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Umm, you realize there are 3209823238 sites out there that provide Star Wars 3d models, meshes, textures? I know I've seen the ones in that pack provided online else where and I heard those guys have been accused of stealing before, as some kids tend to do.

Seriously, just google "star wars 3ds" and you'll find all sorts of sites. Many free or only wanting non-commerical use. Just so you don't have to reinvent the wheel. Work here's good so far. Looking forward to it.

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Harpo, thanks for that, we are aware of many similar sites, but we might not have been so thanks. We've looked at a few but our modellers seem very keen to try thier arm at creating something new, something they can stand back and say with a smile 'I did that'. We also have quite a few limits we need to stay within, not least poly count. (many .3ds models available are of such high quality they exceed our alloted per-model poly count by dozens of times). The bulk of the work right now is creating the environment and expermineting with various areas as w settle on final methods and design. We don't rule out using pre-created meshes should it be benificial to us in future though.

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Maybe an easter egg like in GTA:VC :) heh

i hope we can fly into space lol.

like, at a certain hight the sky turns darker, and darker until you can render space... and once the limits are gone in the sky, VC goes pretty far up...belive me.

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yeah, that would be pretty cool, render the sky at night as outer space, that would be class!

Unless we make loads of vehicles with most of the RC Barons specs, we wont have many flying vehicles... as the handling of the helis might not be very good for some vehicles.

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Why would we give an X-wing or Tie-fighter the handling of a helicopter? It would be pretty rediculous to edit the Model, UV Mapping, COL and sound effects but not edit the handling wouldn't it.

now, would it fly better then the Skimmer, i imagine itll just be faster.

it would be kool if in mid-air you could change the fly(car) type in memory (maybe possible)

like for takeoff, heli handling, flying, modded skimmer handling.

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I never did expect this to grow as large as it has to be honest.. will this have a myriad-styled method of mapping whereas people can make their own models to place in for "reserved lots"?

Or does the whole community just submit a bunch of models & textures, and one/two people does all the mapping?

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Jacob, if anything it is closer to how GTA:LC worked than to myriad. We have a clear goal and some guiding hands but everyone and anyone can pick up a piece and work on it, or drop in with something useful.

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I learnt through testing that its not possible to use great land masses as map objects by just setting the LOD distance high. After its increased past 300 or so the col file seems to null itself and you fall through the map. Therefore the baseland will be made of around 40 cut up square lots (4x10). This will solve the LOD problem, keep poly levels on map objects down and also keep the game running smoother. Additionally other modellers can take particular lots and implement their buildings into them etc. Below is the far northwest of the map, other parts have been done but I have been paying more attention to this section building a cave into the mountains:


And Ingame (its really fun :P):



^ The Cave

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Hehe, It's not ready to download as yet, quite a long way to go first.

At the moment we are preparing all the components, the models, the skins, textures, environments, sound effects and getting them into VC, then comes the equally massive job of combining them all seamlessly and scripting the mission code, be it with Blue and c++ or scm.

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