP LIST: MORE MAPS FOR FREE: [RACE] RG's Map-Pack [RACE] Custom Racing Circuit Map-Pack [MAP] Custom City Island
  22. VIDEO https://youtu.be/EbqnoqMldZk Es algo que mucha gente ya sabe , Pero para los nuevos que no entienden mucho de los scripts Les va a servir de mucha ayuda !
  23. Hello .. I have programmed the battleground [PUBG] gamemode, and I opened a server .. but I'm busy and I can not take care of the server ! So, I decided to sell the game mode. Some Characteristics - Login/register panel. - Battlepoints. - Lobby [home, character, shop for clothes, rewards, statistics] ~ you can buy clothes from shop. ~ you can receive rewards such as clothes and battlepoints. ~ In statistics tab you can see top 10 players. - Squad and solo mode. - Beautiful design and orderly - Loots [Note: The playing area is confined to the forest area only]. - Admin panel for PUBG. - Inventory. - etc ... It is like the original game Buy the gamemode Price: 400$ (USD) Payment method: Paypal (or other suitable method for me) contact me to check the gamemode before buy it. Contact E-mail: - Skype: - Pic's Thank You #H25
  24. download it here https://github.com/rivor/dayz-mta screenshots http://prntscr.com/heso7h http://prntscr.com/hesp1n http://prntscr.com/hesp9l http://prntscr.com/hespjo http://prntscr.com/hesqgu http://prntscr.com/hesqqz http://prntscr.com/hesrb8 http://prntscr.com/hesrhg http://prntscr.com/hesrqh http://prntscr.com/hessgx http://prntscr.com/hested
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