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GTA / MTA Starwars Mod - MTASW

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i haven't given up on it at all

with all the stuff we already made, we could release a small city block of tatooine already, not to mention a few weapons, almost 2 dozen characters, and a couple of vehicles.

But who would want just a tiny section of tatooine in miami? We are gonna go all the way!

the project slowed down for a while because

-we had a lot of steam at first (just like any project)

-we realized that there wasn't much of a deadline (blue for vc is a way's off)

however, if anyone at all is looking to throw their hat in, we could certainly use some more TALENTED people.

Johnline had worked his butt off with the modeling, and we had several others doing models as well, I went through the trouble of learning how to skin in zmod, but we could certainly use a programmer, more modellers, more artists, more anything.

Anyone experienced in modelling vehicles or player models would be especcially appreciated.

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Why don't you make this mod for San Andreas?

We did consider this a long time ago at the release of SA but felt that it was easier modding the Vice City game, since we had all our tools readilly available, as well as a number of other points

However, right now i think maybe its worth converting to San Andreas, it will give our mod more focus and attention from the community, and since not much of the mod has been converted into the Vice City game, maybe it isnt too late to change.

On the other hand, lots and lots and lots of skinning was done based on Vice City skins, which would be a massive waste.

Right now i think itd be best to change to San Andreas, but i honestly am not sure and itd be something we have to discuss as a team.

If we do stick to Vice City, it'll probably mean its easier to mod, and to add some of the extra stuff that we wanted to do

If we change to San Andreas, we'll have to do lots of research of the game like we had to do with Vice City, and get used to different mod tools etc, though we'd most likely have more community support for SA, and with MTA's nice little map editor maybe it'd make life easier

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we have given up on this mod... its too compliated for 3d so we started it for gta, maybe we will work on a vc version later, when we have enough modding experience

anyway, heres some screnns of the gta version:

pod racing on tatooine



we have changed the flamer into a lightning gun:


and the pistol bullets into laser bullets:


more screens coming soon (we need a new host etc) , maybe we will start a new thread for it aswell :)

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