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Found 7 results

  1. First: I'm sorry for my bad English, I'm using Google translator. Hello MTA community. I'm new to this forum, I do not know anything about MTA script, I used SAMP and it really is very different from the programming language of GameMode. I would like if you can tell me how I can add a new texture / object to my MTA server. For example, this Internal Bank LS mod. https://www.gtainside.com/en/sanandreas/maps/113333-banco-interior-ls/ Where should I put the files in the "data" folder? Where should I put the files in the folder "gta3.img" ?? Also, where and how do I put the coordinates of the objects. Please, be patient, I am new, I practically do not know anything about MTA server. If you have a guide or tutorial (not the MTA wiki), I would appreciate it if you send it to me to read it.
  2. Hi, Im wondering if there in MTA is any possibility of changing the object texture (on each index) like in the SAMP (in SAMP this function is called SetObjectMaterial). I know that I can use shader for that (its called "UV scripted") and using this shader I can apply images to the specified object on specified index but it forces me to upload images on my server and make it weight so much if I wanna have a lot of materials. So my question is - Can I use GTA SA materials for that, not only uploaded images?
  3. Attention I have created this topic to tell you everyone that I am going to freelance in MTA:SA. As you don't know I am working with MTA:SA since 2013 and I have a lot of experience. If you are interested in any of MTA:SA (like DayZ) resouces, scripts or other things, just tell me what you want and I will sell it to you. Also I can teach you how to make some kind of scripts/resources/models/etc. by yourself, how to add it to the server. I can be your server scripter/mapper/hacker/etc., just hire me. Don't be shy You can contact me via e-mail ([email protected]) or skype (herokileris), or here in the forum (this topic or pm). For example, some of the scripts I have made and I can sell you: Vip - (in DayZ) gets more blood, restorations when eating, using medics, drinking... Also gets more stats after each spawning in the map. Animals in the map spawning and has an inventory in which they drop randomly Raw Meat after death. Respawn timer works perfectly. Zombies changed their status from walking or running, how they walk like randomly in the game, they scream, moan, bite your neck, infect you. Also I have a lot of DAYZ zombie models and sounds. Weapons system - each weapon has own model and shooting sound, inventory space slots, the name, the spawning chances, damage, ammo use, crosshire (including and snipers). Hold your breath system - when you aim, your crosshire moves, you can hold your breath and stop moving crosshire by holding a key like for example: for a 5 seconds. There are sounds added also for it. Sounds for you and others when you use medics, food, drinks, etc. like in the real life depending on the distance. Armour, hats, helmets, masks, caps and other clothing systems. MORE AND MORE. Group system. Scoreboard system. Give/Set items system. Map bugs fixer. Radiators, engines, tires, rotors, scrap metals, tank parts, etc. system for vehicles. AND MORE. I have all .lua files.
  4. SycroX


    how can i make the visibility of a weapon in the player hand 0 ? or his Alpha
  5. Hey guys, i've made a script which should apply textures on wall on both sides. Problem is that only one side of wall has applied texture and don't know why. Maybe i did some mistake in code. http://pastebin.com/Ju47WaMD
  6. Всем привет, допустим есть элементы, которых не мало и они создаются до входа игроков на сервер. На них я заменяю текстуру (маловесную, около 30 кб). Которая подгружается и генерируется на Web-сервере. Понятное дело что заменять надо на Клиентской стороне, с помощью: dxSetShaderValue() и engineApplyShaderToWorldTexture() И вот, при тесте сервера, при онлайне выше 20 человек и кол-ва элементов около 50-100 с заменнённой текстурой, при входе игроков наблюдаются провисания ФПС и кружок подгрузки у Всех игроков на сервере, потому что при входе нового игрока я заного подгружаю все текстуры на эти элементы, с помощью: for _,v in pairs(getElementsByType("vehicle")) do Как решить эту проблему? Как закрепить текстуры в глобальном мире на серверной строне, если это возможно? Или подскажите аналогию пожалуйста, если знаете как это реализовать без подобных нерациональных нагрузок.
  7. I need your help. I don't know if this is the right section for such post, i have some problems with Textures in game that disappear while i play, i appear 2-3mins after i join, already tryied reinstalling the game, mta, update system, graphic driver, installing mods, stream fix, different resolutions, windowed/fullscren, streaming memory set on max, low-high graphics, unstable ver. of MTA, nightly ver. of MTA. This problem appears on more than 1 server so it's not serverside. I have a Steam version of San Andreas (a clean one now). My PC:
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