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  1. An exterior Nightclub map for Roleplay servers. It has dance place, people where they can sit, DJ room and more! If you are interested to buy this map, all you have to do is contact me via Discord: Nebla#0042
  2. Hey there! Today I'm presenting you my latest map "The day we found Earth" In this video, you will see many things like rocket takeoffs, explosions, meteorites, and asteroids, characters from animation movies, and more... Message The map has many messages like deteriorating human behavior, the damage we are doing to the world, the rich getting richer and the poor doomed to extinction, Theme I've been inspired by the Don't look Up movie, so asteroids are a reference to that movie. Also, there are changing signboards which has reference to the community in real life. The map has many references and some of them are tiny to noticeable, so I've prepared a credits video like in the movie to show the references on the map. there are more references and easter eggs that didn't show on the credits video. Mariana Trench The Mariana Trench, in the Pacific Ocean, is the deepest location on Earth. I did a lot of research on this subject and couldn't find much information. Because this pit is so dark that it is unknown what is inside. So, I've been inspired by GTA Five's underwater modeling and used my imagination. I watched a few GTA five underwater secrets videos or videos about underwater in real life. I also noticed that we throw trash The End? At the end of the video, an asteroid hit the earth and everything is gone in white light, which is also referred to as the last scene in Don't look up the movie. Enjoy The Video! The video may not be available in Russia, and Belarus at the moment because of copyrighted music but we're on it to fix it soon as possible! Video & Edit by Nakvie End Credits by Nebla Best regards, Nebla
  3. Hello, dear Multi Theft Auto Community! Today I'm presenting you my new Island map: Middle Nesantos, It's an island map which has 12 houses, 1 motel and attached to mainland also it has roads for peds and vehicles. Total objects in the map: 1084 Map file size (Unzipped): 166 KB Map file size (Zipped): 18 KB Are you interested to buy it? Contact me via Discord: Nebla#0042 Map screenshots:
  4. Hey, yes that's a great idea. Actually I have an idea in my mind that creating a Cyberpunk City for Multi Theft Auto. It'll openworld map like as NEXCITY 1 and NEXCITY 2 and yes, it will be free!
  5. Hello dear Multi Theft Auto Community! Today I'm presenting you my latest DD/FDD map that I have made with my friend Junky. It has a low but effective Cyberpunk atmosphere to feel you like you playing in the future. I didn't add too many objects don't force your pc. I hope you like our new map "Cyberpunk 2078!" ! You can download the map below. Map download https://community.multitheftauto.com/?p=resources&s=details&id=18724 best regards, Nebla
  6. Hello dear Multi Theft Auto community! Today I'm presenting you my latest concept map it's called "The Arrival" You may already know the movie but I wanna give a short information about the movie for the ones who has no idea what is this movie and what it themed; The Arrival is a science fiction movie: Twelve bizarre and mysterious alien crafts situate themselves around the world, an expert linguist, Dr. Louise Banks (Amy Adams) is recruited by the military to construct a means of conversing with the aliens to discover whether they arrived with peaceful or threatening intentions. Some screenshots from the map (Gameplay) You can download the map for free below the pictures Map plot: All the racers were after these objects that they could not identify. They partially succeeded in achieving their goal, and they set out to explore the area right between the 5 alien pods. But since this information is very important, every racer aims to steal all alien information by eliminating other racers. Download: https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=18723
  7. Hello dear Multi Theft Auto community, I am pretty sure that you already know there is a hatch underwater in GTA V, some people thinks it has its own easter eggs. I can't say they wrong. Yes it has a sound effect in GTA V which actually references to a song in morse code. But I think you didn't hear any Underwater hatch in Multi Theft Auto. Map content: Total created objects - 627 Total map size (without zip): 1.32 MB (3d sounds & scripts including) The map size (zipped): 1.14 MB (3d sounds & scripts including) 3D models used?: No (Native/Original GTA San Andreas objects.) Texture changes?: No (Native/Original GTA San Andreas objects.) Special thanks to lopsi from MTA staff. Also Shady & Mkl21 for helped me about fixing the script I was saw a video "I've opened the hatch in GTA 5.. this is what's inside!" so this map was made because I got motivate from that video also where I am inspired from. The map has the same Alien car sound like as in gta v. No you don't need to kill anyone to get inside the hatch. Simple go to hatch and it will be opened for you. The interior is quite bigger than the one as in gta v. I reinterpreted The Hatch & Interior in Multi Theft Auto which is my favorite game click here to go to download page You can watch the video here Best regards, Nebla
  8. A place for you and your friends to hang up + Lux Villa: with which friend(s) would you like to hang up in this place?
  9. Hello, I've created a traffic for my old city map "NEXCITY" using traffic creator (NPC creator) and tested it with you!
  10. Hello Today I'm presenting you a video about an old project I made long time ago but with gameplay, there are ufos, sunken objects, creepy places and much more and map download link available in video description. I hope you like it, enjoy!
  11. Hello, today I am presenting you my new map "Fire Department" with a video, I hope you like this kind of style videos I hope you enjoyed the video, feel free to subscribe and comment below, I wonder what you think, so let me know! <3
  12. My server is Turkey located, which option should I do?
  13. Hey there, today I am presenting you my latest themed map (For now) "Mars Dunes" We have tried to create a Mars atmosphere and I have done the whole decoration and the scripts. Also got help a bit from my friends about scripting but not about the decoration because It's my thing And this lovely and fun track made by my partner also friend Esp4wN. I also didn't forget to add some references to the map because I love adding easter-eggs which my extra hobbie. Creating references and put them to the maps. Probably you will need to replay the map to notice them cuz it's hard to notice them at the first time playing. Mars Dunes Enjoy ;) Best regards, Nebla MTA
  14. Hello after a long break I am back to making videos ! In this video, I'm presenting you with a parody of NFS Underground 1 Endless Tunnel. Feel free to Subscribe and Like the video if you enjoyed it.
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