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  1. Update 07/09/09 BUMP ...We're Back! ..more like am back ;p ..3 years Is everyone still around? MTA:BLUE finally arrived ..gjoo mta team =D> -Capone
  2. Update 22/05/06 Welcome the following new members. [DNA]Un0 [DNA]loGix! [DNAr]FraggerLT And our SA-MP server is finally here; Team-DNA.net - SA-MP Server GTA-Host IP: -Capone
  3. I did post on your forums for a match but ya guys don't liek SA-MP.
  4. Update 09/05/06 Bump. ..heh ..Its been a while snice i last updated here, Anyway we have some new members & Recruit.. (half of them joined & left pretty while ago but i forgot to update this thread) [DNA]IPCONFIG [DNA]KlaSh [DNA]nXs [DNA]Weeze [DNA]Willz [DNAr]Clubman And the following two are no longer in DNA. [DNA]Yetty [DNA]Recoil Okay we got two new servers, Frist.. the MTA SA Race (22/04/06) hosted by GTA-Host IP: and the second is a Public Team-speak server (03/05/06)thanks to IPCONFIG. IP: CSS server coming soon. -Capone
  5. Don't fink that falls under asia anyway GL.
  6. Good Game, Good luck to all of you that made it to the next round.
  7. Yo chode post a time and date for match and ill gt bk to ya, cant seem to catch you on msn -Capone
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