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Found 8 results

  1. Currently, you can find Milestones on GitHub that track the intended updates for the next MTA release, as well as other issues for future releases (backlog).https://github.com/multitheftauto/mtasa-blue/milestones There are also several project boards on GitHub that track the progress of certain topics like Framerate fixes. https://github.com/multitheftauto/mtasa-blue/projects?type=classic I feel like these methods of showing the goals for the platform are limited. The milestones are just plain lists of GitHub issues and pull requests, with no categorization other than basic labels (ie. enhancement or bug). I believe that Multi Theft Auto should have a central development roadmap, like any major work-in-progress project, that lists the general goals for the platform and its services: we are talking not only about MTA:SA-Blue (the GTA:SA multiplayer mod), but also about its web services (like community.multitheftauto.com that should be modernized), and other plans. It is not a small project. It seems crucial that the objectives are organized in categories, and also sorted by priority that is according to the MTA Staff, Contributors and the community's general interest, as well as how everything spans across time. Why not create a Wiki page, a forum thread or a dedicated web page for this purpose? MTA still has a lot of improvements to make, and this would be a step towards more transparency and coherence. Everyone would appreciate having easy access to such information on the development process & plans. I often see people criticize MTA Staff for their lack of communication on the development of the main MP mod. PS. I know this Roadmap wiki page exists, but it pointed to a Roadmap on the old Bug Mantis, which essentially just became the GitHub milestones we have today. I believe something more detailed is necessary, like described above. Opinions?
  2. cyberzada


    I have a suggestion, the MTA could allow the use of unicode symbols in the name, it would be much more diversified, not just letters and numbers. See, I have an example of the discord which in this case allows the use of symbols:
  3. I think the Ban Appeals section should be excluded from the forum's default activity stream (recent posts) for the following reasons: - Global MTA ban appeals are only intended to be handled by MTA staff. Regular users shouldn't comment on them. - New ban appeals are posted almost every day, several times a day and seem to be happening more and more frequently. - A lot of appeal attempts are invalid and end up getting a reply by a moderator & locked quickly. - Many of the posts are in another language, and generally not interesting for anyone who is not staff to read through. - Hiding Ban Appeal posts from the recent posts stream will give more exposure to other interesting posts like Resource showcases or Looking for help posts. - Forum feed will feel less spammed. Yay or nay?
  4. Hello MTA community, in support requests I am facing some difficulty understanding why the relationship between supporter and the to-be-supported is difficult. I am sensing that we are living in a world ruled by smartphones and that many users browse using devices which do not come with a comfortable keyboard. Understandably, I would not want to type long replies - including thoughtful elaborations and direct explicative answers to supporter questions - on a touchscreen keyboard. As a way to mend wounds by increased understanding I suggest detection of smartphone or PC presence on the forums. Since I am a developer I know that this is possible by voluntary browser meta-data provided by forum clients. Please give my suggestion an educated thought!
  5. Hey guys!! I have an idea for a indicator for Voice Chat enabled servers, it would be kinda cool then that way you would be able to find servers that use it a lot easier. Because a lot of the servers I have found with "Voice Chat" or just "Voice" in the name, are another language then English like Brazilian, German, etc. If this got added, it would make MTA a lot more fun to play with friends, or just log on and find friends! Thanks guys! -lexmark66
  6. So, today i was talking with some GTA SA singleplayer modders, i asked them if they could add new cars without replacing stuff from the base game, they've said "Yeas". They copie pasted this mod to me http://gtaforums.com/topic/733982-fastman92-limit-adjuster/ --- Its about expanding the pre-existing id limit to add more maps, weapons, cars and peds. If this had been integrated with MTA it could improve even more the mod. With this "id limit expansion" we could see thousands of new weapons and cars, peds and more maps to land on.
  7. MTA and Roleplay Introduction I have been wondering about the current Roleplay mode for a while. I have just saw text based ones, i don't know if it's because the scripting quality or the idea that RP == Text based game. I played a lot of RP, it doesn't need essentially the chat. Mode versus Game's System The Mode it's the door and the system is the hall, where you welcome your client/player to stay and build their experience. A good system is hard, scripts with 10k lines could take the first place, but the miscellaneous in each step is the key. Questions: Player based Economy, is it tangible ? Work with animation to represent car crashes/damage taken? Is inventory system worth it on a RP environment ? Would you script at least 10 workable objects that could be interacted with ?
  8. Hello everyone Today I was thinking of a pro idea in the "meta.xml" file. <file src = "images/*" /> The "*" represents all archives. (Loop) When I do this, everything in the resource, in the folder "images" will be imported automatically, avoiding to write each file.
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