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Found 6 results

  1. Savline Roleplay - Coming to MTA: San Andreas A Realistic Roleplaying Atmosphere What is Savline RP? Savline RP is a roleplaying community aiming to launch an MTA:SA server and begin server projects on other GTA titles. Led by a new team on the scene, motivated to give MTA:SA a shot and rejuvenate English roleplay on the platform. Our community is moving forward - after a change in leadership some time ago, we're leaving SA:MP and finally doing what we should've done from the start - MTA:SA. What sort of server are we aiming to be? We're striving for realism - seeking to be a proper roleplay server, yet not totally hardcore. We describe ourselves as medium-hardcore, with a particular fondness for realistic roleplay. We also strive to be the kind of server where the leadership is an approachable team, without the type of elitism or entitlement that has brought other server leaderships in other GTA roleplay communities into disrepute in the past. We're a community looking to rejuvenate English roleplay and bring it back on MTA:SA, through nostalgia and fondness for the past, as well as a keen interest in making new memories and building an enjoyable future on MTA:SA. MTA isn't dead, and we believe English roleplay on the platform shouldn't be either. Who are we? RAGNAROK AND HELLFURY: COMMUNITY OWNERS Hey, I'm HellFury. Having roleplayed on a variety of GTA games over the years, I've come to enjoy playing realistic roleplay and leading ventures. Having been in charge of a number of factions over the years, I seek to assist in any way I can and expand my knowledge. Ragnarok is my fellow co-owner, with whom I run this community. A cool head and a genuinely likeable bloke, Ragnarok is the sort of person to keep you grounded and provide a second opinion, putting things into perspective when you need it most. Having both roleplayed over the years, we run this community together and we love doing it! DANUT: COMMUNITY LEADER danut is Savline RP's Community Leader. Having a respectable level of technical knowledge and helping us restore our community after some tough times, danut is a highly respected and trusted second-in-charge of the community. If not for him, we may not be here today. A good bloke at heart and someone who has, and continues to contribute a lot to the Savline community, danut displays competency and proves to be a valued leader of our community every day. LAMBS: MTA:SA RP SERVER LEADER Lambs is Savline RP's MTA:SA Server Leader! A man with respectable technical knowledge, an easy-going friend, leader, and developer! A competent and respected leader of our community, Lambs has brought us very far along our MTA journey. We wouldn't be where we are at this stage without him. THE REST OF THE STAFF TEAM AND THE DEVELOPMENT TEAM Our staff and dev teams are a big reason why we're here today. These teams are made up of loyal, trustworthy people - many of whom joined us at rock bottom when there was really not much incentive for them. However, despite that, they knuckled down and stood firm with us in our toughest of times, and are as much responsible for, and worthy of, the success we look forward to achieving! Server Previews (this might bring back some fond memories for some MTA roleplay veterans!): Character Selection: Character Creation: First Person View: Dynamic Lighting: Custom Strobe Lights: And plenty more previews and showcases to come! When will the server be released? Our community is aiming for a September release of the server, we want it live as much as the next roleplayer! A final release date will be provided when we're somewhat closer, as we want to make sure everything is hunky-dory before we go ahead with it and provide an official date. There is a lot to organise and sort out before we can release the server as well, so we may need you to bear with us as we get things started. However, it's coming, and we're not far now! If you wish to help us with development or mapping, don't hesitate to get in touch with HellFury via Discord - HellFury#2919 Feel free to message HellFury via these forums as well with any inquiries. Savline Roleplay's Community Discord: Savline Roleplay Discord We hope to see you soon, and in advance, welcome to Savline Roleplay! Sincere regards, Ragnarok, Danut and HellFury Savline RP Community Leadership Come join the community and keep up with our progress. We look forward to reviving roleplay on MTA: San Andreas!
  2. [JOKES FREEROAM] ↪ Server Freeroam ↪ Comando AntiLag ↪ Download Rápido ↪ Vagas pra Corps e Gangs ↪ Vagas na Staff ↪ Muitas Skins e Carros modificados Leves ! ↪ Favelas ↪ Arena X1 ↪ IP: mtasa:// ↪ Discord: https://discord.gg/P35r2zQ
  3. Good morning louled, akid fama barcha twensa w dzairia ychoufou 3la servers bech yal3bou fihom. Hani ana taw n9oulelkom rani na5dem 3la server jdid m3a wa7ed 7bibi. el gamemode bech tkoun: RPG Server name bech ykoun: SAGS (San Andreas Gaming Server) Discord: https://discord.gg/EPrzZCA Facebook mta3i: https://www.facebook.com/NamelessWarrior011 Facebook mta3 sa7bi elly na5dem m3ah feserveur: https://www.facebook.com/kayroo.11 Mar7ba bikom lkol.
  4. I need a scripter for my Roleplay server / server scripts %85 finished just have some small bugs. I want staff and scripter.Req: - Must know scripting.Contact : Forum: www.ngcmta.comSkype : candasnetwork Facebook: www.facebook.com/candas67
  5. السلام عليكم, "احتاج الى مبرمجين و صانعين أفكار" يوجد لي سيرفر من استضافه تابليتو و انا لدي بعض الأفكار لاكني احتاج الى بعض المبرمجين و يوجد لي أعضاء للسيرفر يتوفر حاليا اكثر من 140 عضو ينتضرون مني أي بي السيرفر حتى يدخلون السيرفر استطيع دفع مبلغ للمبرمجين الرجاء الرد في اسرع وقت لي في رساله لي في الخاص Skype : LegacyGaming
  6. JoSeF


    New MTA server CnR -Role Play . occupations , Police , Criminal Reel Life, Turf Vs. Forum : www.ngcmta.com MTA ip :
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